It often happens that when starting a project or renovation in our house or community, a very common question arises: do I need a permit or license to carry it out? Well, the answer to this question is quite simple: Yes, you always need the corresponding permit or license, without exceptions.

What is a building licence?

A building licence is a permit required by the local administration to carry out any type of construction, and it serves as the municipal authorisation to carry out the work. Its purpose is to check the compliance of the application with the established urban regulations. In most cases, the following activities are subject to a building permit

  • The urban development plots.
  • The earthworks.
  • The new building works.
  • Changes to the structure or external appearance of existing buildings.
  • The works that modify the interior disposition of the buildings whatever their use.
  • The first use of the buildings and changes in their use.
  • Vertical expansion of buildings or installations in general.
  • Underground installations dedicated to parking or other uses.
  • Demolitions.
  • Placing advertisement posters that are visible from the public streets.
  • The cutting down of trees located on land within the Urban Development Plan.
  • The rest of the acts indicated in the Plans.
License types

Having said that, we must distinguish between the types of building license that exist, which are mainly two: major and minor building license.

As its name suggests, a minor building permit is required for minor and simple reforms, such as painting common elements, changing tiles, repairing the façade, etc…; on the other hand, a major building permit is required for complicated works that involve altering the initial layout of the home, such as adding a floor, extending the surface area, any intervention that modifies the structural set, etc…

To find out if the project we are planning to carry out needs a major or minor building permit, we have to make use of the local building regulations of the municipality in question, as each municipality has its own regulations.

With regard to the documentation requested, the requirements for each licence are similar, with the difference that for a major construction licence a technical project is required, while for a minor construction licence a technical report signed by a competent technician is sufficient.

For more details, we encourage you to visit our pages dedicated exclusively to each type of license:

In “Arcostec” we not only carry out the projects for the works or reforms of your dreams, but we also take care of applying for the necessary licenses and permits so that everything is in accordance with the municipal regulations, so you can focus on what really matters.


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