The process of surveying or consolidation in Spain is an administrative procedure whose purpose is the legal change of land plots. In most cases, either due to ignorance of all the intricacies of this process, or due to the assumption that this process is very long and expensive, owners refuse the process of merging/land surveying.

Despite this, we are talking about a fairly simple administrative procedure, which differs mainly in whether we want to combine or delimit property.

How to determine what type of change we need?

First of all, you need to decide on the different typologies. We present to you the two most common procedures:

  • Example 1: You are the owner of adjacent real estate and are purchasing another property adjacent to yours. The purpose of combining two plots is a single and indivisible representation of your property in all legal town planning documents as well as in all administrative documents. In this case, this process is called UNIFICATION

  • Example 2: You are the owner of a property with a large plot, part of which you want to sell. By selling part of your plot, on the one hand, you will receive income, and on the other hand, you will pay less taxes for the remaining part. The purpose of this procedure is to divide two or more sections into single and independent parts. After completing this procedure, your and other divided lots will appear separate in all legal town planning and administrative documents. In this case, this process is called MEDIATION

Does the project require modification?

Although in this case we are talking about combining / marking areas without buildings, in any case a project from a competent specialist is required. This document displays the current state of the site, as well as the necessary changes.

Who is a technician?

A civil engineer is a professional who carries out all project documentation for the consolidation / surveying of plots: the project itself and all the required plans for the urban planning department. This specialist also conducts consultations with the client, helping with the choice of the necessary procedure.

The company's specialists ARCOSTEC  will fully understand all the necessary requirements that change in depending on the municipality. Knowing all these urban planning regulations, we will offer the most profitable and economically sound strategy, as well as conduct all necessary consultations before, during and after the land surveying/merging procedure.

Procedure for land surveying in Spain

  1. After the project for land surveying or consolidation of a land plot is ready, it is submitted to the town planning department of the municipality in order to obtain a town planning license. To prevent the mayor's office from refusing to issue a license, the technician must first be informed about possible town planning acts, or about administrative matters in progress.
  2. After receiving a positive response from the mayor's office, you can go to the notary office, where all changes made will be legally recorded for you. For a notary you need the following documents:
    • Original town planning license issued by the mayor's office of the city where the site is located.
    • In the case of a HOA (homeowners' association), written permission from the owners is required.
    • Responsible statement from the technical specialist who completed the project.
  3. The last step is to submit the notarial deed to the unified real estate register, to which you will need to attach a copy of the identity document of the new owners. After submitting all documents, a confirmation of completed land surveying or consolidation of the land plot is issued, which in turn allows you to sign a contract for electricity, water and gas supply.

Price of the land surveying process?

The cost of the process of consolidating / surveying a land plot can vary greatly and depend on some factors, such as the town planning tax in a particular municipality, as well as on what type of procedure needs to be done : combine, delimit, enlarge or repair, new construction, etc. From experience we can say that the approximate cost will be:


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