It is the reason why our customers continue to hire our service, despite a lot of competition in the sector of architecture, construction and engineering. We are meeting the deadlines for implementation, without compromising on quality.

We are a company formed by architects, engineers and builders with over 10 years of professional experience. We guarantee all the work carried out providing technical and legal support at each stage of the building project

The team of “ARCOSTEC” is responsible highly professional and multidisciplinary, capable of carrying all kind of architectural and engineering projects such as building works of any difficulties and size

Professional fees for our services are transparent. No commissions or additional costs. Adapted to the needs of each client and partner. Ask us for your budget and without any commitment


We invite you to know any of the architectural projects and works performed by the group of professionals from Arcostec. Dedication and personal commitment in the development and implementation of each project guarantees exclusivity and tranquility of our clients. In addition, please view all our projects in the portfolio section


The list of services related to the world of architecture and construction that provides our company is diverse and is constantly expanding. Our aim is to encompass all work (design, management and construction of all building types, preparation of documents, contracts, property surveys and building failure reports, obtain building licences and negotiate with local authorities) to provide the best technical and administrative solution in agreement on all the needs of each client. Below we invite you to know the most requested services from our customers. However, you can see all the work we do in the services section.


We design and make architecture. Arcostec is a multidisciplinary team with dynamic and highly qualified professionals for the realization and implementation of any project related to Architecture, Engineering and Town planning After more than 10 years of our professional activity, we create a unique interaction system, in which all members participate equally both customers and contractors. In conclusion and above any other reason, we love that we do and we enjoy it

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Our headquarters has private parking and convenience for access to traffic and people. Our location makes it easy to locate. We are in Punta Prima in Torrevieja, facing the N-332. We will be happy to help you personally in our office. Ask us for an appointment for your convenience and better service

Telephone: (+34) 865 607 015

Mobile: (+34) 680 333 799

Coordinantes GPS:

Latitude: 37.9480223

Longitude: -0.714023

Caballero de Rodas, str. Nº27

facing Town Hall

Torrevieja (Alicante) 03185


In collaboration with specialized professionals in the sectors of architecture, engineering, construction, real estate and supply of materials we can efficiently controlate and manage all our projects, as well its sales and marketing

Costa invest
Rocamora decoracion
Loma Espanjassa
Big Mat
Torregrosa Home design
Molux Dom
Progress srtoy
Aitana construcción
Top House Reality

Please contact the team of specialists from Arcostec certificates for all necessary information about the design, management and construction of all building types, preparation of documents, contracts, property surveys and building failure reports, obtain building licences and negotiate with local authorities



I’ve been looking for an architecture office for a project of my future villa, among several in the area, finally i’ve decided to stay with them and they have not disappointed me at all. They did the whole project from scratch and set times, and most importantly, after the contractor have been choosen, stayed with the work and I made it in 5 months. All correct and professional. Everything I’ve hired have fulfilled their promises. Great team, Arcostec, congratulations!

Jorge Moreno

For open business in Torrevieja I needed a Open Licence from Munitipal Authority. The proffisionals from Arcostec have done it. Apart they have done an electricity project for my public concurrency local. If a have to a negotiate with munitipal authority o certificate (EPC) always I call to engineers from Arcostec

José Francisco Saura

Thank you to Arcostec for preparing the electrical bulletins less tnan 48h. I needed 2 bulletins (For my house and for my local) and they have given me a discount of 20% Really good price and perfect attention.

Juan Martínez Sánchez