Up-to-date news for those who are at the stage of consideration or are planning to apply for family reunification.

From 05 February 2021The City Hall of Torrevieja began to require a certificatesigned by an architect, technician or engineer and VENDED by the relevant professional board, indicating thesuitability of housing for habitation.

The certificate must contain information about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the presence of a kitchen, living room, etc. Availability of data on the area of housing and its registration data is OPTIONAL.


We remind you of the list of required documents for submitting an Application for family reunification:

  • Copy of passportsor resident cards of all family members
  • Copy of the property deedor lease contract
  • Collective registration indicating FAMILY REUNION
  • Receipt for payment of municipal tax. The payment document can be ordered by e-mail tasasurbanismo@torrevieja.eu or in person at the Town Planning Department of the City Hall, providing a completed application in the prescribed form. The application model can be downloaded here https://torrevieja.es/es/urbanismo/tramites-urbanismo-y-aperturas
    The municipal tax is 54.10 euros
  • Certificate of habitability of housingissued by an architect, technician or engineer and endorsed by the relevant board

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