We carry out detailed measurements of architectural projects for buildings and single-family homes. The economic success of a real estate development depends on the correct definition of the project and a good cost assessment. That’s why it’s very important to check each item of work. All the measurements we prepare are reviewed and corrected notifying the project management and promoters.

We make budgets for all types of works, renovations and extensions of homes and buildings, both small and large. We carry out economic studies without any commitment in the shortest possible time so that our clients know the final cost before beginning construction work. This is the best way to avoid unwanted events and possible delays in the building process.

We are competent and officially authorized technicians for conducting building audits. For the correct execution of a work complying with the architectural project, an external audit service is necessary. We are talking about trials and technical tests that we carry out before, during and after the construction of a property, as well as duly certifying them and delivering them to the construction and developer management.

We take care of the proper execution of construction works and carry out construction management, our professionals are part of the project management that carries out building control. One of the most requested services by promoters and customers is “quality control”, as it guarantees that all the work carried out during the construction process is executed correctly and safely.


It’s not enough to have a nice project to build a home. The graphical definition is important to realize the idea of an architect, but it’s also very important to define and count the materials that will be used to build a dwelling. Unfortunately, not all projects can boast of having the complete measurements and budgets and, above all, studied in detail. In Arcostec, we offer service of study of projects and supposed costs.

Our technical department consists of the best specialists and professional partners who are able to find technical-constructive solutions for any type of demand for a project. We carry out measurements, budgets, project management, control of work and quality control, trials and technical tests in Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa, Alicante, Benidorm and surroundings.

Some services and technical queries we offer are the following:

Measurements, budgets and definition of materials

We develop and document all the measurements of our projects with a detailed definition of each of the materials to be used, with a budget made in paper and digital format, without additional costs or unnecessary intermediaries.

Construction management and quality control

We carry out the entire construction process, from the preparatory works to the final delivery of the work. In addition, in every phase, we control the quality of the materials and their implementation, work equipment and execution time.

Technical advice and construction solutions

We carry out professional advisory services and technical consultations without any commitment. As soon as the construction field is very wide, we always try to find the best options and solutions for each client.

Contracting subcontractors and labour

We have companies and professional partners with great experience, and highly qualified workers to carry out building, construction, renovation and housing expansion.

Technical and service tests

We carry out technical inspections, trials and service tests to guarantee the safety and quality of all the works, both inside and outside the construction site. In addition, we are responsible for carrying out mandatory tests, such as geotechnical studies, acoustic or energy audits, concrete or steel testing, etc.

Economic and investment feasibility studies

Our knowledge of statistics and experience in the sector of real estate and construction let our clients know all the possibilities of feasible and totally effective investments for the highest profitability. We make presentations on paper and digital formats.

Project management and monitoring of works execution

The supervision and control of work’s development are equal to more effective execution, with the guarantee and total security in each of its stages. We have a qualified and officially recognized team to develop the correct construction management.

We negotiate with municipal services and supply companies

We maintain a very communicative and transparent relationship, both with the public administration and with supply companies. It allows us to achieve the best results in contracting in a short time frame adjusted to the needs of the promoter.

Audits and technical certifications

We carry out inspections to check the work done, the construction process and the legality of the work. We also grant official accreditation for certifications and technical audits.


We are officially recognized professionals and technicians to offer consultations, procedures and advice of a technical and economic nature during the construction or remodelling of houses and dwellings. We offer solutions and seek alternatives in the use of materials and labour.

After years of successful work, we accumulate a lot of experience in the field of construction and definition of execution projects for buildings. Next, we highlight the most relevant agents on which the correct definition of the architectural project depends:

Client or promoter — interested one

A natural or legal person that requires professional services for the planning and development of a building, renovation or extension of dwelling. In Arcostec, we are pleased to offer you our services.

Architect or designer — author and project manager

Author and director of the execution project who develops and defines the entire project. This person is also responsible for the proper functioning of the built set.

Technical architect — project execution director

Director of the execution and development of the project, his involvement allows to increase effectiveness, provide obstacles and ensure greater safety for workers. He adheres to the established time periods and can even reduce them.

Engineers and technicians — project study

Competent professionals in all engineering areas who are involved in the drafting and study of the project, to ensure very short deadlines at costs adjusted to the needs of the promoter or petitioner.

Decorator and interior designer — design

Professionals in the field of decoration and interior design of homes, looking for desired materials and furniture, in addition to adapt in the best way in the projected spaces. These technicians define the aesthetic part of the project and allow to reduce the terms and costs of execution.

Drafter — graphic expression

Draws and captures the entire project on paper, allowing measurements and budgets to be made long before the beginning of the construction works. A technician who transmits the architect’s idea to the rest of the project agents.

Store or warehouse of materials — supply

Companies that offer, provide and supply construction materials defined in the project. They can influence the choice of one or another material since they are the ones who sell (the material’s price is a determining factor). In addition, they are authorized distributors and are responsible for the delivery of the work on the previously established dates.

Town hall — fees and municipal guarantees

Taxes paid on account of the town hall where it is intended to build a house or building, before the beginning of the works. All the projects we develop and carry out, are conformed to urban planning legislation and avoid events that impede the progress of the construction work. We do not begin work without a license!


Get in touch with Arcostec’s team of specialists to obtain all the information you need. We’ll respond you as soon as possible. Our commitment is professional and personalized advice to our clients.