Our company carries out high-quality repairs of commercial premises. We work under a contract, draw up transparent estimates, and offer solutions for shops, restaurants, shopping and business centers. We visit sites throughout Spain.

Offices, shopping and medical centers, and catering establishments require regular renovation of the finish. Redecoration of commercial premises is carried out every 4-5 years depending on the following factors:

  • patency;
  • operating conditions;
  • quality of cladding;
  • building class;
  • object location.

When converting residential properties into non-residential premises, complex work related to redevelopment is carried out. Choosing a reliable contractor becomes a top priority for owners. Poorly done project – This is not only a budget expense, but also the emergence of real business risks.

Cost and terms of repair of commercial premises with material

If you order renovation of commercial premises, the cost will depend on the area and type of activity of the enterprise. To avoid overpayments during reconstruction and further maintenance, you must:

  • Create a project plan with exact requirements – the cost is calculated according to the technical specifications for finishing. It is necessary to clarify how the space is used, the interaction of employees, and provide information about problems due to the features of the structure.
  • Provide as-built documentation – The cost of repairing a commercial premises is determined based on the condition of the building. Major repairs are planned in advance, which helps to take into account all the nuances.
  • Select materials suitable for the conditions – cheap options are subject to wear and tear and will require replacement after a few years. For warehouse areas, an important parameter is durability, not the visual appeal of the finish.
  • Learn about the state of communications – the budget increases when replacing outdated heating, plumbing, electrical wiring, and air conditioning systems. It’s cheaper to do the work right away and, after a couple of years, break the new casing to repair the wiring. The final price depends on the complexity of the task.

If you need to make repairs in a commercial premises in Spain/Alicante/Torrevieja, our specialists will advise you in detail and complete all the work as quickly as possible.

Renovation of commercial premises in Spain/Alicante/Torrevieja

Commercial premises are renovated for business activities, most often for rent. Functional layout and high-quality finishing increase the price of such real estate, and in the future have a positive effect on the income of the renting company. Today we’ll talk about how to properly decorate commercial premises in order to attract tenants and recoup the investments made.

What is important to consider?

If the room is not being renovated for a specific customer, it is better to choose a universal design for it. Neutral light colors, the absence of sharp contrasts, a pleasant combination of colors and textures, plus good lighting, are suitable for a boutique, a beauty salon, and an office. Minimalism will allow you to quickly personalize your interior by adding branded accessories and decor.

Repair of commercial and residential premises is carried out according to one scenario: first dismantling, then redevelopment, laying utilities, rough and fine finishing. But if we are talking about business real estate, it is important to consider some points:

  • The premises should be comfortable both for the employees of the tenant company and for visitors. The layout takes into account ergonomics, safety and sanitary standards for public buildings.
  • The entrance area is made wide enough for the visitor to want to enter, but at the same time it does not let in cold air from the street and is anti-vandal.
  • Differences in floors and thresholds in areas of mass movement of people are extremely undesirable.
  • In addition to the main hall, you need convenient utility rooms, storage areas and a bathroom. A clean and well-maintained personal hygiene area is often the deciding factor for tenants.
  • It is advisable to use progressive solutions and energy-saving technologies at the facility.

When renovating commercial real estate, timing is no less important than quality. Therefore, preference is given to materials that are quick to install and available.

The best types of finishes

Visitors do not know what efforts were made for their comfort, but they evaluate the aesthetics of the interior and judge the company by it. Taking this into account, durable, wear-resistant, easy-to-maintain and, at the same time, inexpensive materials are chosen for finishing commercial premises. It is not necessary to shock the price of finishing, the main thing is to create a feeling of elegant luxury, tranquility and visual balance.

Porcelain tiles

This material is indispensable in commercial premises. With high performance characteristics, it – a real find for designers who are looking for original solutions at an affordable price. Thanks to porcelain stoneware, you can realistically imitate such popular materials as wood, natural stone and concrete, while the coatings will be much more practical and durable.

You can combine different textures without changing the material, which is always more convenient when it comes to tight repair deadlines. There is no need to make thresholds, additional ties to level the heights, protective impregnation, etc.

Armstrong ceiling

If porcelain stoneware is chosen for the floor and walls, then for the ceiling the best solution would be Armstrong suspension systems. They are distinguished by ease of installation, the possibility of local repairs and quick access to hidden communications, as well as ease of maintenance. The slabs look stylish and neat, their only drawback is; lack of decorative diversity. But for universal finishing this is not important.

More expensive, but effective analogues of Armstrong slabs can be called suspended ceilings of the Grilyato lattice type. or acoustic structures "Rockfon".


This type of finishing is best used when the repair time is not limited – Preparing the walls takes a lot of time. Plaster has wide decorative possibilities, but complex techniques, such as the “Venetian” or “Marseilles wax”, are available only to professional craftsmen and cost accordingly. In addition, textured surfaces quickly accumulate dust and require frequent cleaning.

Plaster – the best option for curved surfaces or walls with a large number of niches and protrusions. It goes well with other types of finishes: porcelain stoneware, tiles, wood and brick.

Features of renovation of commercial premises in Spain/Alicante/Torrevieja

Renovation of commercial premises in Spain has its own characteristics that should be taken into account when planning and performing work. Here are some of them:

  1. Regulation and Licensing: Before you begin renovating a commercial premises in Spain, you must ensure that you meet all legal requirements and have the necessary permits and licenses. This may include obtaining permits from the municipality, as well as complying with building codes.

  2. Functionality and Aesthetics: A commercial space should be functional and attractive to your target audience. Renovations should take into account the specifics of the business and customer needs, as well as create an attractive and professional appearance.

  3. Electrical and technical systems: It is important to ensure a reliable electrical system, as well as install the necessary technical systems such as air conditioning, heating, ventilation and security.

  4. Marketing Opportunities: Commercial renovations can also be used to enhance your brand and marketing efforts. Interior design, color scheme and room ambiance can help attract customers' attention and create a positive impression of your business.

  5. Budget and Timeline: It is important to determine the budget and timeline for the renovation in advance to avoid problems and delays in the process. Renovating a commercial space can be expensive and require a significant investment, so it's important to have a clear plan and control costs.

  6. Professional Services: For a successful commercial renovation, it is recommended to contact professionals who have experience in this field and can ensure quality work done according to your needs and expectations.

Taking into account these features, the renovation of a commercial premises in Spain can become a successful investment project that helps improve business and attract customers.

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