Aerothermal energy is a technology that produces energy from air that can be used for heating, cooling and hot water. This is a new technology, present on the Spanish market for about 10 years, in which the heat pump uses thermal energy from the surrounding air, which is a source of renewable energy and is clean in its energy consumption. The fact that aerothermal energy uses renewable energy sources (air and water) to produce heating, cooling and domestic hot water makes it one of the most recommended systems in this sector.

The exchange occurs thanks to an aerothermal heat pump, which is called an outdoor unit. The unit absorbs and recovers energy from the surrounding air and transfers heat to the circuit, while simultaneously evaporating the refrigerant gas contained inside. Thus, the absorbed heat passes through the heating system and makes it an economical heating system. Electricity is required only to operate the compressor engine, which is capable of generating 3-4 kW/h of thermal energy for each kW/h consumed. This is the most user-friendly system, and it also allows you to save up to 25% on natural gas bills or up to 50% in the case of diesel fuel.


It has already become clear to us that this is a technology that uses air energy as the basis for air conditioning various rooms, so we can consider it a highly efficient and absolutely clean source of energy.

Here are the 4 main stages of aerothermy:

  • The outside air comes into contact with the evaporator through the coil and the refrigerant contained inside evaporates because it is cooler than the air. Outside air enters the evaporator, where energy is exchanged and the refrigerant evaporates.
  • The evaporated refrigerant moves to the compressor, where it is compressed, raising the temperature.
  • The indoor unit heats the water and produces heating and domestic hot water.
  • In the summer, the opposite happens, the heat from our home is directed outside to provide air conditioning.


Main advantages of using aerothermy:

  • Easy to operate: Since no fuel is burned, there is no need for a chimney or chimney.
  • The system does not require maintenance: maintenance is less labor-intensive than in other systems.
  • Low noise level: Silent operating mode.
  • Complete system: heating, hot water and cooling needs can be met with the same equipment.
  • Fuel-free:does not use fuel that needs to be stored or delivered.
  • Renewable energy sources: This is an environmentally friendly system thanks to the use of renewable energy sources (air and water).
  • Maximum energy savings: With this system you can achieve greater savings and maximum energy efficiency.


The first reason to choose aerothermy is savings. With an air/water heat pump it is much cheaper to heat your home and water.

The second reason is the difference in energy management, its harmless impact on the environment. By using the natural energy found in the outside air to heat your home and hot water, you produce far less CO2 emissions than any traditional fuel-fired heating system.

If you would like more information about the energy capabilities of your home, please contact the professionals at Arcostec.


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