A renovation of an extra room in the house is a project full of technical aspects that must be taken into account if you want to avoid complications and future expenses. In basement renovation projects, we are faced with several challenges, for example, if it will affect or not the structure of the building or how to avoid the appearance of moisture in the walls, ventilation, and luminosity.

All these and other aspects must be solved in order to make your basement fully functional and habitable, especially in the case of converting the basement into a living space.

Basement remodeling in Spain

There are two simple reasons to fix up your basement:

  • Having extra space to enjoy
  • A renovated basement will add value to your home.

As a tip, we suggest that you clean and leave the place empty, as this way the professionals will be able to measure the space and provide solutions in a more concrete way.

Here are some tips on how to turn it into a cozy basement.


Sometimes the house already has a space in its structure, so it is only necessary to prepare it in order to be able to use it. Sometimes this space has to be made by emptying the earth. It is quite popular in single-family homes where a basement reform makes it possible to have a cool space all year round.

It is always very important to respect the foundation of the building and the impact it has on the ground, which can moderately reduce the usable space of the room.


Basements are spaces that have little natural light. Therefore, lighting is a fundamental factor if we want to achieve a comfortable room. In the beginning, we must install the necessary electrical installations that will allow us to have cozy lighting.

The right decoration also influences the feeling of warmth in the room: the colors, the materials. There are options for bringing in natural light, such as directing a spotlight of natural light into the basement by means of metal tubes and mirrors.


Another very important aspect of a basement renovation is the control of humidity. In order to avoid them, it is essential to identify their origin and to know how to treat and eliminate them correctly.


If you want your basement to be comfortable, you need to heat and cool it. With a heating and air-conditioning system, you can spend long evenings in comfort.


Uno de los grandes inconvenientes a la hora de reformar el sótano de la vivienda es la altura del mismo. Cuanto más alto sea el sótano más cómodo será, aunque si no es el caso podríamos ganar altura de la siguiente manera:

  • Excavating to gain vertical meters.
  • Adequate selection of furniture. Furniture should be functional and compact.


We can differentiate between two types of installation, which require different treatments. The suspended sanitation installation can be obstructed by a difference in the level or by access stairs. In these cases, it is necessary to make a diversion, which requires a previous study for its correct planning.

There is another type of installation, the underground installation. The low ceiling height in basements often complicates the drainage of these installations. For this reason, techniques such as water pumping must be used, which consists of the construction of an underground well to which the sewage water is directed. In this pit, outlet pumps are installed which are connected to the general sewage flow.


At this point and as a final key to make a decision we would like to show you some ideas to decorate your basement.

  • One more living room. If you have a big family living in your house, it would not be superfluous to modify the basement to create another living room. Each family member would then have his or her own space. In addition, if the space is large enough, it can be an interesting option to add a large table with chairs and a sofa to invite your friends over for an evening.
  • Extra play space for children. You can choose to design space free of dangers for small children and full of games, toys, and activities, where the little ones can play and enjoy themselves without disturbing anyone else.
  • A professional cinema. If you are very enthusiastic about cinema, the most recommendable option is to install a large screen and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. Don't forget some comfortable armchairs to enjoy the cinema experience.
  • Play area for adults. But if you prefer to take advantage of the space to set up a games center with billiards, table football, video games area, ping pong table, and video games area.
  • A bar with all the details. If you like bars, you have the opportunity to install a bar in your own basement with all the details to have the bar of your dreams.
  • A wine cellar with the possibility of a fireplace. The environmental conditions are perfect for storing wine and drinking it in a corner with great charm, where dark colors and wooden details are periodically used. A fireplace can also be added, allowing you to use the cellar all year round.


Applying for planning permission is important when carrying out any modification to the structure of the house, and in most basement renovations, some change to the structure of the house is generated.

If you are going to renovate the basement of your house you should check if the structure is going to suffer any variation, because it is always advisable to have a building project for this type of renovation and always apply for a permit from the town hall if necessary, so that the work is safe.


Please contact the Arcostec team of specialists to get all the information you are interested in. We will contact you as soon as possible. We are committed to providing our customers with professional and personalized advice.

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