Complete renovation of a 3-bedroom apartment "Bergantin" in Torrevieja


Year: 2018
Location: Torrevieja
Address: Bergantin
Type: Piso
Service: Reforma
Usable area: 75 m2
House area: 85
Total area: 100 m2
Floors: 1
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2

Description Complete renovation of a 3-bedroom apartment "Bergantin" in Torrevieja

We are pleased to present one of the complete renovations of an apartment in Torrevieja. The objective of this project was to carry out a complete renovation and remodel the spaces, replacing all installations and equipment, of a property located near the central beaches of Torrevieja, Playa de Los Locos and Playa del Cura, with an age exceeding 40 years. The intervention was carried out in 2018 and included, succinctly: 

  • Development of a detailed interior design project 
  • Detailed measurements and detailed budget by items 
  • Application for municipal building permit 
  • Conclusion of the work contract with the client 
  • Execution of renovation and construction works 
  • Project management at each stage of the project and construction 
  • End of renovation, commissioning, and testing of services 
  • Complete cleaning, purchase, and provision of accessories and decoration 
  • Final delivery of the apartment after renovations 
  • Processing of the tourist license for apartment rental in Torrevieja 
  • Post-renovation operation of the apartment as a manager during short-term tourist rentals 

General data: Year of origin: 1976 Year of renovation: 2018 Location: Torrevieja Address: C/Bergantín Type of property: Apartment in a building Usable area: 75 m² Total area: 98 m² Duration of works: 5 months Cost of works: 800 €/m² 

Summary of works done: In 2017, one of our clients, whose tourist apartment we manage in Torrevieja, in one of the lesser-known areas of the province of Alicante on the Costa Blanca in Spain, Bergantín Street, Playa del Cura, contacted us. The reason for his action was to improve the competitiveness of his tourist apartment compared to similar offers on the market at a time of high demand for this type of service. He was convinced that a significant investment in the complete renovation of his property would pay off in the long term, with over 300 days of rental per year, which was quickly demonstrated!

Now, how did the process of beginning, developing, and concluding go? Here's what we did:

First, we visited the property to take photos, measurements, and necessary data to carry out a detailed survey based on which we prepared a detailed budget by items. The photos below show the condition of the apartment before the start of the renovation. As mentioned earlier, the building in which the apartment is located was over 40 years old, making it obvious that the decoration and style were characteristic of that time (with the exception of some appliances).


Once the existing distribution plans of the house before the renovation were established, three alternative proposals for a new distribution were presented to the client, improving the spaces and their functionality. Approximately two weeks of office work were devoted to making corrections and taking into account the promoter's observations, and then the final definitive distribution was established, serving as the basis for the detailed estimate.

Next, Arcostec's team of designers, architects, and decorators proceeded to carry out the comprehensive renovation execution project by drawing up plans for installations, equipment, replanning, furniture, aluminum and wooden exterior carpentry, finishes, and detailed surveys. The time spent on the detailed project realization was 2 months.

In parallel with defining the project through detailed plans of all elements, the request for the corresponding municipal license for the works was made. This was the Responsible Declaration for Minor Works of Torrevieja, necessary to legalize all the planned works. Additionally, a municipal authorization for Occupation of the Public Way (O.V.P.) was requested and processed to be able to place the waste container on the street and reserve a space for the storage and unloading of materials throughout the works. Once the municipal authorization for works, that is, the Minor Works license, was obtained, the start date of the renovation works was confirmed with the client, after the signing of the demarcation report, which took place 15 days after the confirmation and conclusion of the complete estimate of the works to be carried out.

Here are some images taken during the works:


During the complete renovation and integral rehabilitation works of an old apartment in Torrevieja, province of Alicante, the following points, items, and elements had to be modified and/or replaced:

Works carried out during the renovation:

  • Demolition and removal of surfaces 
  • Repair of the building's exterior facade 
  • omplete replacement of existing wooden exterior carpentry with new PVC windows and doors with double thermal insulation glazing 
  • New partition walls made of ceramic bricks and plasterboard 
  • Leveling with self-leveling mortar of the entire floor surface 
  • Complete replacement of electrical wiring, water and sanitation pipes, telecommunication and data lines Installation of centralized air conditioning and heating through ducts with an indoor and outdoor unit 
  • Double-flow ventilation for living spaces and wet areas 
  • Complete redistribution of lighting, fixtures, and electrical outlets 
  • Alignment of walls for surface alignment before tiling in bathrooms and kitchen 
  • Plastering and alignment of all walls with plaster for a smooth matte finish, color of choice by the client 
  • Plasterboard false ceilings and vinyl stretch ceilings 
  • Installation of floating parquet flooring with high-quality synthetic laminate 
  • Supply, assembly, and installation of complete kitchen furniture with Silestone worktops and Bosh appliances. 
  • Installation of wallpaper for decoration on the bed heads in all bedrooms. 
  • Installation and assembly of new sanitary ware, faucets, shower enclosures, and accessories in both bathrooms 
  • Complete management of construction waste through rubble containers 
  • Installation and assembly of solid wood interior doors, wardrobes, and new living room furniture 
  • Final cleaning after works and commissioning of all elements before final project delivery 

The remarkable change and improvement of the property are evident at first sight. Now, the apartment has a more modern, spacious, and welcoming look. In addition to the new finishes and joinery, it is also necessary to note the details, such as new electrical appliances, air conditioning control panels, new luminaires in all rooms… The only space that has not been modified is the balcony, which could not be altered to avoid disturbing the overall style of the building. The client was very satisfied with the project and the execution of all the works.

In conclusion, the works are completed, the apartment of over 90 square meters has taken on a new life, it was a wise and justified investment.

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