Arcostec Group clients can contact us for additional services. In addition to construction, reconstruction and purchase of real estate, we provide assistance with paperwork. Our managers are always ready to help you solve any problem.

Help with paperwork in Spain

  • Applying for your NIE: Get your Spanish NIE number without any hassle or delay. Our team will help you collect the necessary documents, fill out the application and carry out the registration procedure so that you can quickly start your life in Spain.

  • Help with applying for Spanish citizenship: Are you dreaming of obtaining Spanish citizenship? Our team of experts will provide you with comprehensive support in preparing documents, submitting your application and guiding you through all stages of the naturalization process to make your dream come true.

  • Registration registration, obtaining fresh registration certificates: Do you need to register in Spain? Our team will help you collect all the necessary documents, fill out forms and carry out the registration procedure so that you can legally reside in the country. Receive fresh registration certificates without any hassle.

  • Assistance in obtaining a digital signature: Provide yourself with an efficient and secure way to sign documents in Spain. Our team will help you obtain a digital signature, providing personalized support at every stage of the process.

  • Consultations when applying for a mortgage: Are you planning to buy a home in Spain? Get professional advice on obtaining a mortgage from our experts. We will help you choose the optimal conditions and prepare the necessary documents to successfully obtain a mortgage loan.

  • Assistance in renewing contracts for water and electricity: Moving or changing your address in Spain? Our team will provide you with comprehensive assistance in re-issuing contracts for water and electricity. We will make the process fast and safe for you.

  • Car re-registration: Get professional help with car re-registration when moving or buying a used car in Spain. Our experts will guide you through the entire process, providing transparency and confidence every step of the way.

  • Home and car insurance: Ensure reliable protection for your home and car in Spain. We offer a wide selection of insurance products with an individual approach to each client, so that you feel confident in any situation.

  • Opening a bank account: Easily open a bank account in Spain with our help. We will provide you with all the necessary information about the account opening requirements and procedure so that you can manage your finances with convenience and security.

  • Starting a business in Spain: Do you dream of owning your own business in Spain? Our team of experts will help you register a company, obtain the necessary licenses and accompany you at all stages of the formation of your business.

  • Obtaining a tourist license: Are you planning to open a tourism business in Spain? Get qualified support in obtaining a tourist license from our experts so that your business can successfully start its activities.

  • Receiving Nota simple: Receive an official report on real estate in Spain without unnecessary hassles. Our team will help you obtain Nota simple by providing complete information about the desired property.

  • Health insurance: Provide yourself and your family with access to quality medical care in Spain. We'll help you choose the right health insurance based on your needs and budget.



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