We all want to have a swimming pool in the garden of our home, especially in order to be able to enjoy the hot summer. And if we also have children, then they will have an ideal place to play. If you have been considering building a swimming pool in your garden, from Arcostec we want to give you a helping hand and clear up some of the most common questions associated with swimming pool construction, such as the most common types of pools, materials, covering, possible additions and subsequent maintenance.


First of all, you must decide what type of pool you want to install in your garden. There are several different types, and they all have their pros and cons.

Frame pool

This is the easiest type of pool to install and maintain. It does not require any special equipment and can be placed directly on any sufficiently large surface. There are different materials (wood, tubular, galvanized sheets, inflatable...) and being removable, it can be placed in the summer and removed in the colder months. This is undoubtedly the most economical option.

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Liner pool

They are an intermediate option between built and prefabricated pools. The structure can be of different types (steel, concrete, lining...), but the coating is the liner. The liner is formed from thin sheets of high-quality PVC based on it, which provides a high coefficient of waterproofing of the pool at low cost. In addition to being easy to install, there are a variety of colors and patterns to customize your pool floor and walls to your liking. However, to maintain it, it is necessary to use mild and specific cleaning agents.

This type of liner can be used not only for new pools, but also for the renovation of an existing pool.

Fiberglass pool

These types of pools are built in a factory and shipped as one piece. While some stores have ready-made options that you can buy locally, there is also the option of ordering a custom one where you can choose the shape and finish. All that remains is to make a hole to place it in the garden. Alternatively, it can be placed above ground in a 'frame' so as not to alter the structure of the garden. As for its maintenance, it is not very difficult, since it is a flexible and durable material. This option is not the cheapest, but quite quick to install.

Concrete pool

This is the default pool, the one we all imagine when we talk about pools. This is the most expensive option of all, but also the most adaptable as it allows you to choose a custom design in terms of size, shape, finish, etc... Plus, it is also the most durable and long lasting. To build it, it is necessary to fill the ground on which concrete is projected.

Additionally, you can make the pool overflow, i.e. the water level is level with the top of the terrace.


Infinity pools

This type of pool gets its name from the main characteristic that defines it: the infinity horizon. "Infinity" swimming pools are a type of overflow pool where there is an unobstructed view on one side through which the water overflows. Water falls through the wall and collects in the lower channel. This allows the water circulation system to collect water for later treatment and reuse, reducing costs and making it a highly efficient option. This type of pool is ideal if you want to add a touch of distinction to your home and its exterior.

Construction of swimming pools

To properly build a swimming pool, there are a number of measures that need to be taken into account:


According to Royal Decree 742/2013 of September 27, which regulates public regulations that control the sanitary conditions and operating practices of private swimming pools, some of the basic conditions that must be met are are as follows:

  • Comply with the Technical Building Code regulated by Royal Decree 314/2006 of 17 March and, in the case of heated swimming pools, also the Regulation on Thermal Installations in Buildings regulated by the Royal Decree 1027/2007 of July 20.
  • Safety and sanitation controls.
  • Water treatment chemical approval
  • Water quality control, air quality control and maintenance systems.


As we mentioned on our Building Permits page, an appropriate building permit or license is always required without exception. The question is whether you need to apply for a major or minor construction permit. This is stipulated by each municipality depending on the size and volume of the pool.

Minor Construction: The drawing is presented without dimensions to indicate the location where it will be built. In addition, an approximate budget for the work is presented. After submitting the documentation, the mayor's office will indicate the cost of the license, which is usually about 4% of the final budget.

Large construction: It is necessary to submit two copies of the work plan drawn up by the technical architect. Two copies must be submitted to City Hall along with the pre-filled form. Overall, the cost of this license is 6% of the final budget.

In addition to these licenses, permission to occupy public roads and waste disposal must be taken into account. The first is to obtain permission to place materials and waste on public roads. The second is obtained by paying a deposit of between 600 and 800 euros, which is returned when it is proven that the waste and debris have been placed in an approved waste disposal site.


To avoid future disappointments, you need to hire a good pool construction company. At "Arcostec" We have experience in the design and construction of swimming pools and we work with professionals in the sector to meet your wishes.


The size of the pool depends on the amount of available space. But to give you an idea, private pools usually range from 5x3 to 10x5 meters.

As for the depth, it is usually not regular, that is, it reaches a maximum depth at one of the ends. It is important to remember that the deeper the pool, the more water and electricity it will consume.


