When we want to carry out a reform or work in our house or business premises, we often ask ourselves if such reforms require the corresponding building licence or not in order to be carried out.

Let’s answer that question once and for all: Yes, you always need to have the corresponding license or permit, no matter how small the modification is. However, it is important to distinguish between major and minor work licenses. In order to distinguish between these two, we must make use of the local building regulations, which usually vary depending on the municipality.

In spite of the differences that can exist, generally it is considered as a major work all those projects that require a high degree of complexity of construction, such as the addition of a floor to our house, extension of the surface, any intervention that modifies the structural set, etc…

On the other hand, when we talk about minor works, we understand that they are those that are characterized by their simplicity, both economic and formal (e.g. painting common elements such as doorways or stairs, changing tiles, repairing the facade, etc…)


In order to apply for a minor construction license, we must look at the requirements set out on the website of the municipality where the work is to be carried out. Generally, these are the documents they request:

  • Photocopy of D.N.I. (N.I.E.)
  • Property deed
  • Cadastral reference (or IBI receipt)
  • Technical report signed by a competent technician
  • Budget
  • Proof of payment of the fees, both the urban development fee and the tax on construction, installations and works (the amounts to be paid depend on the municipality in question)
  • Declaration of responsible for minor works

Once the necessary documentation has been provided and the town hall has granted the corresponding licence, work can begin. Also, it is important not to apply for the licence too early as this type of licence expires quickly unless an extension or postponement is requested. Its duration depends on the difficulty of the work to be carried out.


It is always a good idea to hire a company (such as Arcostec) that will not only take care of the reform, but also the pertinent bureaucratic procedures. In this way many problems and headaches can be avoided.

Under current law, a reform contract is required, which is a legal agreement that binds two parties on the details and cost of the work, where it figures:

  • Quality report (Technical project)
  • The final budget
  • Method of payment
  • Date of start/end of work
  • Penalty clause for non-compliance by both parties

It is very important that it is signed by both parties.


We invite you to read one of our publications about the responsible declaration of minor works in Torrevieja


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