ARCOSTEC in Spain offers a wide range of services for obtaining various certificates and permits necessary for successful business and operation of real estate. These services include obtaining an energy efficiency certificate, a reoccupancy certificate, a certificate of completion, a tourist license for housing, a technical report of buildings, real estate valuation, estimating and measuring, supervision, project control and management, drawing up business plans and investment analysis, and as well as many other important documents.

Services for obtaining certificates

1. Energy efficiency certificate

An energy efficiency certificate is required to determine the energy performance of a building. It is required when selling or renting out real estate. ARCOSTEC assists clients through the certification process by providing all the necessary studies and documentation to obtain the certificate.

2. Certificate for re-occupancy

This certificate confirms that the building meets all requirements for reoccupation after renovation or construction work. ARCOSTEC specialists provide a full range of services to obtain this certificate, including inspection and submission of documents to the relevant authorities.

3. Certificate of completion

To obtain a certificate of completion, it is required to confirm the completion of all construction and repair work in accordance with the approved project. ARCOSTEC provides assistance in preparing all necessary documents and organizes interaction with municipal authorities.

4. Tourist accommodation license

To rent out housing, tourists must obtain a special license. ARCOSTEC helps property owners go through the process of obtaining a tourist license, including preparing all documents and submitting applications to the municipality.

5. Technical report of buildings

A technical report is necessary to assess the condition of the building and identify possible defects. ARCOSTEC experts provide comprehensive building analysis and technical reports to help owners and investors make informed decisions.

6. Real estate valuation

Real estate valuation includes an analysis of the market value of the property, taking into account various factors. ARCOSTEC specialists provide professional real estate valuation services for various purposes, including purchase, sale, rental and investment.

7. Estimating and measurements

ARCOSTEC carries out detailed calculations of the cost of construction and repair work, as well as measurements of premises. These services allow clients to obtain accurate data on upcoming costs and scope of work.

8. Author's supervision

Designer supervision is important for monitoring the compliance of construction work with design documentation. ARCOSTEC specialists carry out regular inspections at sites and ensure compliance with all standards and regulations.

9. Project control and management

ARCOSTEC provides project management services, including planning, monitoring deadlines and budgets, coordinating the work of contractors and solving problems. This helps clients effectively implement projects of any complexity.

10. Business plan and investment analysis

To successfully start a new project or business, you need to draw up a detailed business plan and conduct an investment analysis. ARCOSTEC assists in the preparation of these documents, allowing clients to make informed decisions and minimize risks.

11. Electrical Bulletin

An electrical bulletin certifies that electrical wiring and equipment comply with established safety standards. ARCOSTEC specialists carry out the necessary checks and ensure receipt of this document.

12. Energy audit

An energy audit helps identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and improve the energy efficiency of buildings. ARCOSTEC provides services for conducting audits and developing recommendations for optimizing energy costs.

13. Municipal permits

To carry out construction and repair work, it is necessary to obtain various permits from municipal authorities. ARCOSTEC helps clients prepare all the necessary documents and obtain permits in the shortest possible time.

14. Urban planning and consultation

Urban planning consultations include the development of territory planning projects and consultations on urban planning issues. ARCOSTEC specialists provide professional services in this area, which helps clients effectively use land.

15. Acoustic certificate

An acoustic certificate confirms the compliance of buildings and premises with established standards for noise levels. ARCOSTEC carries out the necessary measurements and ensures that the certificate is obtained.

16. Judicial expert opinion

In the case of litigation regarding real estate or construction, ARCOSTEC provides the services of experts who prepare opinions for presentation in court.

17. Design of large and small construction works

ARCOSTEC develops projects for various construction works, both large and small. This includes the creation of architectural drawings, engineering solutions and design documentation.

18. Help for family reunification

To obtain permission for family reunification, various documents must be provided, including proof of the availability of suitable housing. ARCOSTEC helps prepare all the necessary documents to successfully obtain a permit.


ARCOSTEC provides comprehensive services for obtaining various certificates and permits necessary for successful business and operation of real estate in Spain. Thanks to the professionalism and experience of our specialists, clients can be confident in the timely and high-quality implementation of all necessary procedures. By contacting ARCOSTEC, you will receive a reliable partner ready to provide assistance in a wide variety of issues related to real estate and construction.

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