We build new buildings. No doubts, our most important point is the realization of new projects, and the dedication offered by our professionals is reflected in the modern and innovative design, accompanied by a full functionality and comfort of a house. We project and build homes, and our goal is the satisfaction of our customers. Arcostec’s success is the result of hard day-by-day work of our architects, engineers and construction workers.

We renovate and expand houses and other buildings. Arcostec’s philosophy is based on an exhaustive study of the needs of each client, till we reach the most optimal and balanced option. We offer the unbeatable price-quality ratio, and we’ll improve any renovation budget. A combination between design-functionality and economic adjustment guarantees the execution of the contract within the established deadlines. Would you like to make a renovation?

We build swimming pools and prepare exterior gardens. The value of your home or residential complex can be extended considerably by having extra benefits and services. If you have a swimming pool and/or a good accessibility in your house, then our technical team will advise you to increase the welfare outside your home. From designing more adapted spaces to having new services for your family and friends to enjoy.

We rehabilitate and renovate buildings and homes. There is a high percentage of old homes in Spain that require professional intervention to rehabilitate. In this case, it is essential to maintain the integrity of the building, from facades to the interior of each dwelling. Moreover, the constant changes in the regulations require buildings to adapt to new requirements. Does your building or home meet these requirements?


The extensive consolidated experience we have, makes us a leading company in the sector. Our qualities are measured in a shortest possible time of execution, in addition to a completely transparent budget that have no additional costs, without forgetting the qualities and benefits of the selected materials. In the previous study, we conceive all the possible alternatives to improvement the final result. We simplify the processes in each stage, and this is a basic pillar in our method of working. We consider our work as impeccable and unbeatable, therefore we offer an analysis and previous study without any cost.

We support any idea, no matter how complicated it may appear in both legislative and building matters. We overcome all the challenges continuous improvement.

We build semi-detached and single family houses

We build new houses and make architectural projects of any type and complexity in Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa, Alicante, Benidorm and surroundings. We start with the previous works, check and verify the correctness during the whole construction process to the final delivery of the dwelling. We pay great attention to the supervision of each worker on the construction site and to the safety of the whole process.

We carry out the construction of building and residential housing blocks

We develop the large-scale projects, such as buildings and residential blocks, with total security and very tight schedule, thanks to the great aptitude and qualification which our professionals have in various fields. Our project managers are certified professionals with extensive experience.

We renovate homes and extend built surface

We carry out our renovation and extension services as soon as possible, from the first designs to the end of the work. We carry out renovations, both minor works and works of great relevance and scope, in Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa, Alicante, Benidorm and surroundings. We make our clients happy and satisfied thanks to our experience, high efficiency of our work and affordable budget.

We prepare commercial premises and industrial warehouses

We prepare and refurbish all the types of commercial premises and warehouses. Our philosophy is to offer the integral service to our clients to meet the regulations of the opening project, both in design and in facilities and construction materials. Always in record time, both in terms of study and execution.

We restore and rehabilitate buildings and their facades

The repair and rehabilitation of facades and buildings is essential and necessary. In addition to complying with mandatory regulations for buildings older than 30 years, it is important to have security of use for residents and users. The peculiarity of our work is the effectiveness, we negotiate and advise the board of owners to carry out the works in the shortest possible time and with full professional guarantee.

We carry out maintenance of communities and plots

We service communities in all service areas, from gardening to the most unique facilities: electricity, locksmith, plumbing, swimming pools and so on. We have the best workers. Our job is to ensure an effective follow-up, where any breakdown or malfunction that might arise is resolved quickly and in the most professional manner.

We make demolitions and takedown of buildings

We demolish buildongs and homes in Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa and surroundings. Our great professional team has all the necessary equipment and machinery to carry out our work, whether in any kind of buildings, always in accordance with the latest advances in safety and health.

We take care of the landscaping and land development

Our extensive knowledge in design allows us to cover areas such as gardening and land preparation of plots and exterior surfaces with the maximum use of resources, both economic and material. We design and make gardens, swimming pools and exterior urbanizations.

We make ditches and connections on public roads

The public road requires to make adjustments to its facilities and connections for a construction work or an important renovation of a house. We take care of everything related to the opening of ditches and fittings of any road and sidewalks. A clear example could be the expansion of electrical power and modification of general protection boxes.


The question that worries our clients most of all is: “What are the responsibilities of each person or professional during the construction process and what does each of them do? We must take into account many factors, but Arcostec has a very professional and qualified team professionals that allows us to carry out all kinds of construction works in Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa, Rojales, Guardamar del Segura, Alicante, Benidorm, Altea and surroundings.

Now we’ll tell you briefly about the responsibilities of each person involved in the construction process of a house, building, residential block or an entire residential development.

Project management

This term is applied to the whole set of all the agents responsible for designing, carrying out and using a house or any other type of building. These agents are persons (professionals, technicians) and companies participating in all stages of the project.

Promoter — owner and/or someone interested to start the renovation or construction

A natural or legal person, this is an agent that requires professional services in the need to renovate, build, demolish or prepare any area of construction site. This is a person that initiates the construction process.

Architect — construction manager

Author and director of the project in its entirety. This is a director in the field of construction of new building, but not in the field of renovation and refurbishment. This person is also responsible for design and is in charge of the completion of the project.

Technical architect — director of materials

This person is the supervisor of the work in each stage, and is a health and safety coordinator during the whole project. Moreover, together with the Architect, they control and establish optimal solutions in case of any setback. This person is in charge of selection of materials and unbeatable performance.

Engineers — heads of installations

They encompass all areas of expertise, and they are responsible for the calculations of installations to the supervision of the placement, supply, disposal and maintenance of them. The participation of engineers is essential, their work brings the latest technologies to the project, and guarantees the correctness of the work done.

Construction manager — responsible for the construction

This is a professional, usually Technical architect, who is dedicated to the control of the correct execution of the project from beginning to end. In addition, this person is responsible for preventing any adversity that may appear, to meet all the qualities and deadlines.

Manager — responsible on site

This person is on a construction site, has a huge experience in construction, and is responsible for transmitting the orders of the facultative management to the workers for the correct material execution of the project. This person is in charge of maintenance of a direct connection with the Construction manager, and sends his orders to all the workers he has under his command.

Contractor — the one who carries out the construction

An external company responsible for providing everything relevant in construction, from the experienced staff to the machinery or tools that are necessary for the proper execution of the construction or renovation. It is always under the direct command of Architects, Technical architects and Engineers (project management).

Subcontractors — labor and bricklayers

Teams with specialization in specific areas. They guarantee the correct placement of the material and installations and are supervised at all times by the construction manager. They can be self-employed persons or companies, and there can be up to three levels of subcontracting.

Control entities and technical laboratory

Companies with competent technicians who do tests prior to the beginning of a construction, audits, tests during and after the construction process. All trials and tests are certified and attached to the building book and quality control book L.G.-14. All these are to guarantee the integrity of a construction site. These tests and trials are: geotechnical study, topographic survey, installations service test, energy certificate and acoustic audit, and so on.

Public administration and town hall

Each municipality is governed by its current regulations, and it is necessary to adapt each project to urban regulations. This allows us to obtain the acceptance and approval of the planning on the project, either from small renovations, activity projects or new building. It is not enough to obtain a municipal license of construction or renovation to initiate them, it is necessary to call the municipal technician when they are finished to certify the compliance with urban regulations.


We invite you to discover some of the architectural projects made by the group of professionals of Arcostec company. The personal dedication during the elaboration and execution peocess of each project guarantees the exclusivity and tranquility for our clients. Also, please take a look at all the projects in the portfolio section.


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