Are you interested in high-quality and affordable apartment renovations? Do you want to completely transform your home?

ARCOSTEC offers a full range of repair and construction works at affordable prices and with a guarantee of impeccable quality.

Professional apartment renovation

A stylish interior is a sign of the good taste of the homeowner and an excellent opportunity to emphasize all the advantages and hide possible design flaws. A high-quality and comprehensive approach to apartment renovation will help create a special atmosphere in the room – Turnkey work allows:

  • Bring any design solutions into reality – from laconic minimalism to pompous baroque, from restrained Japanese to romantic Provencal style;
  • Completely redesign the apartment at reasonable costs, making it more comfortable and functional;
  • For many years, eliminate all internal problems with heating, water supply, sewerage, electricity.

Repair work Torrevieja/Alicante

Our company’s craftsmen quickly and efficiently carry out turnkey apartment renovations in Torrevieja/Alicante, both in new buildings and in old buildings. Thanks to extensive experience, the introduction of our own developments and advanced technologies, we successfully implement all stages of construction and repair activities:

  • Development of a design project or adaptation of ready-made solutions taking into account the specifics of your apartment;
  • Dismantling of equipment, structures, old communications, partitions/walls, finishing materials;
  • Cleaning surfaces from dust, dirt, particles of mixtures and glue;
  • Rough work – The cost of turnkey apartment renovation includes installation of screeds, alignment of walls and ceilings;
  • Open or hidden installation of utility networks (heating, heated floors, sewerage, plumbing, electrical);
  • Cladding, electrical installation, plumbing work;
  • Fine finishing work, during which we use the best advanced materials and technologies to minimize work waste;
  • Assembling furniture, connecting equipment, appliances, devices.

Services of ARCOSTEC:

  • Renovation of a one-room apartment. Cosmetic and major renovation of a one-room apartment with a quality guarantee. We work quickly and comply with the deadlines specified in the contract, so you can be sure that the renovation will not take long.
  • Repair of two-room apartments. One of the popular services of our company — renovation of a two-room apartment in a new building or secondary building. Experienced craftsmen quickly, and most importantly — perform quality repairs and finishing.
  • Repair of three-room apartments. From us you can order major or cosmetic repairs, as well as finishing of a three-room apartment in a modern style. We work officially, so we conclude an agreement with each client.
  • Repair of apartments in a new building. Order a major renovation with fine finishing for an apartment in a new building. Among the benefits you will receive: a free housing design project, a guarantee for all work and favorable prices for services.
  • Renovation of a studio apartment. The main thing in renovating a studio apartment — properly zone the space. We have been working for a long time, so we know everything about high-quality major or cosmetic repairs of even small studio apartments.
  • European turnkey apartment renovation. The first thing that distinguishes European-quality renovation from other types of renovation — the use of modern materials of high quality and functionality. Our craftsmen carry out European-quality renovation of one-, two- and three-room apartments of different sizes.
  • Renovation of townhouses. The peculiarity of townhouses is that externally they resemble cottages, but inside — similar to ordinary apartments, but with their own yard. We offer professional renovations in townhouses — at the best price in Spain.
  • Renovation of apartments in Torrevieja/Alicante. Are you planning to renovate or decorate your apartment? Entrust this task to professionals — to the masters of the company ARCOSTEC We renovate houses in Torrevieja and other regions of Alicante.
  • Apartment renovation in Spain. We repair and decorate apartments quickly, reliably and efficiently. We calculate and approve the estimate before the start of work and do everything possible to make each of the customer’s wishes come true.

Differences between a comprehensive apartment renovation and a cosmetic renovation

Major repairs differ from ordinary repairs in that they have a deeper and more complex impact on the property. Here are the main differences between them:

  1. Scope of work: Major repairs include more extensive work to restore and update the facility. This may include replacing the foundation, remodeling premises, replacing communications, insulation, etc. Conventional repairs, on the contrary, are limited to surface work, such as painting walls, replacing flooring, etc.