Construction companies usually conduct a preliminary survey to find out the type of soil to be excavated, how hard it is, whether it settles, and whether it has uneven surfaces. All of these factors will affect the execution of the hole.

There can be several different types of soil (compacted, sandy, clay, etc...), but the most ideal for digging is the one that is more compacted.


The coating is used not only for waterproofing, but also for decorating the pool, since the color of the coating affects the color of the water. The most common pool color is blue, but the shade varies frequently. Lighter shades attract attention and give the impression that the water is cleaner and fresher, but also easier to become dirty. On the other hand, darker shades are easier to clean, but they also age faster as the sun, chlorine and their use deteriorate them faster.

If you are inclined to install a lighter color, we recommend that you purchase an electric or hydraulic pool cleaner that will do the job of cleaning the bottom and walls of the pool for you.


You can turn your pool into a haven of relaxation and personal paradise.

  • Hydromassage beds
    Number one of the pool accessories is hydromassage beds. This is the perfect addition if you want your pool to be a place of relaxation and wellness. Whirlpool beds can be installed inside the pool itself without any effort to enjoy the incredible ambiance of a bath with a good hydromassage session.
  • Beach
     Pool beaches provide comfortable and quiet access to the bathroom, as well as a place to sunbathe in a cool and relaxing environment. This add-on is 100% customizable and you can choose your own size and shape.   
  • Waterfall and water cannons
    Another of the most popular accessories are waterfalls and water cannons for the pool. This is because they provide a fantastic sound experience that transports you to heaven. Additionally, there are different types that can be installed to transform a regular bath into a hydrotherapy treatment to help relax your back and relieve aches and pains such as contractures. Many spas use these pool additions to offer a healthy experience to their clients.
  • Heat pumps
    To enjoy a heated pool all year round, one of The best solution is to install a heat pump. The heat pump regulates the water temperature so you can enjoy your pool in both winter and summer. It is a very popular heating system for both outdoor and indoor pools due to its ease of installation, competitive prices and low energy consumption.
  • Jacuzzi
    You can install your own Jacuzzi in the pool as the perfect addition to relax after a hard day. Available in a variety of designs and customizable shapes, you can enjoy your Jacuzzi at home in a private and exclusive style by adding it as an attachment to your pool.   
  • Salt water pools
    In addition to significant savings on the purchase of chemicals and cleaning products, allergies and irritations, especially in the eyes, are significantly reduced. Salt water does not damage hair or dry out skin as much as regular chlorine. To convert a traditional pool into a salt water pool, you only need to modify the filtration system.


A swimming pool, like all other places and spaces in your home, requires attention and care in its maintenance so that on the hottest days everything is as it should be so you can take a bath and enjoy it all summer long.

  • Water disinfection: Chlorine and chemicals  
    To avoid the appearance of microorganisms, we must disinfect the pool water with chlorine. It is important to keep the free chlorine balance between 0.5-1.0 ppm for it to be disinfected and have a disinfectant effect. Chlorine tablets, a salt electrolysis device, or active oxygen may be used.
  • Algae prevention
    It is recommended to regularly use algaecide. Algae are an ideal breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. In addition, in summer they are more susceptible to appearing due to solar radiation and heat.  
  • PH Regulation
    If the pH of the water is too high or too low, it may irritate the skin and eyes. The optimal PH index is in the range from 7.2 to 7.6. To regulate PH, you can use PH reducers (formed by hydrochloric acid) or PH incrementers (for example, caustic soda).
  • Filter maintenance
    Filters prevent water quality from deteriorating. However, it is also important to remember to clean the filters from time to time, as this is where germs can multiply and then spread through the water.
  • Cleaning the bottom and walls of the pool 
    Previously, swimming pools could only be cleaned by hand, i.e. with a brush with a long handle so as not to get wet. But now everything is simpler: there are special robots that clean for you. Pool cleaners can be electric or hydraulic, and they clean the bottom and walls of the pool under pressure without the need for owner intervention. Additionally, if your home has an automation system, you can automate your pool cleaner to clean at a specific time of day.   
    After cleaning, to maintain it in this condition, you can install pool shutters that completely cover the surface of the water while the pool is not in use, protecting it from evaporation and dirt.
  • Clean and clear water To make the water crystal clear, we use a flocculant in combination with the above steps.



Please contact the Arcostec team to receive all the information you need. We will contact you as soon as possible. Our commitment is to provide professional and personalized advice to our clients.

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