Year: 2019

Location: Torrevieja

Site: Calle Bergantín

Type of property: Flat

Total area: 98 m²

Use: Residential

Duration of works: 8 months

Cost of works: 700€/m² *


The aim of this project is to carry out a complete renovation of a flat situated close to the central beaches of Torrevieja. It should be noted that the flat is over 40 years old, so if it is to be modernised, there are many changes that need to be made. Fortunately, Arcostec’s multidisciplinary team has professionals from different sectors, so this will not be a problem.


In the photographs you can see the state of the flat before the renovation began. As we have already mentioned, the building in which it is located is more than 40 years old, so it is easy to see that the decoration and style are the predominant ones of that period (except for some electrical appliances).


In the pictures above you can see some parts of the renovation process of the flat. The work carried out is listed below:

  • Change of the exterior carpentry for PVC windows, without modifying the dimensions of the openings.
  • Change of interior carpentry.
  • Change of kitchen furniture
  • Bathroom and kitchen tiling.
  • Laying of new laminate flooring.
  • False ceiling in the kitchen and bathroom area.
  • Applying plastic paint as a finish.
  • Updating of interior installations (plumbing, electricity, air conditioning, etc.), in accordance with current regulations.

Photographs of the completely finished work. The change can be seen at a glance. The flat now looks more modern, spacious and cosy. Apart from the finishes and new carpentry, it is worth noting the details, such as new electrical mechanisms, control panels for the air conditioning installation, new light fittings in all the rooms… The only space that has not been modified is the balcony, which cannot be modified in order not to interfere with the general style of the building.  Nevertheless, the client was satisfied with the project and its execution.


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