A turnkey project, also known as a turnkey contract, in construction refers to a contract that is agreed with the contractor in which he undertakes to be responsible for all or most of the procedures involved in the construction of a work. This turnkey contract is made at an integral price and in a previously agreed time.

In other words, in this type of contract you, as the client, hire the services of a company that takes care of the entire construction process from start to finish with all the procedures included, at a global price and within a period of time that you will have specified beforehand.

The construction company will be in charge of detailing the design of the space taking into account your requirements and execute all the paperwork and documents needed to carry out the project. The construction company will also be in charge of all the municipal licensing. And, of course, it will be the one who will carry out all the application for supplies, contracting of industrialists, construction and assembly of the home.


  • Delivery time. Hiring a company in charge of the whole project improves communication and time. The construction company has everything it needs to develop the project and does not have to negotiate with third parties.
  • Less risk of conflicts. By being the only one in charge of the work, you are exempt from the conflicts that occur when hiring different contractors, which can increase time and costs.
  • Resource savings. For the client, it is an advantage in terms of resources, who does not need to allocate many resources to the project.
  • Avoid design errors. The companies always have their own specialists responsible for the design and execution of the work, and they know the project perfectly.
  • Places agreed from the start. Before starting the project, the contractor will set out a series of phases and actions that will be carried out and that you will mark in a calendar. This will allow you to know exactly all the phases and the execution and delivery times of each one.
  • Control by a single person. In turnkey projects, dealing with a single company or specialist guarantees greater control over the works and above all avoids you having to spend time, effort, and money coordinating the different suppliers and workers.
  • Quality will be guaranteed at all times, reducing conflicts and problems that may arise during and after work.


There are three important elements that a turnkey contract should include:

  • Design of the house. Normally a turnkey contract contractor is obliged to draw up a detailed design of the house to be built. There may be some aspects of the design that are already specified in the contract or that are included in a separate contract.
  • Technological elements. The design of the house or plant is understood to include all the technological elements and patents to be able to execute the work.
  • Supply, construction,and execution. Another of the fundamental points that must be included in the turnkey contract and that are an important part of the obligations of the construction company and will own the construction of the complete house ready to be handled. It is also normal that the client demands the construction company to choose the subcontractor, thus guaranteeing the quality of some of the components of the work or even negotiating the price.

There are always a number of aspects and responsibilities that must be included specifically and in detail in the contract, which must be assumed by both the builder and the client.

  • Paying the agreed contract price.
  • To allow the contractor access to the responsible person to the construction site.
  • To assist the contractor as far as possible in obtaining permits and licenses.

Likewise, the contract must expressly contemplate the responsibilities that the contractor assumes, which will be, among others:

  • Obtaining information and documentation prior to the commencement of the work.
  • Drawing up the project or similar document required by the work according to its nature.
  • Execution of the works and, where appropriate, supervision or technical management of the same.
  • Final legalization of the works.
  • Price of the works and method of payment.

The risks taken on by the contractor must also be considered, which would be all those related to the liabilities incurred, which must be guaranteed by a specific civil liability insurance.

A typical example of a turnkey contract is those offered for detached houses in which the client chooses between several models that the contracting company usually has prepared, generally with advertising images in three dimensions and that can easily fit in the specific plot of land owned by the contractor.

At Arcostec we offer our turnkey projects and cover everything from the preliminary design to the smallest details, with the participation of our technicians who are responsible for the management, construction and even the commissioning of all the installations.


Contact the Arcostec team of specialists to get all the information you are interested in. We will contact you as soon as possible. We are committed to providing our customers with professional and personalised advice.



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