If you want to protect your home from heat, cold and external noise, then the best solution is thermal insulation of your property.

Using the technology of thermal insulation of the facility, we will provide ourselves with a better quality of life inside the house, by eliminating the audibility of external noise inside the room, and high-quality insulation will make it more energy efficient. Regardless of whether it is a new construction or an old house, it is important to choose appropriate and effective thermal insulation.


First step– This is to determine what exactly you would like to achieve through thermal insulation  and what climate you live in.

In this article we will explain the most common doubts about how to insulate a house and make it more energy efficient, as well as nuances that may arise during the execution of work.

In the winter season, most of the heat in the house comes out through the roof, about 30% of the total heat.

Extruded polystyrene foam is most often used to insulate roofs and ceilings, as it better protects against heat in summer and cold in winter.

From the roof it is necessary to move to the walls, through which approximately 25% of the total heat escapes. The next and important point is windows, which have a huge impact on the microclimate in the house.


The two most common insulation methods are fixing the cladding to the wall to create an air chamber between it and the thermal insulation, or the so-called SATE (Exterior Thermal Insulation System) system. It is based on insulation of the facade and fastening of polystyrene using anchor plates, which act as a functional and durable insulator.

If you prefer to insulate the house from the inside, and the building has single-layer walls, you can add an additional wall on top, inside which an air chamber measuring 8-12 centimeters will be inserted. The process requires sheets of laminated drywall, although insulation materials such as polystyrene or mineral wool can be placed in the air chamber for best results.

Floor insulation can prevent up to 10% of thermal energy from escaping. To avoid leaks, it is recommended to restore the floor covering to proper condition. If you choose laminate flooring, you will need to install an insulating underlay (heat/moisture proof).

To insulate the ceiling and avoid air conditioning losses of up to 30%, it is best to install a suspended ceiling with mineral wool on the inside. A good idea is to install acoustic ceiling tiles and reinforce them with thermal insulation (polystyrene or mineral wool).

In warm climates, windows that face South and West heat up the most. In this case, you need to protect your windows with good window frames, awnings, blinds and even heat-resistant film. If the windows on the other side of the apartment face North, then in winter they will have to be strengthened before the cold. Also, double glazing is often used and has proven to be an effective way to protect against external temperatures. Frames with thermal breaks show excellent thermal insulation results.

An important point to remember when we insulate a house is the installation of skirting boards and caps to close the gaps between the sashes and window and door frames. The use of blinds, curtains and curtains also protects against the penetration of cold or heat into the house.

Soundproofing/Soundproofing Spain

To insulate from noise, it is quite common to install an artificial floor or suspended ceiling on top of the original one, laying insulating material between them. This solution is quite effective, especially in the case of a floating floor, as it can absorb 90% of the noise. The noise level in your home should not exceed 40 decibels during the day and 30 decibels at night.

There are other methods of sound insulation, using a polymer material that is blown into the cavities around the perimeter, installation of acoustic panels (they absorb sound due to their porous structure), installation of plasterboard boards (which in addition sound insulation provides good heat and moisture insulation), etc. It should also be remembered that there are materials that have soundproofing properties due to their composition, for example, wood, aluminum or PVC.

But not all noise comes from outside the home. In many cases, noise can be caused by home systems: air conditioning, heating, elevators, drains, etc... So if sound is a factor to consider when remodeling or new construction, you may want to contact the manufacturer to find out. what noise level the installations produce before deciding which one is best for you.

Heat in summer, cold in winter and noise at any time of the year are unpleasant and annoying moments that spoil the comfort of your home. Therefore, thermal insulation of the house is very important.

At Arcostec we will advise you on all issues related to the renovation of your home and the necessary elements of this process.


Contact the Arcostec team to get all the information you need. We will contact you as soon as possible. We are committed to providing our clients with professional and personalized advice.

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