Smart Home  from Arcostec - This is a system of devices that will help manage all technical networks in your home

What is KNX?

KNX (Konnex) is a standard building automation and home automation protocol that enables the integration of various smart home systems. KNX smart home system integration is the process of combining various devices and systems into a single intelligent network for centralized control and monitoring.

KNX — It is an open standard for residential, commercial and wired automation. This standard is regulated by the KNX Association. In addition, KNX devices can control blinds and shutters, lighting, security systems, HVAC, energy management, appliances, audio, video and + all this is possible from your phone from anywhere in the world!

Here are the main steps and technologies used when integrating a KNX smart home system:

  1. System Design: The process begins with designing a smart home system, including defining requirements, selecting devices, and defining the network structure. At this stage, devices such as sensors, actuators (including lighting, heating, air conditioning), security systems, etc. are determined that will be integrated into the KNX system.

  2. Installation and connection of devices: After design, the devices are installed and connected to the KNX network. This may include the installation of sensors, lights, relays, thermostats and other devices that will be monitored and controlled using the KNX system.

  3. Programming and configuration: In order for the devices to communicate with each other and perform the required functions, the KNX system must be programmed and configured. This includes setting up device addressing, creating group addresses, defining operating logic and control scenarios.

  4. Integration with other systems: One of the key advantages of KNX is its ability to integrate with other smart home systems, such as security systems, audio/video systems, access control systems, etc. This is achieved through use of gateways and communication protocols such as Modbus, BACnet, OPC, etc.

  5. Testing and Configuration: Once the integration is complete, the system is tested and configured to verify its functionality and compliance with customer requirements. This includes testing device functionality, adjusting control settings, and providing user feedback.

  6. User training: After installing and configuring the system, users are trained in how to work with a KNX smart home so that they can effectively use all the functions and capabilities of the system.

Integration of a KNX smart home system requires a comprehensive approach that includes design, installation, programming, integration and configuration of various devices and systems to create an intelligent home control and monitoring environment.

Smart home KNX — This is any set of devices, devices connected to actuators that are automatically controlled and controlled using the KNX system. You can control multiple functions using one home automation system. There is no need for additional control centers. KNX makes things more convenient. Among other things, a KNX smart home also improves the energy efficiency of your building. In addition, it is the most secure smart home standard with AES 128 encryption standard.

The KNX system will not seem outdated to modern users. In addition to a wide range of control functions, all elements of a smart home can be controlled via a smartphone application. KNX can easily integrate with Google Assistant, Alexa and Alice and other new smart home devices such as Sonos, Philips Hue or Fibaro.

Among other things, in the KNX system you can also connect your wireless smart home devices using mobile applications . You can also easily control your KNX smart home using Amazon Alexa, Yandex Alice or Google Assistant.

Wires in the KNX smart home system pass through each wall. Therefore, KNX can be considered as the central nervous system of your home.

KNX is a standardized technology. There are many KNX devices from different manufacturers that are compatible with each other. This is a known reason why the KNX system is so reliable and popular.

What is the KNX smart home application?

Several KNX smart home apps are available, such as the iBEMI control app or the Homey app. They can be used to set function switches, light scenes, dimming, temperature, air conditioning, blinds, RGB, blinds, timers, and also as function activations at preset values.

The iBEMI KNX control app is compatible with Android tablets and phones running Android 5.0 and above. Also compatible with Apple HomeKit, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 5.0 or later.

It allows you to instantly control your home in just a few clicks. Elements and some control areas can be protected using the secure PIN function. The user-friendly design of the app is easy to navigate with various control functions throughout the home.

Features of the KNX smart home

  • Power distribution (electrical cabinet with a power section and a separate one with a low-current system)

  • HVAC (thermostat, heating, ventilation)

  • Lighting control (light sensor, light variator, presence sensor)

  • Lighting (LED, energy saving mode)

  • Video surveillance (IP camera connected to home surveillance)

  • Communication (KNX and Ethernet)

  • Touch panel for home automation control

  • Energy and water consumption accounting and consumption monitoring

  • Model of distributed and interconnected applications for various building automation tasks.

  • Scheme for managing and configuring resources on the network.

Key features of a KNX smart home with a mobile application

There are several key features when you turn your KNX system into a smart home using a mobile app.

