Comprehensive renovation of an isolated single-family home "Coral" in Cabo Roig de Orihuela


Year: 2020
Location: Orihuela Costa
Address: Cabo Roig
Type: Villa
Service: Reforma villa
Plot: 800 m2
Usable area: 100 m2
House area: 130
Total area: 175 m2
Floors: 1
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3

Description Comprehensive renovation of an isolated single-family home "Coral" in Cabo Roig de Orihuela

In this case, it involves a complete renovation of a villa in Cabo Roig, including the construction of an outdoor pool and a shed for barbecue and sauna. The client contacted Arcostec Group because they wanted to carry out a comprehensive renovation of a detached single-family home in the Cabo Roig area of Orihuela Costa (Alicante).

The dream renovation consisted of many points: facade renovation, complete demolition of the roof and construction of a new roof, new tiles on the patio, replacing the rough plaster inside with smooth walls, renovation of all rooms (including kitchen and bathroom), new roof covering, and even the addition of a pool and a sauna where the garage used to be, among other details. Although the list is quite extensive, Arcostec Group has a wide range of professionals to carry out all these tasks, so we got to work immediately.



The following photographs show the phase before starting the renovation. In these, you can see the condition of the facade and the design of the paved surfaces of the garden, as well as the part of the garage where the pool and sauna will be located. We can also see the condition of the interior of the house (rooms, kitchen, and bathroom).



These photographs show the work in progress. Inside, we can see smooth walls free of the original rough plaster, ready to be painted. We can also see the renovated kitchen, with new tiles and furniture. Outside, we can see the work done on the roof covering, from the dismantled state to its completion. The facade was also smoothed to give it a more modern look, and the area where the garage was has been adapted to accommodate a fairly large pool. The construction behind the pool is a sauna, as can be seen in the photographs of the completed work.



Photographs of the fully completed work. These photos show high-quality finishes both outside and inside the house, giving it a modern touch. Although some of the furniture was already present before the work began, it now integrates better with the surroundings. The fully renovated kitchen looks more spacious, and the bathrooms with their lighter tiles appear brighter. Outside, we have the new pool, which comes with a cover to close it when not in use, and a sauna right next to it. The garden was left as it was at the client's request, except for the paved paths around the house, which were also changed.

In summary, the client was very satisfied with the work done and commissioned us for more tasks. Here is a summary of the general data of the works:

  • Duration: 8 months
  • Total renovation area: 130 m²
  • Use: Residential
  • Cost of the works (PEM): 800 €/m² all included
  • Payment method: 10% advance and then monthly certifications
  • Final payment: 5% retention after 6 months
  • Guarantee: 1 year + 1 additional year


For professional advice on the cost of renovation and construction works in Spain, contact the company "Arcostec". Our specialists will prepare a detailed estimate with various comments and recommendations. We offer a one-year warranty on our services, the first consultation is free!


In Spain, as in most developed countries in Europe, major construction work requires a municipal permit, which is obtained after submitting the corresponding architectural project. At Arcostec and in our architectural department "TowerArquitectos", our specialists will gladly provide these services to you. Ask your question, the first consultation is free! Contact the company Arcostec!

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