Steps to be taken in the execution of demolitions

1st Step: Processing of the demolition

To carry out a demolition work, it is necessary to draw up a project and obtain the corresponding municipal license in the municipality where the work is carried out. In “Arcostec – Architecture & Engineering” we fully manage the demolition of buildings and infrastructures, preparing the project and the necessary documentation to carry out the demolition and/or removal, as well as for the subsequent execution of the demolition and the management of the waste generated.

Although the terms “demolish” and “tear down” are synonymous, in the field of architecture and construction it is important to differentiate between them:

  • Tearing down – is the opposite of building, i.e. undoing what has been built, tearing down the construction
  • To demolish – is to undo what was torn down, to fragment the torn down elements

Demolition or teardown work must be defined in the project and be accompanied by a basic health and safety study. The form of processing the demolition or teardown may vary from one municipality to another, but as a general rule, a request for major demolition work must be made to the Urban Planning Department of the municipality to which the construction to be demolished belongs.

2nd Step: Preliminary work

In demolition work, the conditions that affect the work are not only those of the construction to be demolished, but also those of the environment, so it is necessary to cancel the rush of the work to be demolished and maintain the other services:

  • The gas pipeline is jacketed, the network is underground and has a general cut-off switch.
  • The electricity grid can be underground or overhead, either through the façade or the roof, and it can pass through the neighbors’ lines.
  • The sewerage network passes either through a tunnel or through a sewerage system from the street well to the well or the building’s general casing. This network must be cancelled to prevent the entrance of the waste from the demolition.
  • The drinkable water network is supplied by a company valve and a unique meter for the property, there can also be independent meters for some commercial premises
  • The fixed telephone networks can be underground or aerial, if they are underground, they run on public roads (sidewalks), if they are aerial, they will be attached to the facades.

Other aspects that can influence the execution of a demolition are:

  • Conditions of access or access routes
  • Roadway and/or pedestrian traffic
  • Interference with other buildings

3rd Step: Demolition execution

Arcostec – Architecture & Engineering has highly qualified architects, engineers and professionals with a lot of experience in demolition and teardown, we can differentiate these works according to the characteristics of demolition:

  • Risk level
  • Presence of contaminating materials (must be differentiated from debris)
  • Presence of reusable materials

Depending on these characteristics, we carry out total or partial demolitions, working in several different ways:

  • Demolition by parts (disassembly in the reverse order of construction)
  • Demolition by collapse, causing the structure to collapse at once
  • Mixed demolition (First several construction elements are dismantled and then the structure collapses)

Subsequently, it may be necessary after the demolition to remove the debris. Demolition does not always require teardown; foundations and floors can be demolished without tearing down.

All demolition work requires a great deal of experience in the sector, since when several parts of the structure are demolished they can become unstable, so great care must be taken and good practices must be followed to guarantee maximum safety on the site.

Budget for the demolition project

All demolitions have very particular conditions, and that is why the whole study of it has to be personalized. For this reason the technicians of “Arcostec – Architecture and Engineering” make a visit to the object of demolition and/or teardown where they will analyze the conditions of both the object to be demolished and/or torn down and its surroundings.

The result of this study will be a demolition plan which will include the machinery to be used, the professionals hired and the most appropriate means to carry out the planned work, offering a demolition budget more in line with the conditions of the building to be demolished.

We offer our service of demolition projects throughout the province of Alicante (Alicante, Elche, Benidorm, Elda, Orihuela Costa, San Juan de Alicante, Santa Pola, Villajoiosa, El Campello, San Vicente del Raspeig, Orihuela) and the region of Murcia

Derribos en Alicante y Murcia

We make all the necessary management and execution of demolitions and teardown in a comprehensive manner throughout the province of Alicante and Murcia, we offer these services:

  • Elaboration of the demolition project
  • Processing of licenses and management of demolition waste
  • Execution of demolition work

Our expertise:

  • Demolition and Teardown Projects in Alicante and Murcia
  • Complete demolition in Alicante and Murcia
  • Demolition of old houses in Alicante and Murcia

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