Certificate for family reunification


The Certificate of Habitability for Family Reunification is an official document, usually issued by the Town Planning Department of the Town Hall, which certifies that the dwelling is suitable for habitation and, as a result, for legalisation in Spain other than "residency" or "refugee".


The price of the certificate is 100€ and includes the visit of the technician and the registration fee at the Colegio de aparejadores. 

What is it for?

This long-awaited document, according to Spanish law, can be ordered by a family member who has obtained a residence permit and has lived legally in Spain for at least one year. This official paper is necessary for the legalisation in Spain of the family members to join, i.e. to obtain a residence permit for "family reunification" or in other words to follow one's family.  The document obtained from the Town Hall is submitted to the Department for Foreigners (extranjería) in the place of residence in Spain. 

How is it obtained? 

In order to obtain a certificate of habitability for family reunification and to join other family members, you must obtain a certificate from a professional, in this case a technician or architect, that your home, whether owned or rented, fulfils the minimum habitability requirements and, among other things, that the size of the home and the number of beds it can accommodate a certain number of occupants. This official certificate is issued either by a municipal technician working in the town planning department or by a private technician or architect, it depends on the municipality where you are requesting this document.

How long does it take?

The time it takes to issue this long-awaited certificate varies depending on the municipality and province of Spain. On average, the waiting time for this official document varies from 3-5 working days to 1-1.5 months.   

Expiry date of the certificate of suitability for family reunification  

The validity of this document, like most official documents issued in Spain, is 3 months. It is during these three months it is very important to submit all the required documents to the department of work with foreigners, in order to get the long-awaited residence permit for "family reunification" and start a legal happy life in Spain within a few months.  

Price of the certificate of suitability for family reunification   

The price of this document varies depending on the municipality and province of Spain, but Arcostec can guarantee you one of the best prices on the market.   

Technical Reports and Certificates in Spain

Certificate of 2nd occupancy, Certificate of end of construction, Technical inspection of buildings (ITE), Property appraisal, Electrical report, Acoustic certificate, Energy efficiency certificate, Certificate of age and/or existence.  

Arcostec has many years of experience and a great reputation in the market. We cooperate with numerous real estate agencies, law firms and notaries and we are always ready to provide our services to our esteemed clients.  

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