Year: 2010
Location: Benidorm
Address: Playa Poniente
Type: Hotel
Service: Diseño y control
Plot: 1000 m2
Total area: 1700 m2
Floors: 5


In one of the best areas of the Costa Blanca, 100 meters from the famous Levante beach in the tourist town of Benidorm, is the Calas Marina aparthotel. We are pleased to present our ambitious project, in which the best architects, engineers and technical staff of the company participated. This building was designed and built in 1976. With the exception of minor decorative changes, it remained in its original form until 2015. That is, until the hotel owners decided to give it new life and at the same time transform the hotel and turn it into a place of permanent vacation for numerous foreign tourists who constantly come to relax on the Costa Blanca.

The goal of the company's designers was to create a 21st century hotel with all modern trends in interior design and finishing materials. The company's engineers have designed energy-saving and control systems that allow owners to maintain the hotel more economically and add more comfort, safety and convenience to guests. An important role was given to the future project's compliance with all modern urban planning standards and laws, such as seismic safety, energy efficiency, access for people with disabilities, fire safety, operating in the Valencian Community.

On behalf of the Arcostec company we would like to thank the hotel management for the trust placed in the company to carry out the design, engineering, architecture and construction work and we are proud that all the efforts aimed at making the planned project a reality will be reflected. in the successful operation of this hotel. We know it and we really enjoy the work we do.

The area of the land on which the object is located is 1000 m2, in which there is a five-story hotel building, whose floor plan distribution is as follows:

  • Ground floor: private parking, terraces for guests, main entrance to the hotel, reception, administrative area and two lounges.
  • Floors one to four: each room is an independent apartment with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.
  • Upper floor: Relaxation terrace with panoramic views.

Regarding access to the hotel, the interior can be accessed both on foot and with a stroller or wheelchair, since earthworks were carried out during construction in order to eliminate existing obstacles for people with disabilities and guests with children.

It is important to note that the budget for the entire turnkey work, from the finished design project to construction, finishes and furniture, amounted to 98,000 euros. This price includes a complete aesthetic transformation of the hotel; has made it modern, elegant and meets all fire safety requirements for a comfortable stay for guests.

The inauguration of the remodeled building is scheduled for mid-August 2016, while the design and electrical installation work began at the end of 2015. It should be noted that in projects such as hotels, tourist vacation rentals, it is very important to understand the temporary nature of this type of services offered by the hotel business, which is why in our company the project was carried out with maximum efficiency and with the most favorable quality/price ratio.


The foundation of the building was designed using “shoe” technology. Due to the complexity of the terrain at the site, additional structural iron reinforcements were used.

The walls are made of reinforced concrete with a HEB160 structural iron profile made taking into account compression and compression, to give resistance to the walls in a seismic zone.

During construction, reinforced concrete columns of rectangular section were used.

Interfloor ceilings are made of lightweight interfloor bigettes filled with pressed concrete.

The walls are made of ceramic brick with a thickness depending on the room.

The finishing materials used correspond to the latest trends and are of course of very high quality. Washable plastic paint with soft pastel colors is used. The floor is made of ceramic stoneware, the same type of flooring that is used in wet areas such as the bathroom.


If you want and like the project, contact the architecture and construction company "Arcostec Group". Our specialists will take into account your wishes and advice and will develop for you first a sketch, and then "Basic" and "Executive (working)" architectural projects, with which we will receive a license from the municipality to build a house and definitely notify you about this timely.

Next, the Arkostek company is ready to carry out construction and stable work.

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