How to send missing documents to the department for work with foreigners via electronic office

How many times have you had to send pending documents to the Foreigners Office? How much time did you have to queue at the PROP or the post office to send the required paperwork?

It turns out that there is a simple and very quick way to deliver documents without intermediaries and within minutes directly to the Foreigners Office. However, for this you need to have the well-known digital certificate, or at least have a good friend who already has one.

To send documents, you need to scan and save them to your computer beforehand. The whole sending process will take several minutes. After the process of downloading documents is completed, it is necessary to download and save the receipt confirming the sending of documents through the electronic site of the department for foreigner affairs. And the only thing left to do is to wait for a response from the Foreigners Office.


The steps to be followed in order to send documents electronically are listed below:

  • Click here to open the link: Sede electrónica
  • Choose the access method Acceso individual (individual access).
  • Next, select the desired digital certificate from the list.
  • Enter the case number (N de expediente) and the NIE foreigner number. The case number is always indicated in a letter from the Foreigners Affairs Office.
  • Next, Verificar expediente - check that the data we have typed is correct.
  • Then proceed to send the missing documents, which were previously scanned and saved on our device.

Then we download and save on the device a receipt confirming that the documents have been sent through the electronic site of the department of foreigner affairs.

And now the only thing left to do is to wait for the response from the Foreign Office.

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