We process, carry out and respond to urban and municipal documentation. We guarantee that you receive your notification on time. Arcostec’s technicians and engineers guarantee the positive resolution of all the paperwork they have submitted, in the shortest possible time. Always trust the professionals.

We process and carry out all types of municipal licenses and work permits, both for new construction and extensions. If you want to make small remodeling, important interventions in structural elements, rehabilitate your facade or increase the constructed area of your home, then come to the professionals.

Arcostec’s authorized technical consultants advise, suggest and simply help our clients understand the scope of a property owner’s responsibilities to the town hall. We inform and warn of the possible risks and needs before carrying out any type of architectural intervention or modification of a house.

Our competent technicians in the field of construction and building are professionals in urban planning and town-planning laws. We provide personalized service to each of our clients, we manage municipal licenses and carry out all types of municipal procedures. We have 24-hour service 365 days a year.


The current Spanish urban planning regulations for project planning and realization, building works, constructions or reforms are universal for the entire territory of Spain, but each municipality has its own specific variations and partial modifications of the Urban Development Plans, called P.G.O.U. Before starting any type of construction work, it is convenient to know what can be done and what is allowed to be done on the plot. All this entails many previous administrative procedures and procedures for technical documents.

In Arcostec, we’re in charge of advising and consulting our clients of all the urban planning regulations so that our clients understand it as “Christian”, in addition to taking care of the entire procedure for processing licenses, applications, municipal permits and official communications by the town hall.

In addition, the municipalities or legislators increasingly make changes in the legislation. We understand the inconvenience this may cause, therefore, we are well aware of how disciplined and organized our work should be, and our primary task is to always be familiar with all the innovations and changes in the legislation. Our team has qualified specialists in the field of urban planning, economics, and law.

We facilitate any professional consultation and advice, we provide all the possible options that we consider most satisfactory for you to choose the one that suits you best. We have more than 10 years of experience in this field, and we provide the first consultations for free.

Some of the queries and procedures we deal with every day are the following:

We process urban planning licenses and municipal building permits

For any type of project, whatever the size is, we process all the necessary documentation to obtain permits and licenses.

We request and manage urban modifications

We carry on and develop any administrative procedure in urban planning to achieve the most appropriate modifications.

We advise on urban planning regulations and complaints

We offer reports and individualized advice on current regulations. This is necessary to obtain the corresponding permits or, in their absence, for judicial proceedings.

We segregate and unify parcels of land and plots

We study the regulations in order to obtain an optimal distribution and layout of the land. The divided surface is the one indicated by the law and adjusted to the best possible use.

We manage in the field of servitude, coasts and beaches

It’s more and more difficult to build on the coast or in places with very specific servitudes. We take all cares to resolve such issues.

We carry out studies of investment and business projects

We include the specific study of viable projects under construction, as well as their location and development. Our experience allows us to provide consolidated statistics on the subject.

We develop feasibility studies and project management

The prior analysis of the market and our extensive experience offer us the possibility to carry out feasibility studies based on very stable and firm calculations and statistics. Management that we develop with invariable security.

We make measurements and detailed budgets

Before contracting our services, we offer the measurement of the project with your detailed budget, without surprises or additional expenses.

We contract and manage municipal supplies

We manage all areas of contracting municipal services to obtain the supplier in the shortest possible time.

We perform quality control and monitoring of construction and renovation works

With the monitoring of works, we offer the possibility of establishing reduced deadlines and quality control in each of the phases of the project.

We contract and conduct trials and technical tests

It is mandatory to carry out tests that ensure the stability of the project, so we manage supervisory bodies that certify the material state.

We are authorized auditors and certifiers

We are a competent authority to review and evaluate everything related to constructive management. In addition, our effectiveness is based on recommendations and observations to improve effectiveness.


The urban planning is complex… For an ordinary citizen, as we usually think, it’s complicated or impossible to understand all the language, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Unlike the vast majority of companies or professionals that offer their services in mediation and management of urban planning regulations and compliance with current legislation, we provide solutions and guarantees. We always warn our customers about fraudsters and scammers. Trust the professionals.

We are accredited professionals and technicians and are able to carry out consultations and procedures on urban planning and municipal legitimization. We offer solutions and we look for alternatives to the conflicts between the owner and the town hall that, unfortunately, are constantly happen.

After many years of experience in the field of urban planning, management of important cases of complaints, municipal requirements and going “door-to-door”, we met relevant figures in the decision and resolution of disagreements. Next, we’ll highlight the following agents:

Client or property owner — interested one

A natural or legal person who needs to resolve issues in the field of urban planning.

Architect or designer — author and project manager

Author and director of the project development, who also advises on current standards and offers the most feasible options.

Technical architect — project execution director

Director of the construction process, in charge of all the relevant information on urban planning and the processing of proposals.

Notary — supervisor and verifier

A professional who is in charge of granting the authorization and consent of the documents presented so that the project could be completed in accordance with the law.

Property registration — owner registration

An institution that is responsible for carrying out new ownership of the public power. We take care of all these issues for our clients.

Lawyer, advisor and manager — documentation processors

In our team, we have lawyers specialized in the subject, who are in charge of all the documentation and the procedure in the municipal services.

Municipal engineer — legalization and standardization

A professional who works for the public institution and reviews and studies the project to make sure that it complies with all legislative and urban planning standards.

Town hall and department of urban planning — “approved”

Department of the public institution which processes the submitted request and issues a project permit, always taking into account the current urban development standards of the municipality.


We invite you to discover some of the architectural projects made by the group of professionals of Arcostec company. The personal dedication during the elaboration and execution process of each project guarantees the exclusivity and tranquility for our clients. Also, please take a look at all the projects in the portfolio section.


Extensive facilities of our central office and unbeatable central location in front of Torrevieja’s town hall make us a point of reference. It’s very easy to find us, we are in C/ Caballero de Rodas 27, Ground Floor, Torrevieja. We will be happy to assist you personally, just ask for a prior appointment for more comfort and better service.


Get in touch with Arcostec’s team of specialists to obtain all the information you need. We’ll respond you as soon as possible. Our commitment is professional and personalized advice to our clients.