Norms and urban planning regulations

Urban planning and regulatory documentation

Our technical specialists, who have the necessary knowledge in the field of construction, are also professionals in the field of urban planning laws and regulations. We deal with municipal licenses and carry out all types of paperwork. We have an individual approach to each client and service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Technical consultations

Arcostec's technical consultants will provide professional advice and help you understand all issues relating to the rights and responsibilities of homeowners to municipal planning authorities, as well as talk about all possible risks and pitfalls stones that may be encountered during construction or renovation.

Licenses and permissions

We prepare and submit documents to the mayor’s office to obtain all types of municipal licenses and work permits — both for new construction and for demolition, reconstruction or expansion of area. Do you want to carry out minor repairs, make more serious changes to structural elements, or repair the façade of a building? Contact the professionals.

Document flow and office work

We are engaged in the preparation and submission of documents to city planning authorities, and also carry out the movement and recording of documents. We guarantee that you will receive all your documentation on time. Arcostec's engineers and technical specialists guarantee that you will receive a positive solution to your issue as quickly as possible.

"Architecture is the art of organizing space." Auguste Perret


Spanish urban planning regulations for planning, construction and renovation are common throughout the country, but in each municipality there are variations and partial modifications of the Town Planning Plans, which are called P.G.O.U. Before starting any construction work, you need to know what can be done on the site. All this entails a lot of preliminary administrative hassle and preparation of technical documents.

At Arcostec we make sure to provide our clients with the most detailed and clear advice on all urban planning regulations, as well as the entire procedure for applying and processing licenses, applications, municipal permits and official communication from the mayor's office.

Among other things, city halls and legislative bodies are increasingly introducing changes to existing legislation. We understand what inconvenience this can cause, so we are well aware of how disciplined and organized our work should be, and our primary task is — always keep abreast of all innovations and changes in legislation. Our team includes certified specialists in the field of urban planning, economics and law.

We provide any professional advice and offer all possible options that we consider most suitable for each specific client, so that you can choose the one that suits him best. We have more than 10 years of experience in this field. We provide first consultations free of charge.

Every day we engage in many consultations, activities and procedures. Here are some of them:

  • Town planning licenses and municipal building permits We handle all the documentation necessary to obtain permits and licenses for any project, regardless of its scale. 
  • Gurban development We deal with any administrative procedures in the field of urban planning to achieve the most appropriate changes. 
  • Consultations on urban planning regulations and complaints We offer information and individual consultations on current regulations. This is necessary to obtain the appropriate permits or, in the absence of them, for legal proceedings. 
  • Division and consolidation of land plots We study the regulations and rules to obtain the optimal distribution and layout of land. Divided surface — it is a surface defined by law and adapted for the greatest possible use. 
  • Solving issues related to easements, coasts and beaches Every time it becomes more and more difficult to carry out construction work on the coast or in places with very specific easements. We take all the trouble to resolve such issues. 
  • Study of investment and business projects We conduct specialized studies of projects at the construction stage, taking into account their location and further development. Our experience allows us to provide summary statistics on this issue. 
  • Technical and economic assessment and project management The preliminary market analysis, combined with our extensive experience, gives us the ability to conduct a technical and economic assessment based on statistics and very accurate calculations.
  • Evaluation and detailed estimates Before you enter into a contract with us, we will evaluate the project and offer you a detailed estimate that will not contain any surprises or additional hidden costs. 
  • Municipal suppliers We deal with all areas of transactions with municipal services, which allows us to find suppliers in the shortest possible time. 
  • Quality control and work monitoring Thanks to work monitoring, we offer the opportunity to set shortened deadlines with quality control at each stage. 
  • Sampling and technical tests Conducting tests that ensure the stability of the project is mandatory. We resolve these issues with regulatory authorities that certify the quality of materials. 
  • We are authorized auditors and certifiers We are the competent authority to review and evaluate everything related to construction issues. In addition, our effectiveness is based on recommendations and observations to improve it. 


Urban planning is very complex… The average citizen, as we used to think, is not able to understand all the terminology and language, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Unlike the vast majority of companies or specialists offering their services for mediation and resolving issues regarding urban planning regulations and compliance with current legislation, we provide solutions and guarantees. We constantly warn our clients about scammers and swindlers. Trust the professionals.

We are accredited specialists and technicians who can provide consultations and solutions to urban planning and municipal legalization issues. We offer solutions and look for alternatives to conflicts between the owner and the mayor's office, which, unfortunately, happen all the time.

With many years of experience in the field of urban planning, resolving important issues regarding complaints, municipal requirements and knocking on numerous thresholds, we have come to know the appropriate people to help resolve disagreements. Let's look at the characters below:

  • Client or owner — interested person An individual or legal entity who needs to resolve issues in the field of urban planning. 
  • Architect or designer — author and project manager Author and project development manager, who also provides advice on current regulations and offers the most feasible options. 
  • Technical Architect — project manager Manager of the construction process, responsible for all necessary information about urban planning. 
  • Notary — controlling person A specialist responsible for obtaining permits and consents to submitted documents so that the project can be completed in accordance with the law. 
  • Property register — owner registrationThe institution responsible for implementing new property rights with government agencies. We take upon ourselves to resolve these issues for our clients. 
  • Lawyer, consultant and manager — applicants for the promotion of documentation Our team has lawyers specializing in this area and responsible for all documentation and procedures in municipal services. 
  • Municipal engineer — legalization and regulation A specialist working in a government agency who reviews and studies the project to ensure that it complies with all legal and urban planning standards. 
  • City Hall and City Planning Department — "approved" The department of a government agency that processes the submitted request and issues permission for the project, always taking into account the current urban planning regulations of the municipality. 


We invite you to familiarize yourself with the architectural projects completed by a team of Arcostec professionals. Dedication to our work and our personal interest in the successful implementation of each project guarantee our clients exclusivity and absolute peace of mind. We ask you to look at all our projects in the portfolio section.


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