Project of a detached single-family house with a total area of 135.05 m², distributed on two floors (Ground floor + First floor), with large open terraces and solarium. It has a built area of 105.00 m², on a rectangular plot, taking advantage of 100% of the constructed area. From the first floor terrace there is a spectacular view of the open swimming pool of 3.00 x 5.00 m (length x width) and 15 m² of water surface. The villa has the latest technologies in home automation and trends in design, equipment and finish.

Construir una casa de lujo en Valencia mediante un proyecto

Year: 2021

Plot area: 291 m²

Total area: 135,05 m²

Building area: 105,00 m²

Bedrooms: 3 + Living room

Bathrooms: 3

Swimming pool: 3,00 x 5,00 м

Price: 4.750 €

One of the advantages of the house is a spacious living-dining room connected to the kitchen on the first floor that opens its views to the open terrace. This house has an exclusive design in finishes and facilities.

Commercial plans buy cheap to build villa in Benidorm Valencia
Dirección Facultativa para construir una villa ultramoderna online

The whole house will be built and equipped with high quality materials. This villa consists of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living-dining room connected to kitchen, terraces and large solarium. The images published are renders of the forecast of the finished work to facilitate the customer to visualize the house with all the advantages it has. We provide all the necessary information and will be happy to answer any questions and find the best solution.

Hire an architect to design a modern house project

It is a housing project with ample spaces, making the most of the surface of the plot. It is made by a group of professionals, which consists of: engineers, architects, designers. Here are the general data and content of the project:

  • General style: Modern 
  • Basic project drafting deadline: 2 weeks
  • Deadline for drafting project execution: 1 month
  • Total habitable floors:  2 floors
  • Plot area: 291 m²
  • Useful living area: 84,56 m²
  • Constructed area: 105,00 m²
  • Exterior terrace area: 50,49 m²
  • Exterior measurements:  9,60 x 8,80 m
  • Flat roof: Large solarium
  • Level of qualities and finishes: High
  • Total area: 135,05 m²
  • Free height between floors: more than 2,60 m
  • Maximum height: more than 7,00 m
  • Large ground floor terrace: YES – in front of a pool
  • Terrace – solarium: YES
  • Total bedrooms: 3 bedrooms
  • Other rooms: Living room
  • Total bathrooms: 3 bathrooms
  • Additional rooms: American kitchen
  • Service areas: Laundry
  • Swimming pool: 3,00 x 5,00 m

Before starting to project any property, a prior study of the applicable current regulations and the minimum and maximum urban conditions and parameters to be met, such as buildability, occupation, setbacks, maximum height, etc. is required. These values ​​are conditioned by the plot and the municipality in which it is located. These procedures are included in the price. This is usually 5% of the total budget for architect fees.

Having clear and verified the urban parameters of the plot, first sketches and distribution proposals are made based on the list of needs and demands of the developer. This is a very important phase, as all other phases of the project and its development and detailed definition depend on what the promoter confirms. That is why, in many cases, this stage is the slowest and most difficult to fit in, as clients are often indecisive and have a hard time making one decision or the other. A good initial fit guarantees economic savings and avoids delays due to modifications in the later stages of the project. The architectural blueprint is included in the price. As a general rule, its cost is 10% of the total architect’s fees.

Once the distribution and the main idea of ​​the project have been established, the basic project is drawn up, whose mission is to justify compliance with the applicable regulations required by the town hall in which the house is to be built. The content of this project is as follows: descriptive memory + general plans of the property (situation and location, floor plans with dimensions and surfaces, elevations and bounded sections). In order to advance the waiting periods for the granting of a municipal license for new construction, this project is sufficient to process the license application by presenting it to the town hall and paying the corresponding ICIO and works fees. For this it is not mandatory that it be endorsed by the association of architects. This project is included in the price. Its cost is 20% of the total architect’s fees.

