Our professional team, highly-qualified and able to satisfy all the needs of our clients, allows us to offer the best options, from project’s design to its economic aspect. If you need our help, just contact us, and we’ll make a research to give you all the possibilities with an adecuate budget.

We create the single-family home projects using the latest technologies, so that our customers can visualize their homes long before the construction. The success we’ve achieved in the market, results in constant effort and the study of the latest avant-garde achievements. Do you want to know what your ideal home would be like? Just give us your requirements and we’ll take care of everything else.

These buildings represent the importance of our work in the most visual way possible. Located in the most crowded places, they attract attention because of their exterior peculiar elegance. The interior complex is provided with the best possible services. In addition, the singularity of the project grants the homes a design conceived for the comfort and well-being of the people.

The quality of our work is in the small details. Making an external space in accordance with the project and synthesizing it with the surrounding environment — these goals are of equal importance to us. The place where our project is located is a prior presentation of the efficiency and dedication we carry out our work with, therefore it must be fully designed to offer an attractive and distinguished vision.


Every project we’ve carried out has our seal of identity which means it was designed with a very particular elegance and singularity. Our method is based on making every project exceptional and unique, and always adapted to the presented needs and preferences. Our main goal is to create spaces where the user is fully identified.

For this, the relationship of complicity with the clients is fundamental and is based on a continuous communication of security and transparency, making them participate in their own project. This is when our extensive knowledge in design begins to take shape. You will begin to feel our team’s professionalism from very first thoughts and sketches to the completion of our work.

Each detail has its own sense and complexity, and this is the philosophy of our company: to create an architecture that provides unique sensations, capable of transmitting emotions.

Single-family and semi-detached houses projects

We carry out architectural projects of houses. We are in charge of every step, from the selection of the plot suitable for the needs of the house we’re going to project, to the delivery of keys. We always offer exclusive high quality designs.

Buildings and residential blocks projects

The experience and qualification we have in building and urban planning let us develop and carry out big buildings and residential blocks. All our projects have distinguished elegance and design.

Major works and expansion projects

We carry out housing expansion projects. The study of the search for spatial conformation makes it easier for us to provide functional solutions in any type of project, both in extensions and in major works.

Comprehensive reforms and minor works

We make and manage reform projects and minor work. It is essential to adapt our home to technological advances and new facilities with the best features on the market. The strategic function we perform in the reforms is appreciated in new design, as well as in the comfort. The budgets are transparent and free of additional charges.

Activity opening projects

Any commercial activity you want to carry out requires a license to open an activity. We take care of the entire project, the necessary procedures and processing as well. We know the importance of the deadlines and the difficulty caused by regulations in force, so our team develops all its abilities in the most efficient way and in a short period of time.

Swimming pools and sports constructions

We project and make the equipment of swimming pools of individual houses as well as the whole of an urbanization, and we do it as soon as possible. In addition to adapting the outdoor areas with sports facilities, we modify and improve the architectural barriers.

Reparcelations and segregations

We process and modify the partial plans and we take care of segregation of the plots. We have all the necessary equipment for the works prior to the execution of any building work, we ensure that the plot on which our customers will build, complies with the current urban planning regulations of the land.

Design and interior design projects

The world of decoration and interior design changes and advances every day. We have more than 12 years of experience in design projects made according to the latest tendencies; projects characterized by style and distinction of excellence. We maintain the first position in the market in the matter, and provide exclusive designs with the best features and at unbeatable prices.


We’ve been told a lot of times that an architectural project must have the ability to be built. What is meant, and whom is it referred to? We answer in the first person and explain the competences of each of the professionals during the execution of a construction work. No matter how large and important the building is, it is essential, both in new buildings and in renovations or extensions of existing homes.

Promoter — interested one

Individual or legal entity that promotes the construction of houses or real estate for commercial use, buildings or housing block, for their individual or for their subsequent sale. Briefly, it’s an agent who initiates the construction process with its economical means.

Architect — director of the work

Author of the project of a house and director of the entire work process. It’s a figure that develops and directs the project of a house or building, supported and helped by building engineers, and responsible for the calculations of the load-bearing structure. It’s the maximum responsible person for the result of the work, good functioning of the built construction and acceptance by the corresponding municipal administration. This person is credited with 50% of the role of the project.

Technical Architect — construction execution director

A professional who supervises the correct execution of the works according to the project, intervenes in all phases of “on site” work, directs and controls the execution of all the work. This specialist is responsible for executing the work according to the architect’s project. His involvement and competence during the project is 40%, as well as being a health and safety coordinator during the construction process.

Telecommunications engineer — "teleco"

A specialist and/or a group of authorized installers who are in charge of installation of telecommunications, television, radio, Wi-Fi signal and surveillance in construction works. Although this person’s percentage share is not very high — 10% of the total — it’s a very important agent because he provides the audiovisual comfort and pre-installation of new technologies in the house.

Industrial engineer — installations

A person in charge of projecting and putting into operation of home’s facilities, commercial premises or industrial warehouse. These professionals calculate and design air conditioning, heating, electricity, home automation and surveillance installations during the phase of construction. They are directly subordinated to architects and technical architects.

Municipal engineer — supervisor

Each Spanish municipality is directly responsible for the activities that take place on its territory. This means that before, during and after the construction of a dwelling, municipal technicians have the obligation to officially intervene to verify the correct execution of the works. Only with their approval the works will be able to be finished and the final certificate of work will be obtained.

Public administration and town hall — end of work

It doesn’t matter which municipality you’re going to build in, you’ll have to obtain the urban planning approval of the respective municipality. After all, they are those who accept the end of work and give the approval for the certificate of first and/or second occupation.


We invite you to discover some of the architectural projects made by the group of professionals of Arcostec company. The personal dedication during the elaboration and execution peocess of each project guarantees the exclusivity and tranquility for our clients. Also, please take a look at all the projects in the portfolio section.


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