In this post, we want to inform you about the most important aspects that owners need to know about Inspection of Buildings (ITE) or Building Evaluation Report (IEE). We intend to answer most questions; if in doubt, you can always consult us without any obligation.

Regulatory Decree

Law 5/2014 of July 25 “On land use planning, urban planning and landscape” The Valencian Community establishes the obligation of the owners of all listed buildings or buildings over fifty years old to carry out a periodic inspection, by means of an IEE Building Assessment Report, every ten years, in order to monitor the state of conservation and avoid the consequences that may arise from failure to comply with the duty of conservation and restoration.

The obligation of owners to preserve buildings is also enshrined in the Civil Code, in the Law on Horizontal Property and Urban Tenancy, in the Land Law 1998, in the Law on Management of Buildings and most recently in Royal Decree-Law 8/2011 of 1 July.

Owners must undergo a technical inspection by a qualified, practicing technician who is a member of the relevant professional association as specified in the regulations.

Technical inspection of buildings

Arcostec specialists - Architecture & Engineering examines the entire building (facades, walls, roofs, floors, etc.) and based on this review issues a technical report describing all the deficiencies found in the building, their possible causes and preliminary measures recommended to ensure its stability, safety, waterproofing and structural consolidation or for maintaining or restoring its dependence in habitable conditions or for effective use in accordance with its intended purpose. It also records the extent to which recommendations made during the previous periodic review have been implemented.

When the inspection reveals deficiencies, the effectiveness of the document certifying the same, for the purpose of fulfilling the duty of conservation, will be conditional on certifying the effective completion of the works and conservation works necessary to maintain the property in a legal condition and within the time specified for this purpose. If no flaws are found, the administration ends and the file is archived for ten years.

The effectiveness of this report requires a copy to be sent to the city council and the appropriate professional association.

At Arcostec - Architecture & Engineering we are responsible for the management of grants for the preparation of the Building Assessment Report in accordance with Article 36 of Royal Decree 233/2013.

The general maximum period for submitting the first Technical Construction Supervision (TBI) report is within the year following the year in which the building’s age exceeds 50 years.

How do we work?

Once the appointment is scheduled, the technician visits the property where he inspects all the major building elements mentioned above and takes all the necessary data and photographs for the subsequent issuance of a report.

After writing the report, there are 2 possibilities:

  • GOOD - starts paperwork and review by the mayor's office, so we take care of the whole process.
  • UNUSED - in this case, the owner will have to correct the deficiencies. If necessary, we will advise you on the most optimal solution. After the deficiencies are corrected and all defects are eliminated, the technician gives a positive opinion.

If you have any questions, please contact us, our technicians will advise you without any obligation.

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