We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with unique projects of houses and villas on the Arcostec company website. Our company specializes in developing innovative and functional projects that are distinguished by high quality, modern design and attractive architecture.

Buy a ready-made house/villa project in Spain/Alicante/Torrevieja


Advantages of purchasing projects on the Arcostec website:

  1. Variety of Designs: We offer a wide range of house and villa designs to suit different styles and needs. Our projects include both modern and classic designs, as well as a variety of planning solutions.

  2. Customized solutions: We also offer the possibility of developing individual projects that will fully meet your requirements and preferences. Our team of architects and designers is ready to realize your unique ideas.

  3. High quality: All our projects are developed using modern technologies and materials, which guarantees high quality construction and durability of your home or villa.

  4. Ease of selection: Our website provides a convenient interface for selecting and viewing projects. You can easily find a project that suits you using filters based on various criteria.

  5. Saving time and resources: Purchasing a ready-made house or villa project on the Arcostec website will allow you to save time and effort on developing a project from scratch, as well as minimize the cost of architectural and design services.

Contact information:

We invite you to visit our website and get acquainted with our projects of houses and villas. If you have any questions or require further information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you choose the ideal project for your future home or villa.

How much does a house/villa project cost in Spain/Alicante

If you had a big suitcase full of money, then you would not be interested in ready-made turnkey house projects. You would buy yourself a three or five-story cottage on the Cote d'Azur. But if you are on our company’s website, it means you have the opportunity to build a beautiful, high-quality cottage without exorbitant financial investments.

Luxury villa in Spain for little money

Of course, you want your new home to be luxurious, but, as a rule, such homes are very expensive. Having looked through the projects of turnkey houses on our website, you will be convinced that the hope of building a “million-dollar house” not too far from being realized. In this case, you absolutely do not need to spend a fortune. Deciding to start building your own home is a very important step. However, buying a ready-made project is an equally responsible decision. Therefore, it is very important to cooperate with professionals. What can we offer you? Our catalog includes:

  • Private houses with an area of up to 1000 sq.m.
  • Villas with pool
  • One-story, two-story and multi-story houses;
  • Wooden, brick and frame houses;
  • Cottages with garage and attic;
  • Houses for narrow areas;
  • Multi-family houses;
  • Hotels and inns;
  • Baths and gazebos.

By purchasing ready-made turnkey residential building projects, you are guaranteed to receive a full package of documents necessary to obtain permission to conduct construction on the allocated territory.

The advantage of buying a turnkey house/villa project

Modern people are very busy with work, problems and all kinds of stress. It is not surprising that more and more people want to leave their dusty panel high-rise buildings and live in their own private home. House in a quiet, ecologically clean area — a dream that can come true if you buy a turnkey cottage project. A large selection of projects makes it possible to choose the one that fully meets all the requirements of your dream home. In addition, as a rule, the cost of building houses The advantages of purchasing a turnkey house project are undeniable, especially since real professionals will be involved in the design and construction. In this case, no problems associated with poor quality construction will arise. Cooperation with our company guarantees the highest quality of all work we carry out. Our professional employees with many years of experience will create a house project of any complexity, if you haven’t found the one you need among the ready-made options. 

Advantages of ready-made house/villa projects

Buying a ready-made house project has a lot of advantages:

  • Significant money savings, since the services of professional architects and architectural design bureaus are expensive
  • Saving time, preparation of project documentation in this case takes only a few days
  • Absence of errors and shortcomings that could lead to problems during the construction and operation of the house

The company Arcostec offers projects of houses/villas in Spain of various floors, layouts, architectural styles and designs. In our catalog you will find options for original projects with a detailed description of the house, floor plans and photos

Why choose Arcostec?

House design projects include architectural and structural parts and an engineering section, consisting of detailed development of internal networks and communications.

By purchasing ready-made standard solutions, you receive:

  • all documentation in a short time;
  • project of a cottage or house that matches your wishes;
  • full package of documents at a fixed price.

If you could not find the solution you need, then our specialists are ready to develop an individual project that takes into account all your wishes and requirements.

What does an architecture company do

Professional employees of the architectural company design all types of buildings. They develop schools, skyscrapers, private cottages, hospitals, hotels, churches, train stations, and also reconstruct old houses. Any building that is used by people is created according to an architectural design. Before constructing a building, the architect must draw its layout and then supervise the construction company to ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the design.

Architecture in the service of humanity

Architecture as a science arose many centuries ago. If the architects did not have the necessary knowledge and were not able to design houses, it is unlikely that these majestic buildings have survived to this day. Modern professional architects must know many nuances before starting to draw up a building project, such as:

  • First, how the building will be used;
  • Secondly, how many people will live or visit this site;
  • Thirdly, what type of activity will people be engaged in in this building

These are just a few of the many things an architect considers when designing a building. All houses must be built in such a way that they can be functionally used by everyone living, studying or working in them.

Correct project — safe building

Architects are working on a building design that will be safe at all times. It is impossible to do this on your own, without the knowledge acquired after graduating from a higher educational institution. The new building must be designed to withstand earthquakes, tornadoes and other emergency situations where durable buildings are needed that can save many lives. In addition, when thinking about the functionality and safety of a building, architects also take into account the beauty of the building. It is important that it looks aesthetically pleasing and blends harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. If you want your custom-designed home to truly become a “fortress,” you need to categorically refuse the “do-it-yourself” option and contact our company. Competent approach and professionalism — this is a reliable foundation for the future home, on which the life of buildings and the well-being of their owners depend.

Is it worth buying a ready-made house/villa project

Building your own home is often a lifelong endeavor. It is important to take into account all the nuances and find the right solutions to all sorts of problems during the construction process. In order to minimize them, a professional project is needed that will help determine all the main stages of construction, determine the amount of materials used and describe the technology for performing each specific task.

Here you may find ready-made designs of houses and cottages useful, which have a lower cost than those ordered individually and have successful examples carried out in practice.

What does the finished project include

It is immediately worth noting that preparing such a document takes significantly less time than producing a project to order. Contrary to popular belief, a finished project is not a template and, if desired, you can always make adjustments to it, make it individual and unique.

After acquisition, the project undergoes adaptation and binding to a specific land plot. It should include:

  • general plan indicating boundaries and neighboring buildings;
  • detailed drawings of the future building;
  • if the project includes several floors, a floor-by-floor breakdown must be made;
  • description of the supplied communications;
  • explanatory notes for each specific drawing.

Based on these documents, it is quite easy to create an estimate and identify the builders who need to be hired.

A ready-made project is more profitable

As you can see, buying a ready-made house/villa project in Spain will not be difficult. In it we will receive a clear description of all stages and elements of construction, thereby reducing to a minimum the number of possible overlaps and delays, ensuring precise deadlines. The cost of such a project is several times cheaper than an individual project and is affordable for most users. Considering all the advantages, we can safely declare the advisability of purchasing a ready-made solution in private construction.

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