The ARCOSTEC real estate catalog contains current advertisements about sale of residential real estate in Spain. Here you will find the ideal option for yourself. When looking for housing in Spain, pay attention to the advertisements published on our website. Offers for sale from owners and realtors are posted here. You can quickly find information about the desired residential complex using special filters: by location, price, area. Photos are attached to each ad so that you can first familiarize yourself with the condition of the apartment and assess whether it meets your needs.

About sales of apartments on the primary and secondary housing market in Spain/Alicante

Today on the Spanish real estate market you can purchase both an apartment in the city center and in a residential area. The website contains advertisements for the sale of residential properties in new buildings and on the secondary market. Which one to choose? decide for yourself, based on your own requirements and planned budget. Purchasing in a new residential complex is possible through a developer or agency. These apartments are different:

  • functional area;
  • convenient layout;
  • no wear.

Resale premises are no less in demand. Compared to apartments in new buildings, they are relatively inexpensive. You can purchase an apartment either from the owner or through an intermediary.

What to look for when buying an apartment in Torrevieja/Alicante?

When choosing a house, pay attention to the proximity of the main infrastructure facilities. It all depends on the needs of your family. It is important for young parents that there are kindergartens, schools, and medical facilities in the area. If children are adults, then buyers already have other requests. Analyze which objects are your priority (shops, shopping centers, beauty salons, etc.).

To make it easier to choose an apartment on the website, use filters. You can sort offers by both basic and additional parameters. The first includes the number of rooms, price and area. To the second — purchase with a mortgage, class of housing, availability of repairs, etc. 

Buy an apartment in Torrevieja/Alicante

Such an important and significant event in your life as purchasing a new home should be approached with all seriousness and responsibility. To do this, you need to thoroughly study the entire real estate market, carefully read reviews of real estate companies, learn to navigate the pricing policy on apartments in Spain, as well as delve into all the legal details of the upcoming transaction. Or you can make your life easier and turn to professionals in this matter – online real estate search service.

We offer you apartments from the developer in Torrevieja/Alicaante on the most favorable terms, taking into account your wishes and capabilities.

What are the price advantages of buying an apartment from a developer?

Apartments on the primary real estate market from the developer are usually cheaper than secondary market properties.

By purchasing an apartment from a developer, you get new, modern housing with high-quality repairs and the necessary finishing. You will not have to spend additional funds on major repairs, as would be the case if you purchased a secondary home.

Sale of apartments from a developer in Spain on the online real estate search service ARCOSTEC does not imply any commissions or interest. The service provides a free search for apartments in Torrevieja/Alicante at the lowest prices.

If you want to buy an apartment, but do not have enough money, our company’s partner bank will be happy to provide you with a loan at a favorable interest rate.

What are the advantages of purchasing an apartment from a developer?

Apartment from the developer – this is a huge space for creativity. High-quality repairs and finishing serve only as the basis for your future cozy home. The design of the room and the arrangement of furniture will be the result of your imagination and effort. You can decorate the premises to your own taste, turning the purchased property into the apartment of your dreams.

Ready apartments from the developer in Spain – An excellent alternative to buying an apartment from the previous owner, because in fact you are legally the first owner of the home. This means that you will not have to deal with the “dark” in the future. legal past of the apartment: presence of debts, occurrence of “previously unknown” debts heirs, etc.

Today buy an apartment from the developer – this means getting real estate in a rapidly developing, ecologically clean area of the city with developed infrastructure: shops, recreation areas, playgrounds, public transport stops.

Accomplish the seemingly impossible - buy an apartment in Spain without intermediaries – Can. To do this, just leave your application on the online real estate search serviceARCOSTECor call us. In addition to European-quality apartments, competitive prices and first-class service, we guarantee you crystal honesty and transparency when completing a transaction to purchase an apartment from a developer

Purchasing an apartment through the ARCOSTEC real estate agency has a number of significant advantages:

  1. Convenience and reliability: Working with a professional real estate agency guarantees the reliability of the transaction and the convenience of the process. The agency takes care of the entire organization and coordination of the purchase process, which significantly saves your time and effort.

  2. Wide range of properties: ARCOSTEC offers a variety of properties on the market, allowing you to choose the most suitable option based on your needs and preferences.

  3. Additional services: In addition to assistance in choosing and purchasing real estate, ARCOSTEC can provide additional services, such as carrying out major renovations before the sale or after the purchase. This allows you to get a ready-to-move-in home without any hassle.

  4. Professional turnkey renovation: ARCOSTEC has experience and qualifications in the field of real estate renovation, which guarantees high-quality completion of all work and compliance with deadlines. You can be sure that your apartment will be renovated to a high level of quality.

  5. Individual approach: ARCOSTEC real estate agency strives for complete satisfaction of customer needs, therefore it offers an individual approach to each client and takes into account all his wishes and requirements.

Thus, purchasing an apartment through the ARCOSTEC real estate agency is a reliable and convenient way to purchase real estate with guaranteed quality of services and support at all stages of the transaction.

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