It is the phase of each project in which the constrictive solutions are detailed, the facilities are justified with their corresponding calculations, in addition to the foundation and structure. It is the part in which the finishes and all the materials are really defined, in addition to the extensive memory and in many cases difficult to understand by a person not familiar with the technicalities of the trade. In addition, it is the phase in which all the items to be made are measured with decomposed prices, a very important point in case you want to request estimates in several companies for the work and be able to make coherent and objective comparisons. The content of the execution project (which is neither more nor less the development and continuation of the basic project) is as follows: Constructive report + Justification of the Technical Building Code (CTE) + Specifications + Detailed measurements by chapters and items + Plans (In addition to those of the basic project are: calculation of foundations and structure + exterior and interior carpentry + construction details + calculation of facilities + equipment). For the granting of a municipal building license, it is necessary to present this phase of the project to the town hall. This project is included in the price. Its cost is usually around 30-40% of the architect’s total fees.

This is the part of the project in which the exterior cladding and fit on the plot are brought to the highest definition level through 3D infographics and high-quality rendering. This content is not compulsory, moreover, many architecture firms do not offer this service and hire professionals specialized in infographic architecture. We do include it in the price, we think that it is essential that a promoter of the works see the final result before disbursing large amounts doing work and thus be able to change coatings or facades at the project level and not during the work. This service is included in the price and its cost is included in the Execution project.

The interior of the rooms with its detailed design and enrichment of the spaces with accessories is a very important and essential task for the well-being of each client and owner of their future home. This project includes all those details that for various reasons are outside the execution project. In addition, it is not only about making the infographics and high quality 3D rendering, it is about the fact that the drawn models exist and can be purchased. That is why it is important to pay maximum attention to these aspects if you want to make an individual design. The search for furniture, accessories and equipment is carried out by asking for their prices and selecting the best offer. This service is not included in the price due to its peculiarity and prior ignorance of the needs of each client. What we can assure you is that we are able to offer the best budget and the tightest deadlines, ask us for the budget without any kind of commitment.

Until now, it was the “theoretical” part of the project. The architect is the author, but in order to carry out the work according to the architectural project drawn up and approved, a “Construction Director” must be appointed. It may be the same architect who created the project or it could be another architect, only in charge of the construction management. This is because the project can be written by a professional without being able to visit the work physically, either because of its location or because of any other argument. The cost of construction management is usually set between 20 and 30% of the total architect’s fees. This cost is not included in the price of the project.

Direction of Material Execution of the work is the mission attributed to the Technical Architect or Building Engineer, who together with the architect form the Facultative Directorate (D.F.), which is responsible for the correct execution of the work according to the drafted project. The Technical Architect, also called Quantity Surveyor, is the one who actually goes to the work to review, make important decisions and verify the correct execution of it. Their participation and importance in each project is set at 40% approx. with respect to the construction manager and lasts as long as the construction site itself. The material execution director’s fees are not included in the price of the project, but are usually between 30 and 50% of the architect’s fees, depending on the complexity of each work and its duration.

Once the work is finished and in order for it to be registered as such, both the Architect (direct of the work) and the Technical Architect (director of material execution of the work) issue their “Final Work Certificate” (C.F.O.). In total there are two certificates, one per professional. This document is necessary to modify any type of deed or other official document of the modified property or plot. Moreover, without these documents, it is not possible to finalize the work or request the return of municipal guarantees. Finally, it is the document that gives guarantees of the work actually executed, verifies responsibilities and allows the home to be registered in the cadastre using form 902. The cost of these certificates is not included in the price of the project, but it can cost up to 5 % of the total fees of each member of the Facultative Directorate (Architect + Surveyor in this case).

Apart from the services and parts of the project described above, some of the professional services not performed by the Project Management (Architect + Technical Architect) described below are necessary and / or mandatory: Topographic survey + Geotechnical Study + Steel and concrete laboratory + Service tests + Energy Efficiency Audit + Acoustic Audit (if applicable) + Management and processing of building licenses. The cost of these services is not included in the price of the project. For the assessment or estimate of these expenses, ask us for a budget without any kind of commitment.


If you liked this project carried out by our company together with the professional collaborators of reference, you have the opportunity to acquire it saving time and expenses, for only € 4,750 (VAT, according to Law, NOT included). It is much less than what a custom project made from scratch can cost you.

It admits making non-essential changes, as well as elimination of the basement (change for a sanitary floor). Don’t miss your chance and take advantage of the best offer now. If for any reason it is not the project you are looking for or does not meet your needs, ask us for a quote for an individualized project made to measure and we will prepare it in 24 hours.


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