One of our fields of activity is realization of projects of electrical installations, sanitation and plumbing, both in new and renovated buildings. We include a performance guarantee to ensure our clients in the correct performance, operation and the most appropriate efficiency available in the market.

It is essential that our residential building is adapted to the current urban standards. For example, if a building is over 30 years old or if there’s a new building, it may need the appropriate accessibility, fire or safety istallations.

As a complete proposal of advancement and technology, we carry out home automation installations to provide intelligent service to your dwelling. By doing this, we optimize and guarantee the savings of our installations, and provide a superior comfort and well-being for your home.

We also provide electrical services, from the supply contracting to adapting the laying medium and low voltage lines. Moreover, to ensure the safety required by the standard, it’s very important that the junction boxes were made of PVC.

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The complexity of a project encompasses various fields of engineering, telecommunications, civil or industrial work. We have a group of highly qualified engineers in construction works, to bring total security in each of the processes of our work. It is essential to be able to rely on such a competent and experienced team, and it allows us to minimize completion dates without surprises or unexpected stops. Not all companies have such a large and experienced team, so our customers can have total confidence in us and in our day-to-day work.

In Arcostec, we specialize in installation projects for buildings and homes, as well as executing them on site. Now we present you the list of services and technical support we offer to our clients:

Calculation of structures, foundations and load-bearing elements

We carry out all the calculations of the wide field in structural matter. The knowledge of our engineers, applied to the latest calculation software, allow us to guarantee the necessary structural safety for any kind of work and project.

Electrical installations, electricity supply and service drops

The professional engineers in this subject are in charge of contracted electrical power supervision, repairs, faults or any modification regarding supplies.

Renewable and solar energy, and energy efficiency

The use of renewable energy is the future, and installing devices like solar panels with proper operation allows us to save of up to 80% on our bills.

Plumbing, sanitation and evacuation installations

We calculate plumbing and rainwater evacuation installations, so that they could work with their maximum performance and could have a performance guarantee as wide as possible.

Topographic surveys and geotechnical tests

To carry out a new building or reparcelling, it is necessary to make a research and topographic survey of the surface. In addition, there are many cases when we also carry out geotechnical tests to check the quality of the ground or subsoil.

Home automation, telecommunications and television installations

It is essential to maintain our homes or commercial premises with the latest advances in technology. We always seek and adapt the best option, keeping efficiency and productivity at the highest level.

Technical tests, inspections and opinions

The regulations require inspections in buildings older than 50 years, therefore our professional team carries out inspections to ensure that the application of the laws is correct. From expert opinions of any building to required technical tests.

Heating and air conditioning installations

The air conditioning of public and private spaces is synonymous with comfort. Our department researches and advises on the best installation option with the best features and guarantees available.

Repair projects and strengthening of structures

We elaborate and study the state of the structures, either by age or poor execution. After analyzing and making a technical report, we offer the possibility of carrying out the repairs.

Video surveillance, CCTV and security installations

Safety is the most important thing both in primary or secondary dwellings, or any commercial premises. To be in direct visual connection, to know what is happening is more demanded every day, and our team will advise and install the best option in the market.

Fire protection systems

In commercial premises or activities with a degree of danger, it is necessary to have a fire-fighting system installed. We carry out the studies and installation with the most optimal option in the market.

Scaffolds, elevators and auxiliary means

We have a wide range of lifting machinery and auxiliary means for rehabilitation of facades or construction processes. Of course they have the official certificate.

Technical reports on status, damage and conservation

If you need any technical report necessary for public or judicial entities, our team of competent technicians carry out these reports with a detailed study.


The process of building a house, a building or a whole residential complex involves a lot of coordination between the planner and the team of installers of all those facilities that meet the needs of each of the clients or potential buyers of the property. The success and good functionality of all parts in a construction work consists, above all, in a qualified and professional work direction. In Arcostec, we are specialists in projection, management and execution of construction engineering projects of any size and complexity.

We provide guarantee for all our installations and we offer a technical maintenance 24 hours a day. We repair, modify and improve third-party installations, fast and professionally.

Among all the members participating before and during the construction of a dwelling, we’d like to highlight the following professionals and technicians:

Promoter or client — interested one

A natural or legal person, this is an agent that needs our professional services in the most specific areas. A person responsible for initiating the study and intervention process.

Architect — director of the work

Project’s director in the field of construction, however his intervention in carrying out of the project is not indispensable.

Technical architect — construction execution director

Supervisor of the development of the work, although its direct involvement in the project’s design is not necessary. His/her dedication is to offer optimal solutions together with the installations calculation engineers.

Civil engineer — responsible for urbanization works

Author of the project in public intervention areas such as urbanizations. Carries out the project and supervises the constructive process in all its stages.

Industrial engineer — responsible for installations

Author of calculations of installations in all areas. His/her involvement enables the complete optimization of installations services.

Telecommunications engineer — responsible for TV and data

Calculates the most technological installations. This person’s main participation also involves the latest market developments for best performance and productivity.

Installation technicians — in charge of all the installations

Team of professionals in charge of the assembly, readjustment or renovation of installations. They are highly qualified workers with a great experience in this field.

Contractors and subcontractors — labor

Team of external professionals developing the implementation process in the construction sector. It’s a highly qualified workforce with great experience and professionalism.


We invite you to discover some of the architectural projects made by the group of professionals of Arcostec company. The personal dedication during the elaboration and execution peocess of each project guarantees the exclusivity and tranquility for our clients. Also, please take a look at all the projects in the portfolio section.


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