Assistance in obtaining NIE

The NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) is the process of obtaining a unique identification number for foreign citizens living or doing business in Spain. Here's how to present this ad:

Applying for NIE

If you plan to live, work or do business in Spain, obtaining a NIE will be your first step towards realizing your plans. The NIE is a unique identification number that is required by all foreign citizens, regardless of their goals and plans in Spain.

What is NIE?

The NIE is a mandatory document for foreign citizens who want to work, study, invest or do business in Spain. This number is used for identification in the tax system, opening bank accounts, purchasing real estate and other legal processes.

How We Will Help

We offer NIE services for foreign citizens who want to start a new life or develop their business in Spain. Our team of experts has extensive experience in immigration law and will help you navigate the process without unnecessary hassle or delay.

Advantages of Working with Us

  • Professionalism:We will provide you with quality and professional service at every stage of the NIE application.
  • Customized Approach:We take into account your needs and goals, providing solutions that meet your requirements.
  • Efficiency:We strive to make the NIE process quick, convenient and efficient so you can get started with your business in Spain quickly.

Ready to start your journey in Spain? Contact us today and we can help you get your NIE without wasting your time and energy. Take the first step towards your new future in Spain today!

What is NIE?

NIE, short for "número de identificación de extranjero" (foreigner identification number) is required for financial transactions in Spain and is permanently assigned to a foreign citizen, with the exception of those who have acquired citizenship. It is issued to residents upon receipt of a residence permit and to non-residents engaged in business or conducting economic affairs in the country. 

NIE may be needed by a foreigner in the following cases:

  • purchasing a social security number to use various types of social services;
  • getting a job in the Kingdom of Spain;
  • starting a business in the country;
  • entering data into the tax return;
  • opening a bank account in local institutions;
  • purchase of real estate or vehicles.

For foreigners, the NIE performs a number of functions of a local passport. It is necessary for every person from a foreign country who plans to stay in the Kingdom for three or more months.

For whom it is necessary to obtain an identification number:

  • employees of local companies;
  • students participating in exchange programs;
  • participants in the family reunification program;
  • persons conducting business activities;
  • freelancers.

Holders of foreign citizenship who are not included in the listed categories or plan to stay in the country for less than three months can get by with a passport with a valid visa.

NIE is not mandatory for foreigners staying in the Kingdom of Spain for more than 90 days, provided they work remotely for a company from their home state. The same rule applies to students.

How to get a NIE

To obtain a NIE, foreign residents of Spain can apply to the local migration authority, usually located at the provincial police station. To visit, pre-registration is required on the government website.

The package of documents includes:

  • Completed Form EX-15 in two copies.
  • ID card or foreign passport with copies of all pages.
  • Official confirmation of entry into Spain, which can be obtained from the migration service or the police within three days of arrival.
  • Rationale for the request depending on the place of stay in Spain.

When visiting the Spanish consulate in your home country, the list of documents may differ. Applicants may also nominate a legal representative in Spain to submit the application; a power of attorney and a certified photocopy of the passport are required.

After submitting the application, the candidate is given a receipt indicating the time of the next visit. Review of the application may take from a week to a month. 

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