Open the doors to sunny new buildings in Spain with our developer. We offer modern homes with sophisticated design and first-class amenities.


Construction company CBS Homes – one of the leading developers in the south-eastern part of Spain, with its head office in Torrevieja, Alicante province. Many clients have already been able to appreciate the professionalism of  CBS Homes employees, as well as the high quality of luxury real estate, which is located in close proximity to the Mediterranean coast. 

Main specialization – design, construction and management of real estate, including preparation of accompanying documentation. This allows buyers to not worry about anything, but simply control the construction process, devoting a minimum amount of time to it.

Why buying luxury real estate from the developer CBM Homes – best solution

Southern Spain – the most favorable place for recreation, entertainment, education and sports. In addition, this is where the purest ecology is located, which will improve your health and give you new strength to achieve any goals. 

The company's specialists carefully select the area for future construction. The smallest details are taken into account. That's why clients who turn to CBM Homes buy truly luxury real estate. 

Main features of infrastructure that are taken into account before the start of design and construction

The company's employees have a truly wealth of experience and competence, so they primarily take into account the following aspects:

  • Maximum proximity to the sea. Mediterranean Sea – desirable and best area of the Costa Blanca. Here you can enjoy swimming and spending time on white sand beaches almost 8 months a year. And the clean and healing sea air very quickly restores strength.
  • Entertainment. This part of Spain truly has the full range of a wide variety of ways to relax and have fun. Every person, regardless of his preferences, will find exactly what he likes most. Golf, music, dancing, cinema, museums and greenhouses, jet skiing and parachute flights – This is just a small part of the entertainment offered.
  • Ecology. Alicante is famous for its various institutions, such as salons for rejuvenation, beauty, etc. Sea and mountain air – an ideal combination that significantly enhances the effect of healing procedures. The highlight is hiking in the mountains. The routes are carefully laid out – You can safely climb to the peaks (more than 1500 meters), where you can enjoy the beautiful and mesmerizing beauty of landscapes and nature.
  • Sports. Opportunity to play sports – one of the most important criteria for choosing a location for the construction of luxury real estate. In the province of Alicante there are a huge number of different sports centers, active recreation clubs, swimming pools and other sports complexes where you can actively relax.

Another important aspect – education. Almost everywhere there are schools and educational centers where the best teachers and educators work. The company CBM Homes offers many options that are especially relevant for parents who want to give their children a prestigious education. 

Sea, entertainment, health, sports, active recreation – all this is concentrated in the province of Alicante, so if you want to do something interesting and educational, you won’t have to spend a lot of effort and time to get to the desired place or object.

Why luxury real estate buyers choose the developer CBM Homes

There are 7 reasons that set the company apart from numerous competitors also operating in the south-eastern part of Spain. It is the factors listed below that influence the final choice of which developer to contact.

Individual approach to each client 

The buyer's preferences come first because it is important for CBM Homes to fully satisfy the request. At every stage of interaction, the company's employees demonstrate attentiveness and care, taking into account all the nuances and the smallest details.

Project deadline

Renting out a property – one of the key points of the work of CBM Homes, as they know how important it is to comply with previously agreed deadlines. In the luxury real estate construction market, developers have always been among the first in this matter: more than 98% of projects were completed strictly on time.

Maximum affordable prices

The pricing policy is quite loyal to customers. Since the company CBM Homes is a direct developer who works without intermediaries. Pricing occurs solely taking into account the cost of work of the specialists involved. Purchasing a villa at CBM Homes – a reasonable decision, and from the point of view of financial benefits (the company’s clients do not overpay).

Full-fledged management – We offer a full range of services related to construction

The staff consists of a team of specialists who have invaluable experience and high qualifications. Therefore, the company does not seek help from third legal entities. Works on construction, management and registration of real estate are carried out. Any required documentation is processed within the company, in-house. That is, the client receives a full range of home management services, starting with NIE and ending with its maintenance or sale.

Designers and builders – high-class specialists

Each project presented by CBM Homes is developed exclusively by its employees. A team of engineers and architects carefully study the needs and wishes of future owners, so that clients really get the home of their dreams. luxury real estate in one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

New buildings in Spain from the Developer

In addition to the above features that the company has, it is necessary to mention others that also play an important role in choosing a developer. Among the undeniable advantages are the following:

  • Transparency. Since CBM Homes is a developer that carries out absolutely all work and activities independently, all information provided about pricing and other things is absolutely transparent. If necessary, future owners can familiarize themselves with all relevant documentation at any time.
  • Financing. The developer CBM Homes cooperates with several financial companies that work on more favorable terms. Therefore, the client is always offered the lowest possible mortgage interest rate – the opportunity to purchase a villa or cottage at an affordable price without overpaying interest.
  • A staff of highly qualified specialists. The team consists of only proven people, whose competence is confirmed not only by certificates or diplomas, but also by practical work. Therefore, buyers are guaranteed to get the desired result.
  • Adequate and affordable prices – Despite the fact that  CBM Homes is the market leader in the construction of luxury real estate, the company's pricing policy is quite loyal to clients. The cost of each constructed facility is within the framework of market realities.
  • Guarantee of impeccable quality. CBM Homes guarantees to its clients the reliability, comfort and durability of the built villa or cottage. In the process of work, a project is carefully created, where the smallest detail is taken into account, building materials from trusted brands are used, builders carry out construction in full compliance with all current standards and technologies.

Based on all of the above, we can say with complete confidence that the company CBM Homes is a reliable and profitable developer that you can contact without hesitation. 

If necessary, the company's employees will always answer all questions asked in detail and professionally. They will tell you in detail about the terms of cooperation, how exactly it happens and what is needed to start building luxury real estate. In addition, they will take into account the wishes regarding the area where the client would like to live in his villa.

To contact CBM Homes representatives, you must use one of the proposed methods: email, phone number or instant messenger. Specialists respond to requests as quickly as possible.

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