One of our fields of activity is realization of projects of electrical installations, sanitation and plumbing, both in new and renovated buildings. We include a performance guarantee to ensure our clients in the correct performance, operation and the most appropriate efficiency available in the market.

It is essential that our residential building is adapted to the current urban standards. For example, if a building is over 30 years old or if there’s a new building, it may need the appropriate accessibility, fire or safety istallations.

As a complete proposal of advancement and technology, we carry out home automation installations to provide intelligent service to your dwelling. By doing this, we optimize and guarantee the savings of our installations, and provide a superior comfort and well-being for your home.

We also provide electrical services, from the supply contracting to adapting the laying medium and low voltage lines. Moreover, to ensure the safety required by the standard, it’s very important that the junction boxes were made of PVC.


The complexity of work encompasses various fields of engineering, and many different specialists are involved in the process. We have a group of highly-qualified construction engineers to guarantee total security in every process of our work. It is essential to have such a competent and experienced team of professionals, it allows us to work without surprises and unexpected stops minimizing the execution time. And that is why our clients trust us and our work completely day by day.

In Arcostec, we carry out installation projects in commercial and residential buildings. Here’s a list of services and technical support we offer to our clients:

Calculation of structures, foundations and load-bearing elements

We carry out all kinds of calculations in the wide field of structural elements. The knowledge of our engineers combined with the latest calculation software guarantees the necessary structural safety for each type of work and project.

Electrical installations, electrical supply and service drops

Out professional engineers in the field of electricity are in charge of the supervision of the contracted electrical power, repairs and breakdowns or any modification regarding the supplier.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency

Renewable energy is the future. Installing the solar panels and their proper functioning let you save up to 80% on your electricity bills.

Plumbing and sanitation systems

We carry out calculations for plumbing and rainwater evacuation systems to achieve their best performance and have the widest possible operational guarantee.

Topographic surveys and geotechnical investigations

Before we begin new construction or land subdivision project, we need to carry out a topographic survey. In many cases, we also perform a geotechnical survey to check the quality of the terrain or subsoil.

Home automation, telecommunications, TV

It is essential to maintain our home or commercial premises with the latest advances in technology. We always seek and choose the best option, efficiency and productivity at the highest level.

Technical tests, inspections and opinions

The current regulations require inspections in buildings older than 50 years. Our team of professionals carries out technical inspections to ensure that everything meets the requirements of the law. From expert opinions of any building to all the necessary technical tests.

Heating and air conditioning installations

The air conditioning of public and private spaces is synonymous with comfort. Our department performs a study and advises on the best installation options with the best features and guarantees in the market.

Structural repair and strengthening projects

We study the condition of a structure, whether it’s due to age or poor execution. After analyzing and making a technical report we offer the possibility of carrying out the repairs.

Video surveillance, CCTV and security

Whether it’s your primary residence, a secondary suite or a commercial premise, safety is the most important thing. The possibility of visual control becomes more popular, so our team will advise you the best option in the market and install it.

Fire protection systems

In commercial premises or activities with a degree of danger, it is necessary to install a fire protection system. We carry out the studies and installation with the optimal option in the market.

Scaffolding, lifts and auxiliary equipment

We have an extensive variety of lifting machinery and auxiliary equipment for the rehabilitation of facades and construction works. They have an official certificate.

Technical reports

We issue any technical report necessary for public or judicial entities. Our team of competent and highly-qualified technicians do it with attention to detail.


The task of building a house or even a residential complex involves a lot of coordination between a person who creates a project and the people who install all those systems to meet the needs of future owners of the property. Moreover, the good work and success of all the members are in qualified and professional construction management. Arcostec is a team of specialists in projection, management and execution of engineering projects in buildings of any size and complexity.

We guarantee the proper functioning of all the installations and systems and offer technical maintenance 24/7. We’ll repair, modify and improve systems installed by others, with total speed and professionalism.

Among all the members who participate in the construction process, we’d like to highlight the following:

Client — interested one

A natural or legal person who needs our professional services in the most specific areas. The construction process starts with their visit to us.

Architect — construction manager

Manager of the project in its construction part, however, his participation in carrying out the project is not essential.

Technical Architect — project execution manager

Supervisor of the development of the work, although it is not necessary to be directly involved in preparing the project. This specialist offers optimal solutions together with calculation engineers.

Civil engineer — responsible for urbanization works

Author of the project in public intervention areas, such as urbanizations. Carries out the project in this field and supervises the construction process in all its phases.

Industrial engineer — systems manager

Performs calculations of all the systems. Their involvement makes it possible to fully optimize the systems and installations, and choose the best equipment in the market.

Telecommunications engineer — responsible for TV and data

The person that is responsible for the most technological installations. Their work also involves the latest developments in the market for greater performance and better efficiency.

Installation technicians — in charge of all installations

A team of professionals that mounts, readjusts or renews the engineering installations. They are highly skilled and experienced workers in this field.

Contractors and subcontractors — labour

Team of external professionals that carries out the construction process. A highly qualified workforce with great experience and professionalism.


Get in touch with the Arcostec’s team of specialists for all the information you may need, and we’ll reply as soon as possible. Our commitment is the professional and personalized services to our clients.