Strip foundation of a luxury house with swimming pool in Campoamor (Orihuela costa) Alicante, Spain

The construction of an elite single-family luxury villa with a swimming pool is moving at full speed! In December, work began on the strip reinforced concrete foundation, having previously completed the following stages of construction from the moment the facility began: demolition of the existing building, excavation work, marking and primary reinforced concrete pad to support the foundation. Despite the fact that initially in the project the foundation was specified through trenches, the engineering group "ARCOSTEC GROUP" made the decision to lower the supporting plane of the foundation into a pit niche (due to the natural topography of the site). This project is located in the cozy and comfortable area of Campomor, municipality of Orihuela Costa, Alicante province in Spain. Leading specialists of the company "Arcostec" under the supervision of the general contractor "Moluxdom" performs architectural supervision, conducts audits and is responsible for the correct implementation of the architectural project, and also performs the function of “project management”.

Commissioning of the facility is scheduled for the end of 2017. You will be informed about new construction results.

Construction of a house with a swimming pool in Spain

Presupuestos detallados de obra de construcción y reformas



We are engaged in the implementation of architectural and engineering projects. Our company is a specialist in construction, architectural design, interior and exterior design, design and installation of utility networks and installations, technical examinations, measurements, as well as certificates of technical compliance. We are located in Torrevieja, Punta Prima area. We work in Torrevieja, the coast of Orihuela as well as Guardamar, Alicante.

Execution of construction estimates with a detailed breakdown of all stages and costs, audit of already launched construction projects and professional supervision in order to meet the interests of the customer in Spain.

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