Demolition of a building to construct a villa may be a necessary step in the process of renovating or developing a plot of land. Here are some reasons why demolition of a building may be appropriate:

  1. Site preparation: Demolition of an old building can help prepare the site for the construction of a new villa, freeing up space and creating convenient conditions for construction work.

  2. Old Structure: If an existing building is old, damaged or does not meet modern standards and requirements, its demolition may be necessary to update and improve the property.

  3. Layout and design: Demolition of an old building can provide an opportunity to develop a new layout and design of the villa, taking into account modern architectural and functional requirements.

  4. Saving time and resources: Sometimes building on an existing site with the remains of an old building can be more costly and complex than starting from scratch after demolition.

  5. Increasing property value: Building a new villa on the site of an old building can increase the value of the property as a result of improving the quality and functionality of the property.

However, before demolishing a building, it is necessary to assess the condition of the building, obtain all necessary permits and approvals from local authorities, and develop a construction and dismantling plan to minimize any negative impacts on the environment and society.

Demolition of buildings Torrevieja/Alicante/Spain

Demolition of buildings and structures – responsible work that requires deep knowledge and serious practical experience. Services may be needed by both large construction holdings and individuals.

It is necessary to free the territory from outdated structures – contact the professionals! The construction company ARCOSTEC offers high-quality services for dismantling buildings in Alicante/Torrevieja.

Demolition services

We have everything to carry out the demolition of the object according to the contract exactly on time:

  • skilled workers;
  • educated engineers;
  • specialized machines (excavators, dump trucks, bucket transport, stone crushers);
  • extensive experience in carrying out work on various soils.

We carry out everything in strict accordance with the project, minimizing the customer’s costs and saving his invaluable time. We carry out dismantling using equipment and manually.

We have special equipment for grinding materials destined for scrap, as well as trucks for removing construction waste. Our workers follow safety precautions so that during the demolition of buildings, people, underground and above-ground communications, and client property are not harmed.

Stages and prices

Earth – expensive resource. Sometimes it is cheaper to order the dismantling of dilapidated structures and build new ones than to start construction on virgin lands far outside the city.

In order for the demolition of an object to be carried out efficiently, a preliminary examination of the building is carried out, and a project is developed that takes into account all the nuances of the upcoming work. Then a convenient time is selected and the necessary equipment is delivered. The cost depends on:

  • object complexity;
  • the need to attract heavy equipment;
  • urgency of the order.

Due to direct contracts with vehicle fleets and qualified specialists on staff, we do not involve outside workers, performing all stages of demolition ourselves. This makes us a profitable business partner for organizations and individuals.

Contact us in any convenient way!

We will provide a personal manager to support the project. You will receive detailed and reliable information about all stages of dismantling structures on the site.

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