Installation of a smart home system

Manage your smartphone from anywhere in the world

You can enable your KNX system in the mobile application. This way you can control all your KNX devices on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere. Your favorite devices are now at your fingertips at any time. You can also control your Apple Watch devices using iOS apps.

Integration with your KNX system with smart home devices

There are many smart home devices that are compatible with mobile apps, such as smart thermostats, Spotify speakers, and more. You can easily expand your KNX system and manage it from one place.

Voice control for KNX

You can use your favorite voice assistant to control the KNX system. This is possible with Yandex Alice, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri.

Smart home Spain

The automation system for your home can be easily controlled from any mobile device or a special touch panel. You can control all subsystems of your home with ease with one touch.


It is very important to feel safe in your own home. That's why our system is equipped with everything you need to secure your fortress.

Energy saving

Saving energy is an integral part of our system. With us, you can easily save your money and, at the same time, reduce your negative impact on the environment.

Ease of control

The climate in your home, lighting, video surveillance and much more are easily and quickly controlled with one touch from any mobile device or touch panel, designed in a sophisticated style and modern design. You no longer have to search for the remote control for any device. Everything you need is already at your fingertips. And a clear interface is available for control by any family member.

Possibilities of "Smart Home"

Home KNX automation system for your home

Lighting control

Light in the house affects your attitude and comfort. It is very important for us that you always feel comfort and positive emotions. Therefore, we develop and pre-install special lighting scenes. They allow you to transform any room in your home with one touch, while creating the desired atmosphere and feeling.

We will also fully program the level of illumination of the premises. Depending on what time of day and night it is, whether there are people in the house, what lighting scenario is chosen, you will get your own unique light. You can adjust the light using our mobile application or manually.

Climate control

You will no longer have to freeze from the cold or suffer from the heat. The smart home system is connected to the heating system of the house. You can easily set the desired air temperature in any room with one touch using the mobile application. When leaving for a long time, you can easily turn off all the heating in the house by pressing one button. The same can be done with light, electricity and music.

Heating control

  • Warm floors
  • Air conditioning

Local network, Wi-Fi

Currently, no system can do without wireless Internet. A local network installation is also required. Stable, high-speed, secure Internet is necessary for almost every device, be it part of a smart home or any home system you have.

  • Local networks
  • Wireless Internet


One of the most important things in a smart home — This is an opportunity to monitor the safety of your home. Anywhere in the world you can easily observe what is happening inside and control the safety of your property and household.

  • Video surveillance
  • Intercom
  • Leakage control


Our multiroom system allows you to ideally transfer any audio and video files without loss of quality to any room in the house. Now you will no longer quarrel and argue about what to watch or listen to. Each family member will be able to listen to the music or watch the movie they want, independently of the others. You can enjoy a movie in the living room, while your partner listens to music in the kitchen, and the children watch a cartoon series in the children's room. At the same time, the quality of data transfer will be high, and you will not have to suffer from a lack of download speed. Moreover, you can easily manage your home library from thousands of kilometers away.

Music control

  • Managing multimedia equipment
  • Home cinema
  • Home theater control
  • Voice control

Our home theaters are not inferior, but, on the contrary, even superior to public cinemas due to the fact that we use only high-level equipment in our system. Our happy clients enjoy the opportunity to host home showings for all their family and friends.

Smart Home Spain

In our smart home system, there is the possibility of voice control. It's so simple. Now you will not be faced with the problem of how to turn on the light when your hands are full of things. There is no need to run to the nursery at night when the child is afraid of the dark. You just need to say the programmed command out loud and the lights are already on, the curtains are open, the house is warm and comfortable.

  • Security Management
  • Light control
  • Curtain control
  • Cinema management
  • Gate control
  • Wi-Fi management
  • Control from phone and tablet

You can watch what is happening in your home in real time, from thousands of kilometers away, with just one mobile application. You can easily turn on the air conditioner and cool the air in the room in the hot summer before arriving home from work. You can easily open the curtains in the nursery so that the children wake up in the morning, or turn on the automatic watering of the lawn while on vacation.

There are three different options for this. You can use an app on your mobile device or a specially programmed remote control. Or maybe you'll like a wall-mounted touch panel. Use all three options at once or choose just one. At the same time, switches on the wall can both emphasize the unique design of your room and be hidden from prying eyes.

Installation "Smart Home" Spain

We help ensure the operation of both the entire complex of home automation systems and its individual parts. For example, only climate or light control.

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