An integral reform is a complete renovation of a property that turns it into the home of your dreams by investing energy, time, and money. The modernity, comfort, and functionality of all installations are taken into account.

Why you need an integral reform? There are several reasons, from a general change of style to the modification of room layouts. It is important to think about the people who will live in the house if they have children or older people. This will allow us to understand better the real needs and motivations of the integral reform.

We would like to explain the process of an integral reform so that you can get to know our work better during the process. Nowadays, finding professionals specialized in the different areas that are required during the reform is a bit difficult.

In Arcostec we are lucky to have a complete team of professionals (plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, tilers, carpenters, etc.) that help us to make all the plans come true.


Before starting the works, we always inform our clients of all legal aspects that affect their reform. There are different types of reforms that affect the structure of the house, and therefore require licenses or permits from the City Council. At Arcostec we prepare all necessary documentation to avoid fines, making sure that all legal aspects are complied with, thus avoiding a significant loss of time and money.

Depending on the difficulty of the renovation work to be carried out, you will need to apply for one of the main licenses: a major building license or a minor building license. For more information, we invite you to check out our page:

All construction/renovation works begin with demolition. Once the site has been cleaned, we meet with the client to make plans on the ground. The second phase is very important to us as this is where the ” naked ” space is really shown and where we can best demonstrate what until now were only plans.

Once the future room partitions have been marked out, we start to build them. During this process, we select the materials that will cover the walls and the furniture that will form the complex (tiles, bathroom furniture, bathroom fittings, sanitary ware, kitchen, wardrobes, doors, etc.). Afterward, we return to the building site to re-evaluate the results and start planning the installations. The best way to visualize your needs is to return to the building site. We will have previously drawn up plans for electricity, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning (if necessary) to show you and adjust them.

From the next step on, the work progress is less visual for the client, but this is what will ensure that once finished, everything will work properly. After the electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning installations it is the turn of the windows. The installation depends on many external factors, so it does not always happen at this time, but it is not something that interrupts other activities while we are working on the building site, so we usually start them at the beginning of the work.

During an integral renovation, both acoustic and thermal insulation can also be changed to improve the efficiency of the air-conditioning equipment. It is also worth thinking about whether heating installations should be added or changed, as this is the best moment to do so during the renovation.

At this phase, we will have already chosen and ordered the materials for the bathrooms and kitchens, now it is time to start covering the walls and floors. Depending on the size of the house to be renovated, more or less materials will be used, which will influence the final price.

The quality also has an influence, but we recommend using high-quality materials, as this guarantees that the changes will endure longer.

Now we can start installing the false ceilings where we have marked them. We recommend installing a false ceiling in the house, there are several reasons for this, but the main one is the ease of future maintenance of the installations.

During the construction process will be included custom design pieces, such as locksmithing, custom furniture, bookcase, etc.

When the kitchen arrives, we start to visualize for the first time what our renovated space will look like. Once the kitchen is installed, the worktop is measured so that it fits perfectly.

We starting to lay the wooden or laminate floors, if they are porcelain, we will have done it previously together with the rest of the tiles. Then, it is time to choose the new color for our walls or if we prefer wallpaper, it is also the right time.

These are some of the most important phases of the integral reform of the house. Of course, there are more details in the process that we explain and discuss with our clients during the works.


The whole process of carrying out an integral reform can be complicated, especially if it is the first time you do it. That is why we recommend trusting a company with experience in this type of work. In Arcostec we can manage the entire process of integral renovation from start to finish, from the application for all necessary licenses to the final touches of end of work. 

We invite you to visit our portfolio and see renovation projects carried out by professionals from Arcostec:


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