  2. Timeframe: Major renovations usually take much longer as they require more careful planning and more complex work. Routine repairs can be completed in a short period of time.

  3. Budget: Major renovations can be more expensive due to the amount of work involved and the use of more expensive materials. Conventional repairs usually require lower costs.

  4. Effect: Major renovations are designed to significantly improve the condition of the property and ensure its long-term viability. Conventional renovations, although they can improve the appearance and comfort of a property, are often temporary and do not solve the underlying problems.

Thus, a major renovation is a more serious intervention in a property that includes deep changes and updates, while a regular renovation is often limited to superficial work and improvements.

When assessing the cost of work that includes renovation of apartments or any other premises in old buildings, it is necessary to take into account many nuances; a specialist can help you do this correctly. Since not only the price of materials for repairs and work costs will be assessed, but also the specifics of the building itself. Erected in the middle of the last century, the buildings are distinguished by thick (up to one meter) walls, high (up to 4 meters) ceilings, and large rooms. However, as a rule, in such houses, redevelopment of apartments can be carried out without much difficulty, since all the walls there are not the main structures and are subject to demolition if the apartment owner wants to do this. Walls can be easily dismantled, moved, niches, columns, arches, and original openings can be created. An apartment consisting of two rooms can be changed beyond recognition - make a spacious studio, or, on the contrary, make many small rooms.

Repair and construction work in panel buildings can be carried out in the shortest possible time, but, of course, if complex finishing work is not planned. In the estimates for European-quality renovation of apartments in panel buildings, it is necessary to include certain work that would not be needed when carrying out renovations in “Stalin” buildings, this is due to the peculiarities of the construction of the objects. Thus, work will definitely be carried out to insulate the walls and ceiling; in addition, additional sound insulation is often necessary. If such work is not included in the major renovation of apartments, then the owners will experience discomfort from internal and external sounds, wind blowing and heat loss. All this explains the final cost of the repair and its duration, since such work requires significant expenses.

When redevelopment of non-residential premises located in any institutions or administrative premises is carried out, before starting repair work it is necessary to apply for permission from special authorities.

Very often, simple cosmetic renovations of apartments are carried out; they are less expensive and do not require major work. However, even simple work should be carried out by professionals, so that after some time you do not have to face old problems - peeling wallpaper, crumbling plaster, swollen linoleum. Cosmetic renovations of offices are also carried out, since in this case it may be necessary not only to carry out work inside the premises, but also various special events.

Cost of design and renovation

The cost of turnkey apartment renovation with materials is always calculated individually. This guarantees there are no hidden or additional fees, so you can be confident – we work honestly and openly.

To calculate the cost (price) of a major renovation of an apartment, contact the consultants of our company. You will know the cost of the work even at the stage of preparation for repairs – this will allow you to avoid unplanned costs and stay within the allocated budget.

Advantages of turnkey apartment renovation:

  • All work will be completed from start to finish – we take care of all repairs, including rough and finishing;
  • Preparation for your needs – Before the renovation begins, we draw up a design project taking into account all your interests, interests and hobbies;
  • We maintain the design – what you see in the photo and 3D model before work begins will completely coincide with the result of the repair; 

ARCOSTEC carries out all types of repair work at affordable prices. The cost of repairs and finishing of various levels of complexity is determined taking into account several factors:

  • The square footage of the apartment and its actual condition at the time of renovation, is dismantling work required or is it a new building without finishing;
  • House type - panel or brick of any height;
  • Age of the building – new buildings are built using modern technologies and in many cases are delivered with a rough finish, so their finishing will cost less. And repairs in old houses involve expensive replacement of communications, strengthening of partitions and other labor-intensive work;
  • Class of work – the cost of turnkey renovation of an apartment with materials when carrying out activities of any complexity (cosmetic, major, complex, designer renovation);
  • Features of the materials used – For major, complex and cosmetic repairs, we use both budget and luxury building materials. And designer and European-quality renovations are carried out only using the most modern finishing materials;
  • Availability of a design project. If necessary, you can order the development of project documentation or the adaptation of ready-made projects to our specialists.

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