We continue the monthly section “Specialist Consultation” from the company “Arkostek” with answers to the most interesting questions. This time we will look at the general scheme for registering an enterprise in Spain. Any interested person can invest their income either in an existing business or open a new one.


At the initial stage, it is important to decide on the main points: type of  activity, project budget,  planned profit.

Depending on this, you need to decide on the type of company. This can be a legal entity (various types of companies) or an individual entrepreneur. I would like to immediately note a fundamentally important difference - the size and level of responsibility:

  • At societies — the amount of the authorized capital (later, by court decision, the recovery may be directed to the property and working capital of the company, but not the founder / founders).
  • For entrepreneurs — all available property and funds.

Opening a business in Spain


The next step will be the procedure for registering a new company. In this case:

  1. The name of the company is agreed upon. It is necessary to obtain confirmation from the Kingdom of Spain that the chosen name is unique.
  2. The composition of the owners is determined.
  3. The size of the authorized capital is established (the minimum is 3000 €) and the distribution of shares between the owners.
  4. The company's charter is drawn up, which must indicate the following points:
    • Company name
    • Activities
    • Period of activity
    • Composition of owners
    • Legal and postal address
    • Amount of authorized capital
    • Distribution of shares of the authorized capital between the founders Administration/manager of the company and her/his powers
    • Additional conditions affecting the organization of the company’s activities that the owners want to include in the charter
  5. The charter of the enterprise is signed by all owners in the presence of a notary.
  6. Company registration fee is paid
  7. The new company is registered with Registro Mercantil.


After registration and before the company begins its activities, you must:

  1. Register with a professional college (for certain types of activities)
  2. Pay activity tax (for certain types of activities)
  3. Register with the Social Insurance Fund (for entrepreneurs and for founders/managers)
  4. Register and receive a visit log (which records various inspections)
  5. Register and receive logs:
    • Owners (contains all changes in ownership)
    • Orders (record all orders in the company)
    • Shares (all changes in shareholders are recorded)
    • Contracts (all executed and terminated contracts are registered
  6. Register and receive: a book of income and expenses and an inventory book.
  7. Get an electronic signature (to identify the manager and online signature of company documents).
  8. Get licenses:
    • For activities (for all companies)
    • For working with personal data (for those who work with it)
    • For special types of activities (in accordance with Spanish legislation)
  9. To hire workers:
    • Get the registration number of the hiring company
    • Carry out the initial registration of the employee in the register of the Social Insurance Fund (if not previously registered)
    • Register an employee as a company employee
    • Register a work contract
    • Announce the opening of a new office/workshop/office/production
    • Define work schedule and annual calendar.
  10. Obtain a patent (in case of production of exclusive products)

Opening a business in Spain

As we said at the beginning, this is a general scheme for registering an enterprise. In future publications we will consider its stages in more detail. You can also contact our office personally for the necessary information.

We are engaged in the implementation of architectural and engineering projects. Our company is a specialist in construction, architectural design, interior and exterior design, design and installation of utility networks and installations, technical examinations, measurements, as well as certificates of technical compliance. We are located in Torrevieja, Punta Prima area. We work in Torrevieja, the coast of Orihuela as well as Guardamar, Alicante.

Execution of construction estimates with a detailed breakdown of all stages and costs, audit of already launched construction projects and professional supervision in order to meet the interests of the customer in Spain.

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