A very special case is when they buy an apartment unfinished or in poor condition, renovate it, and then there is a reason to sell. Of course, when selling, you definitely want to return the money spent. Most are sold with only half of the repairs returned or even at the price at which they were bought.

Is it worth doing real estate renovation before selling?

The property is purchased at the market price, and sometimes at an inflated price. When choosing real estate, they are guided by their preferences and wishes, for which not everyone is willing to overpay. And if you bought an apartment on New Year’s Eve, when prices are at their peak, here’s another 5-10% on the cost.

High-quality repairs are carried out by a construction organization, as they say, for themselves, and they do not spare money on themselves. They still have time to buy furniture and appliances, then explain to people that they bought a sofa, but not even a fly sat on it.

This is how the desired selling price is determined. When it comes to assessing the cost of your apartment, it turns out that another 25-50% is added to the money spent on the apartment.

But in the end it turns out that apartments have become cheaper, and expensive renovations and furniture are not needed for the average buyer.

There are two options left: wait who knows how long for the buyer who needs it, or drop it to the market value so that it is the most attractive compared to other apartments. After all, we always choose the best for ourselves and our loved ones.

Repairs before selling the property

Renovating before selling a property can bring many benefits and has a number of advantages:

  1. Increasing value: Carrying out cosmetic or major renovations can increase the value of a property and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

  2. Quick Sale: Properties in good condition usually attract more attention from buyers and may sell faster than properties in need of renovation.

  3. Improved Visual Impression: A well-renovated home looks more attractive in photographs and upon inspection, resulting in a more favorable impression on potential buyers.

  4. Increasing competitiveness: In today's competitive real estate market, it is important to stand out from other properties for sale. High-quality renovations can make your property more attractive compared to other offers.

  5. Minimizing objections: Properties that require renovation may cause some objections among buyers and become a reason for bargaining. Conducting renovations before selling avoids these objections and simplifies the transaction process.

  6. Increasing demand: The better the condition of a property, the more likely it is to attract a variety of buyers, including those who do not want to deal with post-purchase renovations.

  7. Improved Buyer Satisfaction: Buyers generally value the readiness of a property for sale and may be willing to pay more for a property that does not require additional investment in renovations after purchase.

In general, renovating before selling a property is an investment that can bring significant benefits, including increased value and a quick sale of the property.

Repairs before selling Houses/Apartments/Villas

ARCOSTEC is a reliable partner in the field of comprehensive turnkey property renovation in Spain. We offer a wide range of services for the reconstruction of residential and commercial premises: interior design, architectural supervision, remodeling, rough and decorative finishing, electrical and plumbing work, cleaning after renovation. We provide discounts for large orders and for regular customers. We offer affordable prices for all our services, including redecoration of an apartment, townhouse, cottage, store, restaurant, swimming pool or office. Inexpensive renovation of apartments is carried out for the purpose of seasonal improvement or light restoration of old housing. Also, frequent repair services are in demand before selling real estate.

Economical finishing is important when preparing an apartment for sale (its price increases slightly), or before renting out for a long time. During such finishing, work is most often carried out on cleaning all surfaces from traces of previous decorative finishing materials, priming surfaces and further finishing work (repainting ceilings and walls, gluing wallpaper, etc.), replacing floor coverings (linoleum, laminate, etc.) .d.) and baseboards, replacing sockets and switches. A feature of cosmetic repairs is the minimum of all measures for finishing walls, floors, and ceilings. Also, expensive foreign finishing materials are not used. When carrying out work, there is no need to prepare design documentation, since the process does not involve redevelopment and replacement of utility lines. Therefore, its cost is an order of magnitude lower than options when a major or designer renovation is carried out.

The final price is determined by the wishes of the customer, the condition of the property and is calculated individually. For each of our clients, we are ready to create an exclusive and maximally functional design project. Work begins with an estimator visiting to assess the current condition of the facility. Specialists conduct an inspection, take all necessary measurements and record the client’s wishes for future finishing. Then a detailed cost estimate is drawn up and if the price suits you, we sign an agreement and get to work. Entrust the repairs to our craftsmen and you can count on excellent results in just a few days. 

How to order cosmetic renovation of premises in Spain/Torrevieja/Alicante? To start cooperation, contact us by phone (+34) 623 314 291  or through the website, leaving a request at any time. Our consultants will give a detailed answer on the topic of future work, agree on a date for visiting the site and provide an estimate of the cost. We work even on holidays and weekends to ensure prompt fulfillment of orders.

House/Villa/Apartment Repair for Cryptocurrency

Repairing real estate for cryptocurrency is a new and innovative practice that has its own advantages and features:

  1. Alternate payment method: Paying for renovations with cryptocurrency provides property owners with an alternative payment method that can be convenient for those who have cryptocurrency assets.

  2. Security and Transparency: The blockchain technology on which cryptocurrencies are based provides a high level of security and transparency of transactions, which makes payment with cryptocurrency more secure for both parties.

  3. Global access: Cryptocurrencies provide global access to funds, which can be useful for property owners and renovation companies working with clients from different countries.

  4. Innovative Mindset: Accepting cryptocurrency to pay for repairs can highlight a company's innovative mindset and attract customers who are interested in modern technology.

  5. Opportunity for Investors: For cryptocurrency investors looking to diversify their portfolio, paying for property renovations with cryptocurrency could be an interesting way to use their assets.

Repairs before selling a House/Apartment/Villa

However, it is worth remembering that paying for repairs with cryptocurrency may have its own risks, such as the volatility of the cryptocurrency exchange rate and the legal aspects of using cryptocurrency in different countries. Therefore, it is important to conduct thorough research and discuss all terms with both parties before agreeing to this form of payment.

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