Comprehensive Design Project Service + Management, processing and obtaining a municipal license for the opening of the “Real Estate” use activity + Construction Management + Comprehensive Reform + Post Management, of a commercial premises with a total area of ​​about 102 m². At Arcostec Group we offer the services of a multivalent team made up of architects, engineers, designers, officials, plumbers, electricians, etc. capable of carrying out both a large-scale new work and a small design reform.

For the opening of its headquarters in Spain we developed this “turnkey” project for a Belgian real estate company. The space to be intervened was a little 100 m² commercial space with an open space, two bathrooms and a kitchen, within the Los Dolses shopping center, a well-known area near Zenia Boulevard. The main need of the client was to obtain a cozy and fun space, with a reduced budget and tight deadlines. Due to the unserviceable state of most installations and finishes, we proceed to plan and budget for the work. In this case, for a better understanding of the project, to avoid any doubt or misunderstanding, we offered our client 3D visualizations along with a memory of qualities that they finally included in the list of furniture and decoration elements.

Дизайн проект агентстве нелвижимости в Аликанте

Year: 2020

Area: Orihuela Costa

Location: La Zenia

Property type: Commercial premises

Total area: 102 m²

Use: Real Estate Office

Duration of works: 2.5 months

Works cost: € 24,597

We work together to make sure that everything is to our client’s satisfaction and 100% compliance. Finally, to consolidate our relationship, we proceed to sign the contract that included all the documentation to be developed: budget, renders, plans, listings, etc.

First and before starting the works, we take care of obtaining a municipal opening license, in this case an administrative office for “real estate” use. We draw up the project to open the activity (to learn more see this link), signed by a competent technician from our team, according to current regulations. The term of writing this project together with the visa in the corresponding professional association, has taken us little more than ten working days, and the cost has been 700 €.

With the visa project, we request and pay the municipal fees, which in this case have been quite low because it is a “harmless” activity, specifically € 285. After having managed all the previous documentation, we processed the request for a responsible declaration and the next day the client already had his activity license.


Once the project phase and opening license have been processed, we verify the total budget for the works, which at the end of the works has hardly been modified (only extras at the express request of the client), proposing various options and price quality. The process of selecting materials and negotiating with the person interested in the reform has taken us two weeks, it seems a long time, but we think that it is the fundamental phase of each project, since it is when the cuts and the items to be really carried out are decided work. Also, mark the budget and needs.

Купить помещение и открыть свой бизнес в Испании

One of the objectives of this project was to make the most of the usable parts of the premises, such as the walls or the floor. At first glance, low-quality wood-effect flooring or walls with a fine drop finish may seem totally unacceptable from a design point of view. However, for us it represented a greater challenge and motivated us even more to give something apparently outdated a second chance and create a pleasant space with minimal resources.


In addition to finishing elements, we decided to take advantage of the large sheets of glass that divided the premises into 2 parts. These sheets were repositioned, thus fulfilling one of our client’s requests to create a separate boardroom. Another of the fundamental factors in the image and design of a commercial premises is the façade, where we carefully study the possible renovation options. Possibly any construction professional would advise replacing faded and dirty composite panels. However, we concluded that the panels were in good condition despite the deterioration of their color and we offered the client to cover the panels with a blue vinyl sheet, also offering several proposals for facade design. As you could see in the photos, we provided the premises with a fresh and renovated entrance, according to the corporate image of the company, with minimal financial resources.


We start with the works and proceed to manage the equipment of the premises so that our client does not have to worry about anything. We manage the building permit, the opening license, as well as electricity and water connections. Despite developing the works during the confinement due to the state of alarm, we completed the works within a period of 2 months agreed with the client. All of this represents a real achievement for us, since we had to search again in record time for practically all the furniture elements due to a significant stock-out in one of our furniture suppliers.


Finally, and as a result of our effort and dedication, we finished the works within the contracted period and with the qualities offered. Both operators and technicians of our company, as well as the subcontractors of labeling, furniture and equipment, have lived up to the demands of a very demanding client. Several items of budget expansion and improvement were carried out, such as modification of the climate or repair of additional facilities, without affecting delivery times or budget in an exorbitant way. All this, always with a prior assessment and notification to the client.


The developer’s needs from the beginning have been very clear: spend as little as possible, create a carefree and productive space in which to work and successfully sell real estate from the Costa Blanca area to the central European market, and open in three months. The contracted budget has been € 24,597, including own renovation work, as well as furniture and decoration, “turnkey” criteria and as in the images of the design project. We believe that the objective has been fulfilled, therefore, below we break down items and work carried out:


If you are thinking of carrying out a reform or a new work, turn to professionals in the construction sector and custom projects. In addition to being very competitive economically, our team includes authorized decorators and interior designers, engineers, technicians, architects and installers. We speak your language and we have all the resources to offer you the best solution in a short time. Ask for your budget without any commitment.


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