In ARCOSTEC's PORTFOLIO, a significant place is occupied by projects of modern houses/villas. Despite the fact that they are based on functionality and practicality, they have an interesting design. A person who is interested in building a house/villa in Spain for himself, subconsciously strives to ensure that it is not only comfortable, but also beautiful — “the best”, because not only the body, but also the soul requires comfort.

Modern architectural styles

Houses/Villas in Spain in a modern style, shown in the photo in the catalog, were built according to our designs. These include buildings whose architecture lacks a pronounced historical stylization. They are characterized by the following common features.

Simple layout, clear geometric shapes. Usually it is a square or rectangle in plan. Extensions that extend beyond the general contour are most often absent. Sometimes there may be a garage canopy attached to the wall.

Gable or hipped roof, with a slight slope of up to 20⁰, covered with tiles of soft colors. More often it is an attic, but sometimes two floors are built with a ceiling and an attic.

The external design and internal design of the cottages corresponds to the trends of minimalism, hi-tech, and constructivism. This does not mean that the building will be boring — The use of contrasting materials of different textures in the decoration, original lamps make its appearance interesting and expressive.

Finishing materials are chosen in light colors. White, sand, and cream shades predominate; clinker tiles and plaster are used. Dark colors highlight individual structural elements, giving the geometric form final integrity.

Modern House/Villa: turnkey project

The most popular projects of modern  houses — These are two-story brick cottages with a terrace or balcony. On the ground floor there is a common area, kitchen and utility rooms. On the second — private rooms: bedrooms, study.

Design of modern houses from the catalog provides the latest, unusual engineering solutions. They provide economical heating, rational water supply, sewage & air conditioning, and are developed using the latest achievements of science and technology.

Townhouse projects – large wooden or stone houses in a modern style, include a sauna, swimming pool, guest bedrooms, billiard room, bathrooms on each floor and other attributes of a comfortable life. An enclosed barbecue area is often set up in the yard. The technology usually does not provide for a basement or basement — this will significantly increase the cost of construction. Practicality — a characteristic feature of such cottages.

Our ready-made solutions are accompanied by complete documentation necessary for construction. It includes floor plans, roof section, foundation diagram. Attached is a specification of recommended materials that are optimal for a specific design.

Projects of modern houses – already by definition for those who are accustomed to keeping their finger on the pulse of time. They combine the latest achievements in design and construction: advanced technologies, rational planning, the use of high-quality, reliable, environmentally friendly and inexpensive materials. And of course, formed by the beginning of the 21st century. ideas about beauty. Therefore, when they talk about projects of modern houses and cottages, they talk primarily about houses in a modern style.

In the Shop-project catalog we have collected excellent examples of such projects – any of them can become a reliable basis for your construction.

Villa/House Projects in a modern style

Perhaps never before has architecture been as free as in our century. In the projects of houses and cottages we offer you can find features of the following modern styles.

Minimalism. Its main feature — refusal of anything unnecessary. Minimalistic forms – as simple as possible, the colors are dull and not flashy, the decor is uncomplicated. Materials in which style can be embodied, – glass, concrete, metal and wood. You can trace the influence of the style in other projects where there will be an abundance of space, play of light, extreme functionality and a reference to nature and origins. Projects of such modern cottages will allow additional savings during construction and finishing.

High-tech. The closest relative of minimalism. The same ideas about the organization and design of space can be complicated by roughness of texture, dark color, constructivism (brutalism - “low style”). High hi-tech uses the concept of the future: a minimum of naturalness, shiny surfaces, clear lines and practicality in everything. The third, bionic direction, preaches a natural future – in the projects of houses and cottages in this modern style, you can feel the breath; each of them looks like both a precise mechanism and a living organism.

Fusion. Neighborhood and harmonious coexistence of different styles. The main principle – beware of what the English call too much. If this condition is met, Gothic and minimalism, castle style and classic, classic and Romanesque style coexist peacefully under one roof.

Blurred boundaries in aesthetics and going beyond them in the practice of Shop-project specialists are skillfully combined with safety, comfort and real coziness. In other words, we combine the latest trends with parameters that never become outdated.

Buy construction project of Houses/Villas Spain

Buying a house or villa project in Spain for subsequent construction can be a great way to realize your dream of an ideal home on the Mediterranean coast. Here are a few steps you can take to purchase the project:

  1. Choose a location: Decide on the location of construction of your future home or villa in Spain. You can choose the Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol or any other area that suits your preferences.

  2. Research the market: Conduct research on the real estate market and construction projects in your chosen area. Study the available projects, their cost, quality and characteristics.

  3. Collaboration with an architect or designer: If you have not found a suitable project, contact an architect or designer who specializes in designing houses and villas in Spain. They will help you develop an individual project, taking into account your needs and preferences.

  4. Get Permits and Licenses: After selecting a project, make sure you have obtained all the necessary permits and licenses to build a house or villa in accordance with local laws.

  5. Finding a suitable plot: Find a suitable plot of land to build your house or villa. Contact local real estate agents or land agents to find a plot that suits your requirements.

  6. Close the deal: After selecting the site and the project, prepare all the necessary documents and conclude a deal to purchase the project. Make sure that all terms of the transaction are clear and transparent.

  7. Start construction: After purchasing the project and plot of land, begin construction of your house or villa in accordance with the project and all necessary permits and licenses.

When purchasing a house or villa project in Spain, it is important to contact professionals with experience in the local real estate market and have all the necessary legal advice and support.

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