The key element of creating a turnkey hotel project is is a set of activities, starting from the pre-design and ending with the transfer of working documentation to the customer. The main stages of drawing up such a project are the development of a pre-design, the creation of a sketch of the building, the formation of the project itself, the description of the work plan and the signing of working documentation. It is important to note that creating a hotel project requires special knowledge and skills, especially when renovating an existing building. The full extent of this process can be difficult for the average person without relevant experience, so it is recommended to turn to professionals. Our specialists have the necessary experience and will help optimize construction costs, ensure approval of the project with municipal authorities and ensure the safety of residential premises. We offer the best solutions to help your hotel stand out and be safe for its guests. You can trust us to create your project, as we offer the best specialists, impeccable service and extensive experience. In addition, when choosing a finished project, we are ready to discuss significant discounts with you.


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Turnkey hotel project – This is a set of measures that allows you to carry out work, starting from the pre-design and ending with the transfer of working documentation to the customer.

Steps of drawing up the project of the Hotel Spain/Alicante

Creating a hotel project requires some knowledge and skills. They are recommended to be used when creating project documentation. Usually one of two options is ordered – for the creation of a new hotel on the allocated land plot or for the reconstruction of the old one. To be fair, it is worth saying that the second task is more difficult. After all, it is necessary not only to replace the decor and update the facade. The most difficult moment – update outdated communications. Regardless of the assigned tasks, the design of the project goes through the following stages:

  • Development of a pre-project;
  • Drawing up a sketch;
  • Formation of the project itself;
  • Description of work plan;
  • Signing of working documentation.

Pre-project – This is a simplified version of the building sketch. In turn, the sketch – plan of buildings, territories, floors, facade design and 3D model. The budget, narrative, technical components and plans make up the project. A schedule of construction or reconstruction work, indicating the initial and final stages, as well as the qualifications of persons who can be entrusted with these actions, is called a work plan. A more detailed description is contained in the working documentation.

Hotel project Spain/Alicante/Torrevieja

The description of the stages of drafting a project ensures that it is difficult for an ordinary person without special education and proper experience to understand all of this. This means that it makes sense to turn to professionals. And our company has such people on its staff. There are several reasons for collaborating with experienced specialists in creating a hotel:

  • A way to optimize construction costs;
  • Guarantee that the project will be approved by municipal authorities;
  • Confirmation that the operation of a residential building will be safe.

After all, despite the fact that hotels belong to the service sector category, people live in them. Therefore, the requirements for the building should be similar to those for an apartment building. Plus the desire to stand out due to the facade. Only experienced and talented architects will suggest an aesthetic and inexpensive solution.

Investment in hotel construction in Spain/Alicante/Torrevieja

Let me introduce you to the opportunity to invest in a hotel construction project in Spain. This is an attractive investment opportunity that promises stable income and the potential for capital growth. Here are some key reasons why building a hotel in Spain can be a successful investment project:

1. Growing tourist flow:Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, attracting millions of tourists every year. Building a hotel will allow you to take advantage of the constant demand for accommodation and receive a stable income stream.

2. Resilience of the property market:Despite economic fluctuations, the property market in Spain remains stable and attractive to investors. Investing in the hotel business provides an opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio and protect against inflation.

3. Increased demand for accommodation:Due to the growing tourist flow and the increase in the number of business trips, the demand for quality hotel accommodation is constantly growing. Investing in a new hotel will allow you to meet this demand and profit from it.

4. High profitability:The hotel business usually has high profitability, especially if the property is located in a popular tourist region. With proper hotel management and marketing, you can earn significant income from room rentals and other services.

5. Prospects for capital growth:Construction of a hotel in a promising area can lead to capital growth of your investment asset. If your business is successful and the value of real estate increases, you will be able to make a high profit when you subsequently sell the property.

If you are interested in investing in a hotel construction project in Spain, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss details and possible options for cooperation. We are ready to provide you with complete information about the project and help you make a profitable investment decision.

When forming a budget, the costs of a project are included once, so you need to choose its creator responsibly, and we are ready to take on this important mission because we:

  • The best specialists;
  • Impeccable service;
  • Rich experience.

If you like any of our finished projects, we can discuss discounts on them. 

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