Taking measurements and estimating construction costs


The construction company "Arcostec" carries out detailed measurements of construction projects: both according to architectural plans and directly on site. The economic benefits of construction are determined by a scrupulous and precise calculation of the materials used, the workforce and the type of technology employed. funds. It is therefore necessary to take precise measurements of each type of structure and material used during construction. All the data obtained from these measurements is sent directly to the site manager and the customer.


We take care of measuring, budgeting and evaluating all types of building and construction work, from new builds to renovations and extensions of living space, whether for small or large-scale projects. Our aim is to provide affordable estimates, so that our customers know what the costs will be before the work begins. Based on our many years of experience, we are convinced that this approach is the best way to plan construction work and avoid temporary delays.


We are specialized technicians officially recognized to carry out audits and controls on construction sites. In accordance with Spanish legislation, the participation of a third party - an auditor - is required to guarantee that construction work is carried out in accordance with the architectural project. The audit includes a set of samples and tests carried out before, during and after construction. In addition, all copies of measurements and construction certifications are then sent to the site manager, the customer and, on request, to any competent person.


The specialists at the "Arcostec" design and construction company oversee the execution of construction work, providing technical supervision of the entire process and ensuring that all work carried out complies with current standards and regulations. With over 15 years' experience in the construction sector, our professionals offer a quality control service, ensuring that the work carried out complies with the project's architectural concept.


Professionals of the design and construction company "Arcostec" We remind you that for a well-executed architectural project, the presence of only a graphic component is not enough. Graphic images serve only to visualize the architect's thoughts in order to convey ideas to the client. The entire technical component is a much more important aspect for future construction, so we want to inform you about the extreme importance of measuring the future object and drawing up a competent estimate in order to calculate the exact cost of the object being built as much as possible. Unfortunately, in practice, in almost all projects brought to our bureau, if there was a technical component, it was completely unprepared for reality, and in most cases it was simply absent. We offer services for studying existing projects with subsequent cost calculation and high-quality estimating of the future object.

The company's technical department includes only professionals in their field with experience in the field of measurement and estimating in construction, so when you entrust your project to Arkostek, you can be sure that your project is in safe hands hands. We carry out estimating of objects, control measurements in construction, as well as project management and technical quality control in construction, in the Torrevieja area, Orihuela Costa, Alicante, Benidorm and the surrounding area.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Construction Measurements, Site Estimation, and Material Selection: We officially document all completed measurements of construction projects, meticulously studying all materials used. The client then receives the most comprehensive and reliable document, available in both paper and digital formats. It's important to note that all of this is done without any additional fees or intermediaries, which is reflected in the final cost and completion time. 
  • Quality Control and Technical Supervision: We manage the entire construction process, from preliminary work in accordance with municipal authorities to the completion of construction work and installation commissioning. Additionally, we ensure continuous monitoring of the quality of materials used, the schedule of completed work, as well as the material and labor components involved in construction. 
  • Technical Consultations and Design Solutions: Our specialists are available to answer all your questions about urban planning, architecture, design, and construction work. Due to the vast diversity of issues related to these areas, we strive to provide optimal and concise answers to a variety of questions. 
  • Contract Conclusions and Work Subcontracting: In cases where our company does not have enough specialists for a particular installation, we collaborate with subcontracting companies capable of carrying out all construction work. Our partners are companies that also have extensive experience in construction, renovations, and expanding living spaces, as well as in engineering and air conditioning installations.  
  • Technical Reports and Performance Evaluation: We conduct technical reports, performance checks, and analyses of technical conditions to ensure the quality of work, both externally and internally. We also specialize in mandatory technical examinations, such as geotechnical checks, acoustic or energy audits of installations being commissioned, as well as examinations of reinforced concrete structures used in construction, etc. 
  • Investment Liquidity Study: With years of experience and knowledge in the real estate sector, we offer our investors a wide range of investment opportunities in Spanish real estate. We provide the opportunity to invest profitably in real estate construction. For each client, a personal investment plan is individually developed, with pre-calculated profits and defined return on investment times. We present investment projects in both paper and digital formats, and most importantly, with no commitment. 
  • Project Management and Construction Control: Technical supervision and construction control are essential processes that are equivalent to the construction process itself. The difference lies in the fact that technical supervision allows for a more efficient, effective, economical, quick, and reliable construction process. Our team comprises highly qualified specialists capable of ensuring technical supervision with maximum efficiency. 
  • Agreements with Municipal Authorities and Suppliers: We maintain excellent relations and are constantly in touch with municipal architects, engineers, and officials from various local administrations. Through this close communication, we achieve the best results in concluding contracts and agreements with municipal authorities and service providers such as electricity, water, gas, Internet, etc. We place great importance on meeting deadlines to offer our clients minimal delays. 
  • Audit and Technical Certification: Our specialists verify all work completed, the construction process of the installation, and the legal compliance of the work performed. Additionally, we issue an official certification for the completion of building technical certification work and construction work audits. 


We — technical specialists officially accredited to carry out management and consulting work in the field of technical and economic aspects during the construction of projects, be it a small reform or large construction work. We always try to provide alternatives to the current state of affairs and recommend more modern, economical and optimal solutions

After more than 10 years of successful professional activity, our specialists have accumulated extensive experience in the field of construction, execution of architectural projects and real estate construction on existing projects. Below we describe the persons playing key roles in the construction process, as well as the responsibilities of these persons at each stage of construction:

  • Client (Customer) - Interested Party: An individual or legal entity interested in engaging professionals to perform a comprehensive range of services for construction, design, implementation of an architectural project, or expansion of living space. We would like to take this opportunity to offer you our services in this area. 
  • Architect - Project Author and Executive Process Head: The architect serves as the author of the project and the main figure in the executive process, responsible for developing and coordinating all aspects of the upcoming construction work. They also bear responsibility for the long-term and safe existence of the constructed object. 
  • Structural Engineer - Head of Construction Department at the Site: The main person responsible for ensuring compliance of the architectural project with the construction work being carried out on-site. A professional structural engineer enhances construction efficiency and ensures the safety of builders on-site. Additionally, they oversee adherence to established timelines and strive to reduce construction duration without compromising quality. 
  • Engineers and Technical Staff - Project Study: Qualified engineering professionals tasked with studying and preparing the project to ensure timely completion with maximum quality and optimal cost, tailored to the specific needs of each customer. 
  • Decorator - Interior Design Specialist: Interior design specialists who develop individual projects for each client, sourcing necessary finishing materials, desired furniture, and accessories. Often, these specialists shape the aesthetics of the future object, streamlining the search and completion process and reducing the final price. 
  • Draftsman - Graphical Representation of Object: Professionals responsible for drawing and graphically representing an object on paper, facilitating control measurements and estimation of construction work. They convey the architect's ideas to stakeholders such as subcontractors, decorators, and builders. 
  • Shop or Warehouse - Construction Material Support: Companies providing all materials necessary for construction, from reinforcement and cement to furniture as specified in the architect's executive project and interior designer's plans. Additionally, these companies ensure timely delivery of materials. 
  • City Hall - Real Estate Taxes and Mortgage: The deposit transferred to the mayor's office serves as a guarantee of the correctness of construction work. Upon successful completion, the city will refund the full deposit amount. 

All projects carried out by our construction company are consistent with the regulations and comply with the legislative rules in a particular municipality, thus all our construction work complies with the law and is not stopped by the municipality due to non-compliance. We do not start any construction without a license!

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