Which flooring is best for your home? This is one of the questions our clients often ask when they are thinking about renovating or building a home. If you're shopping for flooring, you may feel overwhelmed by the many options. Therefore, it is worth studying in detail the difference between each of these materials. We must take into account many factors: the purpose of the room, the conditions in the house, the style of the house, the available budget and the maintenance of the floor.

Before making a specific decision, ask yourself these practical questions:

  • Would you like to get more light and add a feeling of spaciousness?
  • Do you need heated floors?
  • What is your budget?

After answering these questions, you need to consider all the pros and cons of each type of flooring.


Parquet or laminate

It is necessary to distinguish between two groups - parquet and laminate floors. Parquet is a type of wooden flooring with a top layer at least 2.5 millimeters thick. It can be solid, consisting of one sheet of wood, or multi-layered. Multi-layer parquet flooring consists of a layer of solid wood, a core layer that can be made from a variety of materials to provide stability to the floor, and a plywood core. The price of a multilayer coating is cheaper because the variety of materials that can be used in the base makes it cheaper. In terms of installation, we can say that floating parquet is laid on the base floor without gluing, while with glued parquet all planks are glued to the floor, so installation is more complicated.

  • Because it is a natural material, it is a unique floor, each board has its own personality, no two will be the same. And this adds originality to any room.
  • Small work. It can be laid on top of the previous flooring if it is durable.
  • Quality looks and feels.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable. Natural and high-quality raw materials are used.
  • Sustainable. If you choose the glue-on option, you will enjoy a silent floor.

Laminate flooring

Laminate consists of several layers of different synthetic materials. This type of flooring cannot be sanded or varnished like parquet, but on the other hand, it is harder than wood and more resistant to moisture and stains. Laminate flooring is cheaper than natural wood flooring, and in terms of the quality of its finish it is difficult to distinguish it from natural wood. Most manufacturers use a “click” system, which makes assembly easier.

Advantages when choosing:

  • Easy to maintain. The sealed surface prevents dirt from accumulating.
  • Very realistic. The finish is an extra matte finish that very realistically imitates the look and feel of real wood. In particular, there are finishes that imitate leather, marble, and fabric.
  • Strength. In general, they are more resistant to impacts and scratches than natural wood. Laminate floors, thanks to their protective coating, are 10 times more resistant to micro-scratches.
  • Laminate is cheaper than real wood, making it an alternative for those who like natural wood floors.

Floating floor

This type of flooring refers to floating lay parquet flooring that is not glued to the floor. Despite the fact that the "floating floor" should only be used for wood floors, the term has become widespread and is often used to also refer to laminate floors installed in this manner.

Each type of flooring has its own advantages and disadvantages that you need to know before choosing something specific. The main difference between laminate and parquet, besides the price, is that laminate is made from synthetic materials, and parquet is made from natural wood.

Ceramic or porcelain floor

They are easy to clean, quite resistant to temperature changes and come in an endless range of finishes, including stone, wood, concrete and terracotta. Consider also simulating "hydraulic" tiles, it will bring color and life to a room, allowing it to adapt to different decorative styles. There are some types of ceramic tiles that are suitable for preventing slipping due to their non-slip surface. Colors and designs are very varied, although replacement is quite expensive and time-consuming. Why you should choose them:

  • Ceramics and porcelain tiles have very high hardness. Their service life is usually 20 years, provided they are well maintained.
  • Porcelain stoneware floor. This is a type of ceramic tile with a thinner, denser shell. This makes it harder and more resistant to impacts and scratches. It is also resistant to discoloration, chipping and staining.

Grinded cement and microcement

One of the most popular materials used in the kitchen. It can be applied to floors, walls and countertops, as well as existing material such as tiles and porcelain tiles, without removing or destroying the underlying material. A few years ago, polished cement was installed along with a concrete base, this layer being the last and reaching a thickness of 5 to 10 cm, making it suitable mainly for industrial warehouses as it is very durable. It has now been adapted for domestic use and reduced to a thin layer of 3 mm, eliminating the need for a concrete base.


It is a blend of high-performance microcement particles, polymers, fibers and selected aggregates, giving it excellent adhesion to virtually any substrate. One of its biggest advantages is the fact that it can be applied over existing coatings, eliminating the cost and inconvenience of stripping.

Vinyl or PVC floors

Vinyl flooring today is one of the most economical alternatives for covering and remodeling at the same time. They can be easily installed over previous flooring, and the variety of designs mimics the aesthetics of wood or traditional tiles in a variety of colors. Since it is a waterproof coating, it can be wetted for quick and effective cleaning. It is resistant to non-abrasive cleaning agents and solvents. Vinyl floors are ideal for changing the look of a kitchen or bathroom quickly and without any construction work because they are water resistant.

Natural stones

In addition to the durability and hardness of natural stones, they have a non-slip texture, even when in contact with water. Sandstone, marble and travertine. These materials are cooler than wood, so they are usually used in warmer apartments.

Choosing material for the flooring in the house is not easy and each person must evaluate which factors he decides to give preference to. If the main thing is price, then most likely we will use laminate, but if we have heated floors, then it is better to use stone or microcement. If we want a warmer floor, it is better to choose wood, but if we want continuity throughout the whole house, including bathrooms and kitchen, then it is better to choose microcement or vinyl flooring.

Floor repair Spain

At Arkostek we are experts in the field of renovations and construction in general, be it complete or partial works. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can advise you on the best flooring options the market has to offer. We understand that not all homes are the same or have the same priorities, which is why we listen to our customers and based on this we can offer the best option that always fits your budget.


Contact the Arcostec team for all the information you are interested in. We will contact you as soon as possible. We are committed to providing our clients with professional and personalized advice.

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