Currently, in the central part of cities there are many old buildings, so they need timely  inspection, reconstruction and restoration

What is restoration of building facades?

Building restoration is large-scale renovation work that is carried out in order to adapt the building to safe operation (change of residential space to office space, installation of an elevator, restoration of the facade of an old building). It can be applied to a relatively new building to correct problems in the design or materials used. When reconstructing a building, the facade is one of the key elements to achieve maximum results in the restoration of the house. The facade plays a significant role in energy saving, comfort and quality of life of the owners.

Restoration and restoration of buildings are often confused, since both meanings imply craftsmanship.

For example, restoration does not imply a complete change, but with the help of this work it is intended to restore the original condition of the property. It involves a long-term accumulation of restoration work that should restore the original condition of the house.


Restoration of the façade has always been the responsibility of property owners to maintain it in good condition, in addition to the need for buildings that are over 50 years old to comply with various safety aspects, as well as to protect against damage that they can cause to the environment . Restoration of facades can be complemented by preventive measures to eliminate possible pathologies that may be present in the house, as well as to improve the appearance, modernization, increase safety and energy efficiency.

Before and After

As for the restoration of facades, there are several rules that must be followed. On the one hand, there is a basic safety document, and on the other, a document that regulates everything related to the fire risk of a building. Facades must meet minimum requirements in terms of their fire resistance, which mainly concern building materials.

Since 2012, the European Union has also introduced regulations on energy-saving materials, new buildings or those undergoing renovation work are increasing their energy efficiency.

There are several reasons that determine the need to restore the facade:

  1. Risk to building occupants  One of the reasons why it is necessary to restore the façade is the risk of possible delamination of materials. This is quite dangerous, and neighbors and third parties may suffer. Remember that in the event of an accident of this type, the owner community will be held liable. In addition to the appropriate sanction, they will have to take responsibility for paying the required compensation.
  2. Structural damageAnother common problem that arises on the facades due to their wear and tear, there are cracks that appear, as a rule, as a result of exposure to heat, rain, as well as the destruction of beams, which can jeopardize the stability of the building and the safety of its inhabitants.
  3. Increasing the value of the propertyUpdating the front wall of the building, including energy and decorative improvements, increases property value. The level of energy efficiency of the building increases, maintenance costs decrease.
  4. Extending the service life of facade finishingPaint service life for plaster is approximately 8-10 years, considering that a ventilated facade or facade in the SATE system has a service life of 50 years without any maintenance.
  5. Improving energy efficiencyImproving the heat and sound insulation characteristics of the facade , reducing energy consumption for air conditioning.
  6. Improving the aesthetic quality of the facadeA worn-out facade significantly spoils the exterior the appearance of the building, and also negatively affects the comfort in homes.


Various update systems have been developed recently. Most new systems are focused on energy saving and therefore they pay special attention to external thermal insulation.

  • A ventilated or transventilated facade is a structural system of external fencing, consisting of an internal fabric, a thermal insulation layer and a waterproof outer fabric. This type of facade allows the use of any type of durable finish, is of high quality and provides excellent thermal and acoustic characteristics.
  • Facade SATE/ETICS. The SATE system (external thermal insulation system) consists of placing thermal insulation sheets glued to the wall on the outside of the facades.
  • Single layer solution. This system consists of the use of a pre-metered industrial mortar consisting of cement, additives, aggregates and fibers, to which only water is added after mixing on site. It is applied to the walls of the house in one layer about 15 mm thick, with different texture and color possibilities that make up the façade finish.
  • Among mortar coatings, cementitious coatings are the hardest and most durable. These properties make it the most widely used cladding and therefore the most common finish for the facades of low-budget housing and almost all inter-apartment walls.

Restoration of the building facade

To choose the best restoration system for your home, you should always contact a specialist in the field of facade restoration and restoration.


Contact the Arcostec team to get all the information you need. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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