Torrevieja has taken 15 measures to promote business in the municipality, and we — architects and engineers from the Arcostek group of companies, we invite you to start your own business in Torrevieja and we will help you with this. Until August 30, we offer discounts of up to 25% on all our architectural projects and professional services: starting a business, building permits, technical certificates for real estate and others. Also, for all other types of services that our company provides, we seriously consider providing each of our clients with a special “Antivirus” discount.  In case of any doubts or for additional information, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you. 

The city of Torrevieja announced measures to overcome the crisis for local businesses.

Discounts up to 25% on professional services of Architect, engineer and designer in Torrevieja (until August 30)

In the meantime, we suggest taking a look at these measures taken by the city hall:

The Mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolon, announced on April 06, 2020 in a video conference the launch of a Commercial, Hospitality and Industrial Rehabilitation Plan to mitigate the effects of the current state of confinement, which has been extended at least , until April 26. The mayor emphasized the importance of these economic measures, which were coordinated as much as possible with the city's productive sectors.

It should also be noted that last Friday a video conference was held with representatives of these production sectors, among which were the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurs of Torrevieja and the Surroundings (APYMECO), the Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Casa Grande Industrial Zone, managers of hotel companies, businessmen, etc. etc. For almost two hours, businessmen expressed their wishes, ideas, needs and demands for the speedy normalization of the commercial life of the city.

15 measures approved by the Torrevieja City Council

The mayor's office is going to simplify the procedures for issuing permits for new construction edificación de nueva planta en tramitación . To achieve this, powers will be transferred to the Director General, and the staff of this department will be increased. Likewise, the process of obtaining a declaration of primary occupancy will be facilitated. Municipal regulations that place restrictions on work on holidays, weekends and the summer months will be temporarily relaxed and hours of operation will be extended. In addition, payment of council tax on new construction will be deferred until August 30.

1. Approve a reduction in the tax on construction and installation work ICIO to 2%, currently 4%, for 2020 and leave Art. 1 (new construction) of the resolution regulating tariffs for city services

2. Streamlining urban planning procedures, stimulating sector activity and reducing taxes and fees

3. Creation and implementation of a strategy to position the city of Torrevieja as a safe, reliable tourist destination with guarantees of health and safety, with the development of a Marketing Plan to attract national tourists in the short term and international tourists in the medium term

4. Invite AGAMED to expand the Social Fund by changing profiles, which can benefit and benefit not only individuals and families in conditions of social isolation, but also include private entrepreneurs, companies and groups affected by the consequences of COVID-19. This fund, which already has 200,000 euros, will be increased to 800,000 euros

5. Establishing bonuses/subsidies for the payment of IBI property tax and vehicle tax for entrepreneurs and families who have suffered from the consequences of the crisis. These bonuses/subsidies will also apply to the taxi sector, providing a 100% discount on administrative procedures at Torrevieja City Hall. 25% discount on IBI tax will be given to those commercial establishments that were forced to cease their economic activities due to the decision to close as a preventive measure. Also, this discount will apply to the usual place of residence and in the same percentage to those families who find themselves in a vulnerable situation due to the above situation (they suffered dismissal during this period, ERTE ...)

6. Immediate acceleration of payments to suppliers. The City Hall undertakes to pay its suppliers immediately, without delays and payments. Thanks to the EMCUJU (youth employment program) subsidy for entrepreneurs who are now supplying material, this measure will be well received and will be a relief to those whose invoices have been frozen.

7. Bonus for jobs in the La Plaza market with a special emphasis on those places that have been closed. The City Hall will refund 50% of the fee paid by those jobs that remained open and continued to operate, and will provide a 100% refund of the duty to those workplaces that ceased operations after the Decree

8. Compensation of fees for sports and sports schools. Compensation of 50% of the cost of rent and use of sports facilities. For gym memberships, either monetary compensation or an extension of the validity period of the subscription is established.

For the 2020-2021 season, the cost of enrollment in sports schools will be reduced by 50%

9. Facilitation of installments and deferred payments

10. 100% discount on payment of the fee for the third quarter for placing on the roadway for those owners of cafes, bars, restaurants, etc. who paid for the second quarter, returning a proportional part to those who paid for the whole year in advance

11. Development of a “Strategic Local Development Plan for 2020–2030” in order to overcome the economic crisis and restore the economic, social and cultural structure of the city. This program is being carried out taking into account the Strategic Plan for the Development of Tourism, using it as guideline and framework for a project that aims to transform the city, adapt it to new emerging economic opportunities and restore the economic, social and cultural structure that has suffered so much due to the above situation

12. 50% discount on fees for the second quarter for traders of the markets in La Mata and Torrevieja, as well as sellers of Paseo de la Libertad ("hippie market")

13. Development of an ambitious program of cultural, festive and sports activities in the first weeks after the end of the state of alarm and from the moment the concentration of large numbers of people at events is allowed

14. Municipal tax bonus for fair participants (feria) with experience.

The consortium will reduce the rate for those fair traders who prove that they have a long history of work in the city

15. Refund of a proportional part of the payment made by kiosks and cafes

In the case of concessions granted on public roads, green areas and municipal facilities, the mayor's office will return a proportional part corresponding to the days when these establishments were closed.
In the case of seasonal beach services, permission will be sought from the Ministry of Environment to release the concessionaires, and the potential beneficiaries will be businessmen who operate kiosks and entertainment activities on our beaches

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Conclusion: investing in local business development

Based on all of the above, we recommend that you invest in the city of Torrevieja to create your own local business: bar, office, real estate agency, construction of a new factory, industrial plant,  individual villa, etc. As you can see, the City Council is strongly committed to local business development. So, you have the opportunity to start your own business locally, and the Arcostek Group will help you with everything that depends on us, and even a little more. We will always fulfill the agreed obligations with the client.


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