Year: 2020

Location: Cabo Roig

Site: Calle Coral

Type of property: Detached single-family house

Total area: 126 m²

Use: Residential

Duration of works: 9 months

Cost of works: 700€/m² *


The client contacted Arcostec Group because he wanted to carry out a complete renovation of a detached house in the area of Cabo Roig, Orihuela Costa (Alicante). The renovation of his dreams consists of many elements: renovation of the facade, new tiles in the patio, replacement of gotelé in the interior with smooth walls, renovation of all rooms (including kitchen and bathroom), new roof and even the addition of a swimming pool and sauna where the garage used to be, among other details. Although the list is quite extensive, Arcostec Group has a wide range of professionals to carry out all these tasks, so we got down to work.


The photographs shown correspond to the previous phase before starting the renovation. In these you can see the state of the façade and the design of the paved surfaces of the garden, as well as the part of the garage where the swimming pool and sauna will be located. We can also see the state of the interior of the house (bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom).


In these photographs you can see the work during the construction. Inside we can see smooth walls free of the stippled paint that was there before, ready to be painted. We can also see the renovated kitchen, with new tiles and furniture. On the outside we can see the work that was carried out on the roof, from its dismantled state to its completion. The facade has also been smoothed to give it a more modern look, and the place where the garage used to be has been adapted to accommodate a sizeable swimming pool. The construction behind the pool is a sauna, which can be seen better in the photographs of the completed work.


Photographs of the completely finished work. In these photos you can see the high quality finishes both inside and outside the house, which give it a modern touch. Although some of the furniture was already present before the work began, it now blends in better with the surroundings. The completely renovated kitchen has a more spacious look, and the bathrooms with their lighter tiles make them appear brighter. Outside there is the new swimming pool, which comes with a cover to cover it when not in use, and a sauna right next to it. The garden was left as it was at the client’s request, with the exception of the paved paths around the house, which were also changed.


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