Professional renovation of a house (villa) in Spain at an affordable price – This is an advantageous offer from ARCOSTEC. We are ready to implement any of your ideas and non-standard solutions. We are confident in the quality of our services, so we provide a guarantee for all types of work. We comply with current standards, take on projects of any complexity and are ready to resolve all issues related to repair of a house or villa.  

House/villa renovation

You can order current or major repairs of a private home from us. All work is carried out quickly, but without compromising quality. Before the renovation begins, we develop a project, agree on all the details with the client and always conclude an agreement. 

Repair work

We carry out major renovations of houses in accordance with current standards and have all the necessary repair and construction licenses, we use only high-quality materials , time-tested, and we realize every customer’s wish. The order of repair work depends on the number of rooms, area and other features of the facility — according to design project.

Stages of renovation of a private house or villa:

  • project preparation
  • dismantling work
  • space redevelopment
  • window installation
  • replacement of communications,
  • surface preparation
  • ceiling finishing
  • installation of switches and sockets,
  • arrangement of floor covering
  • installation of interior doors
  • wall decoration
  • installation of skirting boards, etc.

The scope of work is always agreed with the client.

How much does it cost to renovate a house/villa?

The price of home renovation is calculated individually for each client. It depends on the area of the object, the type of repair – current or capital, as well as on the volume and scale of upcoming work. You will know the exact cost before the repair begins.

The range of work at ARCOSTEC has the most favorable discounts, you can always find out more about which from our consultants.

Your advantages in working with us

7 reasons to entrust major or cosmetic repairs of your cottage to the craftsmen of our company ARCOSTEC:

  • Quality guarantee.
  • Only experienced craftsmen in teams — professionals in their field.
  • Low prices for turnkey renovation and finishing of cottages.
  • Official contract.
  • Payment strictly according to the approved estimate — no commissions or hidden fees.
  • Photo and video reports at each stage of repair.
  • The surveyor's visit is FREE.

Villa renovation in Spain/Torrevieja/Alicante

A turnkey villa renovation in Spain can be an excellent choice for those who want to update or improve their property without unnecessary worries. This is what such a service usually includes:

  1. Planning and design: Professional designers will help you develop a renovation concept, taking into account your preferences and needs. This may include choosing a color palette, materials, furniture and decor.

  2. Dismantling and preparation: The dismantling phase includes the removal of old materials, furniture and equipment. After this, the surfaces are prepared for subsequent stages of repair.

  3. Construction work: Includes the installation of new walls, ceilings, floors, ceilings and other structures in accordance with the design project.

  4. Electrical and plumbing work: Includes the installation of new electrical and plumbing systems, including wiring, plumbing fixtures, sanitary fixtures, etc.

  5. Finishing work: Includes laying floor coverings, painting walls and ceilings, installing doors, windows, tiling, installing furniture, etc.

  6. Decoration and landscaping: Includes the selection and installation of decorative elements, lighting, textiles, plants and other things to give your villa comfort and style.

  7. Project management: Professional construction companies usually provide project management services, which allows you to coordinate all stages of the renovation and ensure its completion in a high-quality and timely manner.

Turnkey villa renovation gives you the opportunity to avoid the stress and worries associated with organizing the renovation yourself, and get a quality result that will meet your expectations.

Where to order turnkey renovation of a house or villa?

You can always order modern renovation of houses and cottages at a competitive price from ARCOSTEC. We create a free estimate, prepare a design project and help you purchase all the necessary materials at a profit.

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