Opening License: Important information before you rent a commercial space to open your business

In this post we want to explain the important aspects that need to be taken into account when renting (or buying) a premises / office / warehouse. We hope this information will help you. Here is a brief description of the opening process, we recommend reading it carefully as it can help avoid various disappointments.


1- Checking "PGOU"

First of all, you need to make sure that the current General Urban Planning Plan (Plan General de Ordenación Urbana) allows for the activities you want to carry out in the selected premises. It is very important to check this before signing any type of contract (rent, supply, down payment..)

2 - Check whether the activity is classified or not

At this stage we must refer to Law 6/2014 of 25 July on the Universality, Prevention and Environmental Control of Activities in the Valencian Community, where in various annexes the categories of activities are described, on which are covered by either an integrated environmental permit, an environmental license, or simply an environmentally responsible statement. If the activity is listed in the above Annexes, we must request an Environmental License, otherwise we must request an Opening License.

3 - Use of the premises

This is an important point that most people don't pay attention to. Any license to open relates to a specific business in a specific location, for a specific purpose. It may happen that the premises were subject to reform without the knowledge of the mayor's office (work performed without a timely license). If these works involve changes in distribution or certain conditions, the mayor's office will force us to legitimize said works (even though they were not done by you) by requesting a City Planning License. This can make the project and paperwork quite expensive. Therefore, always first check the condition of the premises if it matches the latest license held by the city hall.

4- Execution of work

Once these conditions have been verified, we must consider whether work needs to be carried out on the premises.

  • If not, we can request a license to open.
  • If minor work needs to be done, a Small Work License is requested after applying for an Opening License.
  • If the work being carried out is not considered minor (changes in distribution, opening of façade openings, etc.),  an application for a Town Planning and Opening License must be applied for. This is the least economical option.

License to open a business


Below are examples of municipal taxes corresponding to Torrevieja in 2015, for other municipalities please contact us. This amount will be multiplied by the following factors, depending on the area of the room and based on the installed power.

  • Annoying events, performances or those represented in the Register of Performances Price = 670 €
  • Harmless events Price = 277 €
  • Change of owner Price = 98 €
  • Surface less than or equal to 100m² Coefficient = 0.75
  • Surface between 100 and 200 m² Coefficient = 1.00
  • Surface between 200 and 400 m² Coefficient = 1.25
  • Surface 400 y 700 m² Coefficient = 1.40
  • Surface more than 700 m² Coefficient = 1.75
  • Electric power less than 5.5 kW Coefficient = 1.00
  • Electric power between 5.5 and 10 kW Coefficient = 1.25
  • Electric power between 10 and 18 kW Coefficient = 1.50
  • Electric power between 18 and 40 kW Coefficient = 1.75
  • Electric power more than 40 kW Coefficient = 2.00

In Arcostec - Architecture & Engineering We offer a comprehensive guidance service to avoid problems with obtaining a municipal license, regardless of type, by advising on the fastest and cheapest way to obtain it.

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